Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday, 22 September 2021 Episode started with Riya lying to Pakhi that Lavanya is her role model and she wants to be like her, so she dressed like her and want to look like her. Pakhi smiled and said yes, it’s good you follow her as role model, but you should keep yourself unique. She asked her to create her own self.

Ayaan and Veer came with gifts. Ayaan said Veer gave them the gifts. Riya said she doesn’t want it. Ayaan asked her to take it and she took it. Ayaan said check it, he gave it to her with love.

Riya saw the tablet and looked at Veer. Ayaan got the same old one, which Anshuman gifted him. He was thankful to Veer.

He said Maa told me that you are getting this repaired, my dad gave me this, it means you love me a lot, I also love you. Ayaan hugged him. Pakhi smiled. Riya said she doesn’t want this. Pakhi said keep it, your dad got it by love.

Ayaan said keep it, else we will fight again, you will check the hairstyles and I will look at the projects. Veer said take it for your work, you will need it. Pakhi said yes, you got many orders and you got money, you have to return.

Riya said ok and left. Ayaan said he can’t give money. Veer asked what does he want, he will get everything.

Ayaan said he wants a kiss. Pakhi said Ayaan. Ayaan said I need from both. Veer and Pakhi kissed him and he moved back, just like he did with Anshuman and Pakhi. Veer and Pakhi looked at each other.

She thinks about Anshuman. Its night, Girish came to Lavanya. He asked why did he give Nanny’s ad. She said she took a big assignment, and he can’t looked after the kids. He said but why are you increasing your work.

She said to show her friends, she wants all retailers work. He said so you took after the exhibition result, why are you compromising with family and kids’s time. She said Nany will give attention to kids, it will settle.

Girish became angry. She said she has decided and he has to decide will he support her or not. He said he won’t do. She said you know big homes kids grow with Nanny, just like Ayaan. He said yes, but before Pakhi came, see the difference after she came.

She said she will get a Nanny, she is not Pakhi and she left. He said you can’t be like Pakhi. Ayaan asked Riya not to keep her legs on the dining table. She asked him to finish his food. Pakhi smiled.

Ayaan said he doesn’t like Palak dish. Pakhi said it’s good for health. Riya took it and Ayaan thanked her. Anuja was angry seeing the kids happy.

Ayaan run saying he won’t have more Palak. Veer asked for water. Ashok gave him some. Veer said keep it back and asked Pakhi to give him water. The servants left. She gave him water. Veer started arguing and signalled her about the fight idea.

Pakhi said this water is for me, you can get water yourself. They started fighting infront of Riya and Anuja. They did good acting and wanted to make Riya react. Pakhi asked Veer to become a chef in any hotel if he wants to become a cook. Riya looked on. Veer smiled and Pakhi beats him.

Pakhi said I make good food, ask anyone. She said if you have problem, go and make food yourself. He said yes, I will make my favorite food. There is no option. Riya did not react and they fought more. Veer said he won’t talk now. Pakhi said yes, go, let me have food peacefully and he left.

Pakhi saw Riya and acted like she was crying. She said he shows he cares for us, and now showed his true colors. Anuja looked on puzzled. Pakhi asked Riya is this right, he scolded me just for water, did I deserve this, I make food for everyone, take care of everyone.

Riya said he did not do right with anyone, don’t have any expectations. She smiled and said she said something. She smiled and messaged Veer that this fight reacted Riya. Veer smiled reading the message.

Anuja brought Riya to the kitchen and gave her the top to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. She said she will help her in cooking. Riya asked why is she doing this, what are her intentions. Anuja said what, I just want to make two lovers unite.

Riya said Nah, you think I am characterless, then I am your enemy. Anuja said no, they are your enemy, we should be friends. I got angry at you, but then I knew you came to help us, our motive is the same, if you feel you won’t need my help, then it’s fine. Riya said all this won’t work, I try hard but fail.

Anuja said you said he loves his wife. She said when a girl loves a married man, it’s a problem, but if he has kids, then no problem. She said when kids are there, husband and wife love them, you said his wife doesn’t care for his kids, so tell him that she doesn’t care for kids and you will care, then he will come to you.

Riya smiled. Anuja said Pakhi should not know this, she is old fashioned. Riya said you see daily soaps. Anuja said no, life’s experience. Riya said she will need her. Anuja said she will be there for her even if she runs with that man.

Anuja thinks she is doing this to win the case of Ayaan’s custody and she left. Riya said she feels she is smart and using me, when she knows she is getting used, she will regret.

Riya told Pakhi why she hates Veer. Her parents used to fight because of his love letters, which he wrote to her mum, and her parents died too because of him. She said she can never forgive him. Pakhi cried. Veer heard this standing far and was shocked.


The Episode started with Ayaan taking a rose saying girls like it. Pakhi came and saw the flower. She stopped him, but Veer defended Ayaan. Ayaan thanked him and left. Pakhi said why thanks. Veer said he is taking rose for his GF Avni. Pakhi laughed.

Veer said he is growing up. He saw Riya coming and sarted fighting with Pakhi. Pakhi saw Riya and started her acting. Riya looked on. He said he can question Riya too and stopped her but Riya left. Veer asked Pakhi to concentrate.

Pakhi said yes, I saw her, else I would have been angry. She said she will try to know what’s in Riya’s heart. Lavanya left a note for Girish to take care of the kids.

Riya came and met Girish. He said you missed to meet Lavanya, she just left. She said she wants to do her work here. He said fine, it’s your house. Riya saw the note. She gave him muffins as a token of thanks.

He said how did you know you i like this. Riya thinks not me, your mum in law knows. He tried it and said did you make it. She said yes, I baked it. He said you could own anyone with this. She said she is thankful to him.

The baby cried. Riya said she will see and helped him. She thinks about Anuja’s words. Riya came to Girish and gave him the milk bottle.

She said wait and checked it. She said see it has something bad in it. Girish checked and it was smelling bad. Riya said it’s good I saw it, the baby would have gotten ill, don’t keep babies with maids. She thinks how she added soil in it and smiled.

Girish called Lavanya and scolded her for keeping bad milk for the baby. He said you kept the bottle and said feed the baby. She said she checked everything, I am not careless. He said leave it, it’s our kids, you don’t care.

Riya smiled hearing Girish scolding her. He said I don’t stop Lavanya for anything, what if anything happens to the baby. Riya gave fresh milk to the baby and said she will leave now.

He thanked her. She looked at him and thinks congrats, Girish gave me my first victory, he should get a gift for this. She went for shopping to get a gift. She bought an expensive perfume for Girish worth Rs 49000.

She was writing the name on the bottle and it fell suddenly. The man asked her to pay Rs 2.5 lakhs. She said I did not do it, it struck by mistake.

The manager came. Riya said the bag touched. She apologized. The manager asked her to pay, else she can’t go and she gave him the ipad.

Pakhi came and asked whats going on. The manager told her everything. Pakhi said it’s by mistake. The manager asked does she know her. Pakhi said she is my daughter. Pakhi payed for the loss.

She called the accountant and told him to come into the mall right now. Riya hid the gift from Pakhi. Pakhi said fine, return it, pack the fresh piece. Pakhi thinks why was she buying an expensive male perfume. Pakhi said all sorted, thanks.

Veer asked Pakhi why did she get Rs 3 lakhs from office. Pakhi said she needed it. He said but why, you know the rules of the company, it’s not a personal account. Pakhi said my office, my account, if I take even Rs 3 crore, who are you to ask. He said you got 3 lakhs cash.

Everyone came and heard them fighting. Riya stayed quiet. Pakhi said it’s my money, I can do anything, I can throw it too, I don’t need to give explanation to anyone.

Veer said it means it’s a big matter and you are hiding, fine I will find out. Pakhi said fine, you are controlling and want to control everyone, it’s my life and my kids, Riya and Ayaan. She said I will forget why I have to respect you if you try to control me.

Pakhi thinks Riya will come to talk to me after this fight. She saw Riya coming and stood like was upset. Riya thanked her for saving her and fighting with Veer.

Riya asked why did she get into this matter, I know Ayaan forced you, you are so intelligent, caring, loving, beautiful and Veer doesn’t care for you, he will make your life hell, I think you should leave him.

Pakhi asked why, did he do this with you, always fighting and taunts. Riya said she can’t forget what he did, I would have bear if he has beaten me, my parents fought and died because of him.

Riya said I was very small, every morning I used to wake up by fights of my parents, I used to be scared all day. Then dad started beating her, my mum used to find ways to hide her wounds, but I used to know who did it and why.

She said mum and dad had much love between them, but when he got the letters which mum write to her first lover, to Veer, then everything got bad, he created a mess in my family. Veer stood far and was shocked hearing this.

Riya said dad used to say it’s because of Veer, I hate this name, I hate him. Veer cried. Riya said then a painful silence, then fights got less as they lost hope, their relation died, dad used to drink wine and mum used to write letters to Veer and he did not reply mum.

She said dad took mum on a long drive when he was drunk. She said he was much drunk, mum cried and shouted, but he did not listen to her, then I got to know about their accident and Pakhi held Riya.

Veer told Riya that he loved Kirti a lot, if he knew she was in pain, he would have saved her life. Riya said I am sorry and hugged him crying and he left. Riya smiled and said I did as you said Devki ji.


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