Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday 4th August 2021 Episode started with Pakhi thinking about Anshuman’s great words that he will wait for 18 years if she wins. She thinks how Anshuman has won her trust by not doubting her character. Lavanya talked to Girish and he was annoyed with her.

Lavanya said so you felt bad by mum, I will eat what you are eating. Anuja said no way and brings some healthy food for her. Girish became upset. Lavanya saw this and said no, I will eat that one. Anuja insisted. Girish left. Anshuman thinks he is feeling alone today, and wished Anuja was with him.

He got a call from Anaju and said I was missing you. She said I know what you are going through, Pakhi is not happy being away from you, but the pain you gave her, she won’t forget it easily. Anshuman told her about Pakhi’s condition. He said I can’t live without her, and can’t pray that she fails in this competition.

Anuja said don’t worry, Lord will help you, you will get her love. The incense sticks lights up the curtains. Anuja said Ayaan misses you a lot, come back soon. She said do the preparations for final round I will talk to you later.

The fire alarm rung and Anshuman came to her saying come fast, it’s fire in the apartment. He asked where is Rohan. She said I don’t know. Rohan came and asked how did this fire happen. She said the Dhola Maru puppets are inside. Rohan said we need it for tomorrow. Anshuman said I will go and bring it. Pakhi stopped him. He said I promise I will come in 5mins. He went in. Rohan stopped Pakhi and said he will come, I can’t let you go. Anshuman got the puppets.

Pakhi said I am worried Rohan, let me go. Rohan said are you mad, he will come. Anshuman came back coughing and she said I told you not to go. He said I am fine, and told them about Dhola Maru story, who knew our story will be the same. She cried and hugged him. Rohan moved them away. Police cames. Rohan said now they will question us. The police asked how dis this happen, we will find it out. They asked them to come with them.

Lavanya asked Ashok and Ayaan where is Girish. Ashok said he went out. Lavanya called him but he hanged up her call. She said whats this, he messaged he was busy. She saw Sukhi selling the pregnancy books. She asked Sukhi who gave him this books. Sukhi said Girish asked me to sell this. Lavanya said we will not sell it, keep it back in my room. She said what is happening to Girish, why is he behaving strange.

Rohan said if they feel it’s our mistake, everything will be over. They asked them to sign this form and they will not leave them as they have ruined their premises. They can be disqualified and arrested if they are at fault. They saw it’s because of this cigarette. Rohan said we don’t smoke, you can check us. Rohan and Pakhi were clean so doubts came on Anshuman. Rohan said it means Anshuman has lit this fire. Anshuman kept quiet. Pakhi looked at him.

They asked Anshuman to come with them as it’s was criminal offence and they had to arrest him. Pakhi was shocked. They said that Anshuman was a helper, so you can still take part in the competition. Rohan said let him go, he did this to make me disqualified. Pakhi talked to them and apologized.

But they said pay the fine of 5000 dollars. Pakhi said fine, I will pay, but leave him. They said we will first arrest him, the bring the fine to free him. Rohan said Anshuman is acting, he did this to ruin us, he is just a helper, let him go to jail. Pakhi said stop it Rohan. They arrested Anshuman and she was shocked.

Pakhi tried to stop them from taking Anshuman. He asked her to focus on the competition. She said I don’t care about it. Rohan helf Pakhi and she still stopped Anshuman.


The Episode started with Pakhi asking them to leave Anshuman. Anshuman asked her to focus on the competition. Pakhi said we will give you money right here, don’t take him. Rohan stopped Pakhi and drew her far from Anshuman.

Anshuman was taking away and thinks how he saw fire being caught by the incense sticks which Pakhi kept, if the panel knows this, she will be disqualified, so he has taken the blame on himself. He took the incense sticks and keeps a cigarette there by buying it. Pakhi cried, Rohan said leave him, are you mad, he did the mistake, he did this intentionally to make us lose the competition. She said give me my money.

He said Anshuman is rich, this amount is very less for him, he can free himself on his own. She said no, I can’t see him in jail here, I worry about him, and want to free him, when I was in jail, he did everything to free me even when he did not love me, but I can do anything as I love him a lot.

Rohan was stunned. They went to the police station and paid the fine, asking them to free Anshuman. They said we can’t let them go today, but tomorrow. She said leave him now, I will bring him back tomorrow for formalilities, I assure you I will be back here tomorrow.

Rohan said they won’t listen. Pakhi said I beg you, he is my husband. They refused and called Anshuman a criminal. She said you can keep my jewellery too. Anshuman saw this.

Pakhi said I can’t see Anshuman in this state. She sees Anshuman and smiled. Anshuman signalled her no. She went to meet him and cried. They touched hands across the glass. Anshuman asked her to smile.

She said I will come tomorrow morning to free you, this night will be the longest for me and she left. Girish came home and Lavanya asked him where he was. He said for some work, you were busy with Anuja, I thought she was here to take care of you, why are this books here. She said I kept it.

He said I felt you don’t need them, that time was different, we were alone, now Anuja is with us. She said I want to read this books with you. Ashok came and said Anuja is calling Lavanya. Girish said go please.

Pakhi cried thinking about Anshuman.Rohan brought food for Pakhi but she did not have it. It was morning, Pakhi came to do the formalities to free Anshuman. Anshuman is freed. The inspector said people like you spoil the name of your country, you should be banned in any country, you can’t take part in the competition.

leave this country before 1 pm, the visa will be cancelled and you will be deported as illegal immigrant.

Pakhi gave the inspector a lecture. Rohan taunted Anshuman and said you won’t be here with Pakhi now, the Lord has given the result. Rohan said you can’t even live with us at home, lets go Pakhi. Rohan took Pakhi from there holding her hand reminding her of her promise. Anshuman asked Pakhi to go. Anshuman encouraged Pakhi to go ahead for the competition and hugged her. He said go and win the competition, all the best. Rohan took Pakhi away while Anshuman looked on.

Rohan said you did a big sacrifice by putting a cigarette instead of incense sticks, why so. Anshuman huggef Pakhi and told Rohan that he came here to make Pakhi happy, and he can do anything for it.


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