Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday 29 September 2021. Pakhi, Riya and Veer came home, Riya asked where is Ayaan, she called out for him but he didn’t come, Riya said I will go and see him upstairs, the maid came and said Ayaan has gone out with Anaju.

she was saying to Ayaan that she will take him to you people, Veer was shocked and called Anaju but her phone was switched off, Riya brought the letter which Anaju had left for Pakhi, Pakhi read the letter, it said that Pakhi I have given you love, respect everything, remember when Anshuman threw you out of house, I gave you shelter.

I gave you your husband, your son back, what I asked from you, I asked my son Aryaman from you but you didn’t listen to me, you gave me alot of pain and now you will feel pain, i am taking your son away from you, you wont get to meet Ayaan now, shout, scream but you wont be able to meet Ayaan forever.

you have a son but you wont get your son now, you will be childless now, Pakhi shouted Ayaan.Anaju came to the travel agency, Ayaan asked where are wehere, Anaju said I am booking tickets, Ayaan asked where is maa, I want to talk to her.

Anaju said we became so they went on a holiday, I am booking tickets, you want to meet them then wait, Ayaan said ok and waited, Anaju asked the agent to book two tickets for Chennai.Veer called a minister and said all stations and airport will be checked but it will take time, Girish said she can book ticket on other name too.

Riya said we should inform the police, Pakhi said no, what will we say to the police that a grandma kidnapped her grandson, her pictures will be publish in newspapers, Lavanya said she is a criminal, we should keep emotions aside, Pakhi said she is mother, I know she is a mother to son who took all happiness of my family, he killed my Anshuman.

I knew it that this person (Aryaman) will take everything from my life so I ignored Anaju, I kept going against her to show her the right path but my destiny is bad, everything went wrong, Veer said don’t say that, we will not inform the police, I have one idea, we will asked newspaper to publish in the news that Aryaman is freed from jail.

Girish said how will we asked them to publish a fake news, Veer said we will inform the court, they will help us, first Anaju come here then we will see, Pakhi said I need my Ayaan only and she run from there.Pakhi came to the room and said what is happening, why mom doesn’t understand me.

if Anshuman was here, he could have pacified mom, she looked at Anshuman’s picture and said I know nothing seems fine now but I know everything will be fine as you are with me, your voice in my phone will always give me strength, she played the recording in her phone which had Anshuman’s voice.

Anshuman said in recording that Aryaman is trying to kidnap my son, I also feel that Aryaman is not my brother, I went check the blood and found out that our groups doesn’t match, I feel he is not my brother, something is wrong, Pakhi was shocked to hear this, she repeated the recording and was stunned, she said I didn’t think about this thing before.

I think Aryaman is not his brother, she checked anshuman’s phone and said why did the blood bank people call him, he must have gotten to know something from this lab, she called the blood bank, she said to the manager that you called Anshuman Rathore 3 months back, can you tell me for what you called him?

The manager said it’s an old thing, we don’t remember, Pakhi asked was there a test conducted on the name of Anshuman or Aryaman Rathore, manager said yes, Anshuman did DNA test of Anaju Rathore and Aryaman Rathore but he didn’t take the report, Pakhi asked him to tell her the result, the manager said it’s confidential.

Pakhi said I am his wife, you can tell me, Anshuman is no more,The manager said ok, the report is negative, Aryaman’s and Anaju’s DNA didn’t match, Pakhi was shocked, she said I need the hard copy, I am coming now.Pakhi came into lounge and said Aryaman is not the son Anaju, they all were shocked.

she said he is not Rathore, he is not her son, not brother of Anshuman, he is no one to us, Lavanya said how is this possible, Pakhi said I listened to the recording of Anshuman which he said that he thinks aryaman is not his brother, he did a DNA tests again and got to know that Aryaman is not his brother but a fake person whose face used to match with Anshuman.

Girish said this is possible, he could have fooled us, Pakhi said the person who can play such a big game can change the reports of DNA, I have lost everything because of this Aryaman but it’s enough now, I won’t let him fraud us, he is no one to mom for whom mom is doing all this with us. Girish said I will go and collect the reports.

Ayaan asked Anaju what are we doing in ahotel, where is my mother, I want go to her, Anaju asked him to wait for while, Ayaan thinks that grandmother is not telling me anything, there is something fishy, he said to Anaju that can I go and pee, she allowed him, he went from there, Anaju went out when Ayaan came back in the room and took her phone to call Pakhi but Anaju came there and saw him calling,.

she took out the wire of the phone, Anaju came and said we have to leave for the airport, she took Ayaan with him to the reception, the manager asked her to wait for 5 minutes and Anaju sat in lounge, the newspapers were there too and on it was written that Aryaman is freed but Anaju didn’t see it.

the manager said your car is ready, you can leave for the airport, Anaju saw the newspaper and was shocked to read that aryaman is freed and she thinks.

PRECAP Anaju placed a gun on her forehead, Pakhi said what are you doing, Aniuja said I will finish myself, you wont be able to get Ayaan for life, it’s late now, she loaded the gun, Veer tried to snatch gun from her and Anaju fired at him and Pakhi shouted.


The news was printed in the paper that Aryaman is freed, Girish gave the DNA report to Pakhi, Veer said let Anaju come, we will show her the DNA report then. Pakhi got call, Veer asked her to not say anything about the DNA report to Anaju, Pakhi took the call and it was Anaju, she asked Pakhi to make her talk to Aryaman, Pakhi asked her to come home.

Aryaman is sleeping, Anaju said I am not a fool, Lavanya took the phone and asked Anaju to come, Anaju said I won’t talk to you, Lavanya said I did all this to save my house, you know how much I love Girish, when was I not with you in fight of Aryaman, he is my brother and I love him too, please come here.

Anaju said I am trusting your statement Lavanya, I am coming home to see Aryaman, they all were relieved.Anaju came home and asked Pakhi where is Aryaman, Pakhi asked where is Ayaan, Lavanya said please wait mom, Anaju started going upstairs to see Aryaman, she said my child must be waiting for me, Lavanya said he is not your son.

Anaju looked at her, Lavanya said see this DNA report, Anaju said you all lied to me, Lavanya you lied to me that Aryaman is at home, Lavanya said Aryaman is no one to us, he fooled you that he is your son, look at this DNA report, Anaju said it’s all a lie, you made a fake report, Anaju said to Pakhi that you tricked me.

you fooled me, she said to Lavanya that you came with Girish’s talks and lied to me, Lavanya said you kidnapped Ayaan, Anaju said I am his grandmother, Pakhi asked her to punish her but please bring Ayaan back, she sat on Anaju’s feet, Anaju said you also crave for your child like I craved for Anaju.

Anaju said I wont leave you all, Lavanya said to Pakhi that did you see it, you asked all of us to not inform the police as it will tarnish her image but you said no, see her animosity has gone to another level, I craved for motherly love for 25 years but now I think mom doesn’t love me, there was respectful image of mother in my eyes but Anaju destroyed it.

now there is no options, we should call the police, Anaju said you will call the police, she placed a gun on her forehead, she said I will kill myself, what will I do living without Aryaman, now Ayaan will live life of an orphan, Anaju placed the gun on her forehead, Pakhi said what are you doing.

Aniuja said I will finish myself, you wont be able to get Ayaan for life, it’s late now, she loaded gun, Veer came forward and said Anaju don’t do this, Veer tried to snatch the gun from her and Anaju fired at him, Pakhi shouted, Veer was shot on the hand, but yet still he took the gun from anauja,they all held Veer.

lavanya called the doctor and asked him to come home fast, Anaju sat on the stairs, Pakhi looked at her and took her to veer, she said you wanted to do this, now you happy? you wanted bloodshed in our house, now be happy, what you wanted mother? I know motherly love is blind but why are you deaf, why don’t you listen to us, what do you want, Aryaman?

you want all of us to leave this house, ok we will all leave, you live with a person who is no one to you, he is a thug, he is only a person who killed your Anshuman, he is that person for whom you put Riya on the wrong path for, he is that person for whom you kidnapped Ayaan.

he is that person for whom you left all of us, where is that Anaju who used to walk with respect, you craved for your two children for 25 years but now you don’t listen to them, you don’t trust them, you crave for a son who is not even your son, what kind of cravenness this, that you are destroying all this.

Anshuman kept telling you that you are on the wrong path, what has happened to you? we don’t matter to you at all, you are giving away Ayaan for that Aryaman, she gave her the DNA report and said see this, you are doing all this for a person whose DNA doesn’t even match to you, you are doing all this for a person who is a goon, who destroyed our family.

Anaju cried and her head was down. Pakhi said what proof should I give to you, she asked Anaju that tell me what proof you have that Aryaman is your son, Girish brought him from somewhere and we thought he is your son, he kidnapped me and Ayaan, he killed Anshuman, how can you trust him and not us.

Pakhi said ok mom, you want to finish all of us then kill us, she took the gun and gave it to Anaju, she asked Anaju to kill her, Anaju nodded no and cried, she asked her to finish all this, kill us all, Pakhi cried and sat on the stairs, Anaju sat on her feet and said forgive me, please forgive me, she hugged Pakhi and cried, they both cried.

Pakhi said you didn’t do good maa by going away from us, we all love you a lot, Anaju asked for forgiveness from her, Anaju wiped Pakhi’s tears and lovingly looked at her. It’s night, Ayaan came back home and said mom, Pakhi happily looked at him and hugged him, she asked him are you fine, he said yes, Ayaan said dadi took me to a hotel like Aryaman took me.

Anaju looked down embarrassed, Pakhi said no, Veer called Ayaan, he said we planned a surprise but I got hurt so we cancelled the plan, Ayaan asked what happened, he said nothing, see your grandmother was roaming here and there to take you to a picnic but we made a mistake, Ayaan hugged Anaju.

PRECAP:Veer said to Pakhi that sometimes i feel that I should remain ill so that all will pamper me, Pakhi said tomorrow, your jiji and nandini sister is coming.


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