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Twist Of Fate 14 January 2022, Update Friday Episode starts with Rhea asking Abhi where is Ranbir and the other girl. Abhi says they are behind the pillar. Rhea asks him to play and she goes. Ranbir tells Prachi, how he can trust her intentions. Prachi says I didn’t come here for you. Ranbir says you have come here so must have a big plan. She says you had left Parth and came here. This is exactly the place for girls like you, says you played innocent cards and trapped me, I got trapped easily. He says then your masterplan to send Shahana here, you wanted two option if not Parth then Ranbir. He says girls like you are called Gold diggers and opportunities. He says your tears are fake and says I will give you last option to prove that your tears are real, if she stops his engagement with Rhea.

He asks can you do? Prachi says no, as she don’t want this engagement to break and asks him to do whatever he wants. Ranbir gets angry and goes behind her and pulls her near him. He asks why are you changing and making me mad. He says I wish I wouldn’t have met you, then I wouldn’t have known that emotional girl wants just money, held my hand and then hold someone’s hand. He asks her to return his ring. Prachi says you are hurting me. Ranbir takes the flower ring which Abhi made him wear prachi. Prachi gets angry and says Ranbir Kohli, I don’t love you and asks him to multiply it 1 million times so that he don’t have any misunderstanding.

Ranbir says I can prove that you love me still and hits his hand on the pillar. Prachi cries and stops him from hurting himself. He smiles and says your concern proved that you love me and says I didn’t leave even a small gap for you to lie, and asks her to tell the truth. Rhea comes there and sees Ranbir holding her hand and Prachi looking at him. Rhea comes there and thinks of Abhi’s words. She comes to Prachi and says hi Prachi. She holds her hand and checks if ring is there on her finger. Prachi takes back her hand. Rhea asks what do you want? Ranbir says she is here to enjoy the party and she is practical girl. He tells Rhea that he wants to talk to her, not infront of outsiders. He asks Prachi to enjoy the party and goes from there with Rhea. Ashok tries to come out of room and waits for Killer to come.

Abhi throws the paper rocket/aeroplane towards Pandit ji. Pandit ji returns it and thinks Abhi is drunk. Abhi asks if stealing is bad. Pandit ji says yes. Abhi says I shouldn’t make aeroplane, so I stole Gayu’s aeroplane. Pandit ji says I came to get marriage done here. Abhi says everyone lied to me, they told that engagement is happening here. Pandit ji says hecame to get engagement now and later marriage. Abhi asks about marriage. Pandit ji says marriage is a relation of seven births. Abhi asks what do you mean by seven births? Pandit ji thinks why did he drink? He says seven births means they stay together always. Abhi says the one who eats chocolates together and drinks together. He asks how the marriage happens. Pandit ji tells that guy and the girl take 7 rounds while tying the ghatbandhan. Pragya comes there. Abhi asks if she will beat him. Pragya says no and asks him to come as she will teach him more. Abhi asks will you marry me and takes rounds with her around the lamp kept on the table. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi says I got married to the girl who don’t beat me. Tanu sees everything and gets angry. She takes Pragya from Abhi.

Rhea asks Ranbir what was he doing? She asks if he was getting engaged to Prachi, as there was scratches on her fingers. She says Dad told me everything. Ranbir asks do you trust your Dad. Vikram comes to Ranbir and tells that he will meet Abhi. Ranbir says Chief is here, and enjoying the party, Gayatri made him comfortable.

Tanu confronts Pragya and complaints to Aaliya that Gayatri was marrying Abhi. Pragya says I know my value, I can’t think of this. Tanu says she is like Pragya. Aaliya says Pragya used to care for Bhai, but she left him on stretcher in the hospital unattended. Rhea comes there and asks Aaliya not to take Pragya’s name again in the house. She blames her responsible for leaving Abhi alone in the hospital and never returning to meet him again. Aaliya says you are right. Rhea tells that she is the unlucky to have such a mother and she hates her so much in the entire world. Pragya gets sad.

The Episode starts with Rhea telling that she is the most unlucky girl of this world to hate her own mother. Aaliya asks Tanu to come with her. Shahana goes behind Gayatri and sees Pragya’s face as she lifts her veil and covers her head again. Mitali calls Gayatri and says Abhi is playing with big fans downstairs. Pragya says AC is in home. Mitali says AC’s are not working so they brought big fans. She asks her to see Abhi.

Prachi collides with Ranbir and falls in his embrace, striking RK pose. They have an eye lock..while the song plays Rabba khair kare plays…Ranbir asks what is she hiding from him? Prachi says nothing. Ranbir says I can see clearly that you are pain to see Rhea and I together, but it is of no use, as I have become of someone else. Prachi says you are saying this, as you are frustration. Ranbir says you are liking it, so you will like my dance with Rhea too. Prachi says yes. He asks if I hold Rhea’s hand and get closer to her, then will not you get jealous. Prachi says no. He holds her and asks her to say. Prachi says no. He says your refusal will prove costly.

Prachi cries and hugs Shahana. Shahana tells her that she has come to know about the truth. Prachi cries. Abhi plays with the fan kept in the hall. Pragya asks him to listen and asks what are you doing? Her pallu moves from head due to the fan’s wind. Abhi says you are looking like fuggi. Aaliya hears fuggi and comes near them, but turns waiters drops something. She asks Gayatri to take Abhi to the room and lock him, as engagement is about to start. Pragya says let him be here in the party, if he is locked in the room then will make noise and shout. Aaliya says do whatever you want, but stay with him. Killer talks to Ashok and comes to the room where Aryan is locked. He says you are useless and couldn’t kill Abhi. He says now we will both kill him. Aryan hears and gets shocked. He takes something and hits on Killer’s head, just as he opens the door. Killer faints. Aryan goes.

Pandit ji asks Rhea to make Ranbir wear ring. She makes him wear ring. Pandit ji then asks Ranbir. Prachi comes there. Ranbir looks at her. Rhea gets worried. Ranbir makes her wear ring with a heavy heart. Rhea smiles forcefully. Ranbir holds Rhea to make Prachi jealous. Pragya also witnesses their engagement. Everyone claps. Prachi also claps. Manmurade song plays….

Abhi takes toothpick from the waiter and bursts the balloons. Aaliya goes to Abhi. Abhi asks Pragya to listen to the music. Aaliya asks what are you doing? Abhi says he is enjoying bursting balloons. Ranbir goes to him and says we will burst together. Abhi gives him half tooth pick stick. Ranbir bursts balloons with him. Aaliya asks Tanu to tell DJ to play the song. Aaliya announces Ranbir and Rhea’s dance performance. Abhi says I want to burst more balloons. Ranbir says I will play with you after dancing with Rhea. Abhi says ok. Aaliya asks Tanu to dance with Abhi. Tanu asks are you crazy, I don’t want to make fun of me. She says ok fine. Aaliya says you understood now. Tanu asks Abhi to dance with her. Abhi refuses. Abhi calls waiter and drinks juice as taught by Pragya. Ranbir thinks of asking Prachi if she will feel good if he dances with Rhea. Prachi saying yes, she do. Fb ends. Ranbir dances with Rhea. Prachi gets teary eyes.

Tanu dances with Abhi and goes from there. Prachi sees Pragya looking at her, and pretends to be happy. Abhi comes to Pragya and dances with her. Ranbir, Rhea and others join him too. Ranbir comes to Prachi. Rhea comes and takes him again to dance. Pragya smiles seeing Abhi dancing. Twist song plays….Abhi says I will dance more. He comes to Pragya and asks her to dance with him. Pragya says I am tired. Abhi says I am not tired and asks what to say? Pragya says music. Abhi dances. Ashok begins cutting the chandlier’s rope. Killer tells that he had attacked the guy who heard him. It shows Killer attacking Aryan and hitting on his head. Pragya looks at the chandelier. Killer cuts the rope and the chandelier is falling down. Pragya runs and pushes Abhi. Everyone gets shocked. Her veil gets moved from her head and Ranbir gets to see her face. He gets shocked.

Precap: Aaliya tells Tanu that she has to marry Abhi tonight, before his mental condition improves. Tanu agrees. Abhi asks Pragya if she will marry him.

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