Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday, 1st September 2021 Episode started with Pakhi shouting Ayaan. She brought him home and scolded him for lying to her and going in the talent hunt.

She said he forged her sign and gave leave application in school. She said he is my son, whom I worry about. She said you don’t care about me and anyone. She said he drinks energy drink, its so bad for kids.

Anuja and Veer looked on. Pakhi asked why did he go there, it would have been good if she died with Anshuman. Ayaan cried. She said my son is a cheater, liar, your dad will be happy seeing you cheating your mum.

She said she thought she will give him mum and dad’s love, but he has broken her, she is ashamed of herself. Ayaan said no, and hugged her. She said I won’t talk to you.Ayaan hugged her and says don’t say this, I lied to you, cheated, I am very bad. He said you give me punishment, but don’t leave me, dad also went.

He said he was not drinking, Aditya asked him to have it, but he did not have it, he had the haldi milk. He said he went in the competition to help her in money, as she needed money to give Vaswani, he did this to help her.

Everyone was shocked. He said Vaswani was asking 3 crores, so I wanted to help you, the talent show gives money to winners, and I wanted to give you. You told me if you lie or do wrong for anyone’s good, it’s not wrong, but I know I did wrong, I will never do like this. He said sorry, forgive me.

Pakhi hugged him and cried.She said who told you I need money, no Ayaan, the problem was for few days, you don’t worry, it’s all ok now. She said you are small now, focus on your food, studies and play, you should prepare to be a good human being, it’s my responsibility to worry for money.

He said sorry to hurt you. He said I told the Lord to punish me, not my mum, I became a bad boy. I will show you becoming a good boy, you will feel proud. She said I am already proud of you, it’s my mistake, I am sorry, now we won’t cry.

I will make you cry in Krishna ji’s clothes and you break the haandi on Janmashtami. Veer felt bad.Ayaan said this happened with Krishna ji’s mum too, she scolded him and then used to cry. They said I love you and sorry to each other.

Ayaan dressed in traditional clothes and did the puja. Everyone prayed. Pakhi smiled and prayed for Ayaan. Anuja prayed to get Aryaman back. Pakhi said make my family away from all problems. Veera got a courier.

He read the letter which has notice for non bailable remand. He took Anuja to talk and showed her the court notice that they can’t bail out Aryaman now. Anuja cried.He said now Aryaman can’t get bailed out.

Anuja said no. He said we have two options, we can appeal in supreme court which won’t be of any use, other way is to make Pakhi take back all the charges. Anuja asked him to do anything and get her Aryaman. Anuja prayed. Anuja left crying. Everyone saw her. Anuja came in her room with the court notice.

Lavanya came to her and Anuja showed the notice. She said I stayed away from my children for 25 years, I thought I can stay happy with you all in my old age, my Anshuman died, Aryaman is ruined in jail and I am alive here.

Lavanya said everything will be fine.Anuja said Aryaman can’t come out till Pakhi takes the case back, I requested her, but she is not listening. Lavanya said she crossed the limit, she is punishing him so much, she has anger for him, but Anshuman is gone, she has to think about our family. Anuja said we have to make her agree, please help me.

Lavanya said she will help her. She said she shows only she is hurt by Anshuman’s death, she made herself the final authority.Pakhi worked in the kitchen and cuts her finger. Veer came to her and was concerned.

She did not take his help. He said she did all the work herself. He said Pakhi, I feel now you don’t need me, and I should leave. She said you are forgetting, you did not come here to help me in business, so the work you came for is not yet done. He laughed and said now you did not leave any way to bring Aryaman back.

She asked do you accept you failed. He smiled. He said you turned into blunt and straight forward business woman. She asked again. He said I am a good lawyer, call me if you need me, I am leaving in 10 days.She said you don’t need work to stay in your Bua’s house.

He said he can’t stay like this without any work and left. Pakhi worked and Ayaan heard music. She asked what is he doing. He showed her some games. She asked him to take part in outdoor games. She promoted Pro Kabaddi on Star Sports. Veer talked to Ayaan and said I saw your pics, you love her a lot right.

Ayaan said yes, she loves me a lot and told him what they used to do. Veer said but now she does not play with you. Ayaan said now she has lots of work. She gets tired by work. Veer said if you had a dad then, she would have spent time, she would have gotten support.

Ayaan said yes.He said your mum should have someone to share her problems. Ayaan said mum and dad used to talk for hours and share everything, now she doesn’t. Veer said it’s tough to live life alone, everyone needs life partner. Veer reminded him about Aryaman.

Ayaan said yes, he used to play with me. He used to look like my dad, when he removed his moustache. Veer told him if Aryaman comes back, your mum can share things with him, she will get a life partner. Ayaan thinks.Precap:Ayaan asked Pakhi does she miss dad.

Pakhi said no, he is always with me. Ayaan told Veer that Maa loves dad a lot and she doesn’t need anyone now. Veer looked on.


The Episode started with Ayaan seeing Anshuman’s pic and asking Pakhi does she miss Anshuman. She asked why, are you missing him. He said yes, don’t you. She took the pic and said I will miss him when he leaves us and goes, he is always with me.

Ayaan said it’s said time changes everything. She said yes, bad memories goes, we forget it, but good memories always stays with us, shows us the right way and encourages us, like your dad, he helps me and makes me strong.

She said we will not be apart, so I don’t miss him. Ayaan said but no one helps you. She said so I ask you to grow up soon and become qualified and smart like your dad, so that you take care of business and I can rest. She asked him to do his homework.

She looked at the pic and smiled.Veer shouted seeing a lizard. He asked anyone to come. Ayaan came to him and saw the lizard. Veer signalled him to shoo it. Ayaan clapped and the lizard was gone. Veer said well done. He asked why did you come here.

Ayaan said what you told me, I thought a lot, your theory is wrong, elders teach us to be independent, you taught people to be dependent, sorry my mum doesn’t need any life partner, mum loves dad a lot and will always love him, if she can’t love anyone else, she doesn’t need anyone.

he said original is original and duplicate can’t take it’s place and about support, I will grow up and support her. He said you don’t worry uncle, mum is not stressed, good night. Veer shook his hand and Ayaah left. Veer said he went on his mum. I have 10 days now.

If I can’t bring Aryaman back to this home, then I am not a good lawyer.Riya came to know that she is listed in attendance shortage and her father is asked to come. Lavanya and Girish came. Lavanya told about Pakhi supporting Ayaan so much.

Riya made the designs. Girish asked did she make the designs. Riya said yes. Girish liked it. Lavanya did some corrections and gave tips. She asked her to prepare presentation and give the client. She gave Mrs Sinha’s expensive watch to her, asking her to return it.

Riya said sure.Pakhi tried to book a reservation in Chinese hotel, for organizing a party. Veer came and talked to her. He said if the Chinese hotel is not available, you don’t have options to make Ayaan’s birthday rocking.

He said he has some ideas as she is stuck. She said she is not stuck and she doesn’t need his ideas. He said fine, best of luck. She asked what idea. He said Ayaan will like gaming zone and adventure parties. She said I think its not a bad idea, I will ask Ayaan.

Ayaan came and asked what is she preparing for his birthday. She asked about his adventures, cars, cool party. He said wow, I will tell my friends.She said no, I will give them invitation, we will cut the cake at home and then head to the gaming zone.

She Thanked Veer for the idea. He said he will make good things for her in 10 days. Ayaan told this to Sukhi. Ayaan said you all will have cake, as we will be together. Sukhi was glad. Ayaan came in Anuja’s room and saw her crying looking at Aryaman’s pic.

He asked is she missing him. She said yes. He said he did wrong, so he went in jail. He should be punished. Anuja said no, don’t say this, he loves us a lot, I went to meet him, he asked about you and Pakhi, he worries for us.She said we should forgive when anyone makes mistakes.

Sukhi came and asked Ayaan to go as Pakhi was waiting for him, to shop at a mall. Ayaan said I will think about what Dadi said and he left. Riya said she lost the watch and Lavanya scolded her. Riya argued. Lavanya asked her to get the watch else don’t assist her.

Riya said she won’t work. Girish said I thought shoe designing is your passion. Riya said yes, it’s my passion, but she fired me. Girish said her anger is justified. He asked how did the watch get lost. She told her about attendance shortage, and she took a fake dad and that man took my purse and run.

Girish asked her does she remember the car number. She told her the number. He said I will try to find out. She smiled. Pakhi and Ayaan went doing the shopping. He said I got many return gifts for my friends and all of you. He saw Anuja and asked Pakhi, can’t she get Aryaman home on his birthday.

Pakhi was shocked. He said Anuja and Chachu miss each other, Anuja went to meet him and he asked us. Anuja sent the servants. Pakhi said we can’t bring anyone from jail like this, so I can’t promise.Pakhi asked him to give his friend’s list to send the invitation.

Ayaan went to make the list. Pakhi came to talk to Anuja and said you want an answer for Ayaan’s question. She said she understands her feelings for her son, but. Anuja said Aryaman changed, he misses us a lot. Pakhi said it’s your love for son, will you choose him or good for the family.

Anuja said he is part of the family, but enemy. Pakhi said he kidnapped Ayaan, kidnapped me, is he not our enemy. Anshuman died because of him. She said are we not part of this family. Anuja said person changes with time. Pakhi said I can’t take risk.

Anuja said you can’t be always right, think about Ayaan. Pakhi said he is small and can’t understand anything. Anuja said she will do what she feels is right. Pakhi said I won’t let Aryaman come back in this house.

Precap:Veer told Anuja that Pakhi will realize that she can’t manage Ayaan alone. Pakhi got an important meeting. Ayaan said but it’s my birthday. Veer said we all will celebrate it, let Maa go. Ayaan became upset.


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