Twist Of Fate 28 January 2022, Friday Update On Zee World

Twist Of Fate

Twist Of Fate 28 January 2022, Friday Update Episode starts with Tanu asking Pragya whom is she searching? She says your lawyer didn’t reach the court, how will he make you win? She says you shall not hope for victory trusting someone and tells that her smile seems to be missing, and says what you was saying…that you will smile when you take your husband home, when you feel proud of court verdict, when people supporting me will regret. She says I don’t think that lawyer will come. Pragya says he will come and win the case. Tanu says you are saying this, as Saraswati Maa is on tongue…Pragya says she don’t have time to talk to her. Tanu says do you know why he didn’t come and tells that she might know the reason.

Pragya asks what is she hiding? Tanu says I want to see fear of loss in your eyes. Pragya asks do you know something. Tanu says I will show you live action and says she wanted complete attention. She makes her see on her mobile, how her goon come to Raghuvir as he is comes out of his house to reach the court. The goon then asks him about the address. Raghuvir says he is busy and has to go. Just then other goons/contract killer men come there and put cloth on his head. Pragya gets shocked and asks Tanu to stop them. Tanu says she wants to see fear in her eyes. The goons beat up Raghuvir until he faints.

Tanu tells that film will be finished. Pragya gets shocked. Tanu gets the call and says contract killer’s call. She picks the call. The contract killer says work is done and asks what to do? Pragya warns him not to do anything with him else she will not leave him. The contract killer takes the file and leaves from there. Tanu tells that she just lied once that the video was live and says my contract killer killed your lawyer and this has happened 20 mins before, but you saw it now. She says she has done this, as he had her confession audio which he was about to play in court. She says you had told me about the confession audio. Pragya says when did I tell you? Tanu says when my car got scratched with Ranbir’s car, he was about to fight with me, but you was silent. She says she got doubtful and heard them secretly.

Tanu thinks why Pragya was silent and thinks if she is acting to accept defeat. She says I followed you both and came to Raghuvir Mishra’s house. She says I then see you talking to them and heard everything. She says she got shocked. Fb ends. Tanu says she came to know about the Doctor’s certificate too and then thought why to get scared, she says I can’t accept defeat from you and that’s why I called Krish and gave him contract to kill your lawyer. She tells that you have lost the case. Pragya says she has actual recording in her phone. Tanu says I had forgotten this, and asks if she will fight the case as lawyer. She says when I was fighting with Aaliya and you came and asked her not to talk to me. She says when you was going through the corridor.

A fb is shown, a lady collides with Pragya and her stuff falls down. Pragya keeps her mobile on the table to pick the lady’s stuff, when the lady’s husband comes there and deletes the video from Pragya’s mobile. Tanu gives them money. Fb ends. Tanu says now there is just my victory and your defeat. Pragya stands shocked as Tanu walks away. Tanu comes back to court and thinks she can’t defeat her. She then comes to Abhi and tells him that Pragya had her confession audio, but she got it deleted. She says I have killed your lawyer and proved that she is smarter than Pragya. She asks him not to give her angry look and says he looks hot in anger. Judge returns back and asks if defense lawyer reached the court. Mr. Singhania says not yet.

Pragya stands shocked outside the road and recalls Tanu’s contract killer and his men hitting Raghuvir. She tells herself that this is not the time to cry, she has to tell truth in court. Judge says defense lawyer haven’t come and that’s why I will give the verdict in Tanu’s favour. Pragya asks him to stop and tells that if the lawyer is not here then Tanu is behind this. Tanu thinks she shouldn’t have told Pragya so early. Judge asks her to come to witness box and say. Pragya comes to the witness box and tells that Tanu didn’t want our lawyer to come to court, and that’s why she has hired contract killer to get him killed. Judge asks do you know what are you saying?

Pragya says Tanu showed me the video. He asks Singhania to say. Singhania asks if she has any proofs and tells that Tanu is a victim. Pragya says she has proof and tells that Tanu has video of her killers attempting to kill Raghuvir. Singhania says he can’t stoop like her. Pragya tells that Tanu wanted to marry her husband, when he was mentally stable. She says my husband threw her out of house, when he got fine and says Tanu is taking revenge, tells that case shall be filed against Tanu for defaming Abhi and for trying to kill Raghuvir. Lawyer asks if she has proof for her dramatic story. Prachi gets up and says she has proofs and tells that she has audio clip, in which Tanu said clearly that she was not …..Lawyer looks at Tanu. Tanu nods no. Prachi asks Pragya to show. Pragya recalls Tanu getting it deleted.

Precap: Tanu tells Pragya that many people couldn’t prove their innocence and get jailed. She says you might have heard that Judge gives the verdict if the proofs are not there. She says same thing will happen with Abhi after 3 days, no proofs will be found against me or any witness. The Episode starts with Tanu telling that she didn’t do any confession and tells that Pragya acts well being a teacher, tells that she has no audio. Pragya says she had audio and has a witness, who is ready to certify that the voice in the audio was of Tanu. Tanu asks how many people you will involve in your lie? Judge asks Mr. Singhania to ask his client to be quiet.

Pragya says she has lied many times, even she had named someone’s else baby….Tanu says enough and says you shall be ashamed to say this for a woman. Mr. Singhania says defense has nothing to say and that’s why doing character assassination. He says I will answer you and says you had said that you are his wife and shows their divorce papers. Pragya says that divorce papers were signed without our consent and tells that later they got remarried. He asks about the marriage papers. Pragya says she don’t have. Mr. Singhania asks if you have proofs where Tanu said that she was not rape. Pragya says I had proofs, but don’t have now. Mr. Singhania says neither she has proofs nor any witness, but she has much confidence.

He says I shall not call him as your husband and tells that she shall not be permitted to say in the witness box, as she has kept hand on the Gita and sworn to lie. Raghuvir ji comes there and says she is not lying. Everyone gets surprised seeing him fine. Raghuvir ji says she is not lying and I am the witness. He apologizes to judge for coming late and tells that his client is saying the truth. Mr. Singhania tells that your client said that you was murdered, you are a good actor to come here with bandage.

Raghuvir ji says some goons attacked him and he fell unconscious. He says a doctor saved him and was taking him to hospital, but he insisted to come here. He says I will show you my injuries. Judge says that is not needed. Mr. Singhania says Pragya ji is lying. Judge says I will decide. Singhania shows the video in which Abhi tells Tanu that he will tickle her and makes her fall down.

Mr. Singhania tells that he has Abhi’s DNA found on Tanu’s clothes. Tanu thinks she had rubbed Abhi’s worn clothes on to her clothes, it was easy for her. Raghuvir ji tells that they have audio of Tanu’s confession. Mr. Singhania says Pragya said that it is deleted. Ranbir comes there and says he has doctor’s certificate of Abhi. Raghuvir ji tells that Abhishek Mehra was not in a state to rape Tanu or even tease her. He shows the reports and tells that he was having child syndrome and couldn’t do such a thing, that time it’s no rape. Mr. Singhania says you can’t understand my client’s trauma.

Raghuvir ji asks if my client is not undergoing mental trauma. Mr. Singhania says no woman will lie about her rape, it is matter of her respect. Raghuvir says even my client has respect, just because she is woman, she has respect and my client is accused. Judge says it is clear from this certificate that Abhi was not in a state to rape her. Mr. Singhania says the doctor’s certificate is fake. Ranbir says doctor is here and is ready to testify.

The Doctor comes there and tells that he got a call. He swears and tells that Abhi couldn’t think of doing this and can’t be a rapist. Mr. Singhania asks are you sure? He asks how many patients you have? Dr. Ramesh says he has many patients. Mr. Singhania asks if his other patients do the same things. Dr. Ramesh says yes. Mr. Singhania asks what they can do in rare cases. He asks if any patient can’t do in rarest case. He asks can you give a certificate that he can’t rape even in the rarest case. Dr. Ramesh says no. it is not impossible.

Mr. Singhania says Mr. Mehra is an exception case who can do rape. He says our photos and forensic reports prove this. He asks Judge not to show sympathy towards him and give the verdict. The judge tells that he holds Abhishek Mehra guilty and that’s why. Raghuvir ji asks him to give sometime, due to his accident as the proofs are lost. Judge says he has taken the verdict, but as Raghuvir ji is insisting, he says next hearing will be after 3 days. Raghuvir ji asks Judge to grant bail to Abhi as he is under treatment and needs special medicine and home made food. Watchman calls Pragya and tells that there were a fire accident at home. Pragya asks if they are all fine. Watchman says yes.

Ranbir says we got 3 days and chief got bailed. Mitali says if Police will take him after 3 days. Raghuvir ji says if we don’t get proofs against Tanu. Abhi asks them not to be sad and says I will go to jail if you people behaves like this. Pragya comes there and holds his hand. She tells about the short circuit in the house and fire is lighted. Mitali asks if everything is burnt. Pragya says watchman said that the house is not suitable for stay. Abhi says we will shift to the farmhouse and jokes. Raghuvir ji coughs. Pragya goes to bring water. She collides with Tanu and says sorry. She then sees her. Tanu says sorry suits you, but I will not forgive you.

You all will be punished when Abhi goes to jail. She says don’t know how your lawyer came here, my contract killer did a mistake. She says you have 3 days and 4th day will be the worst day. She asks if she thinks that Abhi will not be jailed and asks her to spend time with him. She says she is enjoying to see her yearning for him and says it is fun. Pragya says it will become punishment for you, as we will be together all life. Tanu says I will not let this happen. Pragya says you tried not to let Raghuvir ji come to court, but he came. She says truth can be handicapped, but not defeated.

She tells that today he came to court, and in next hearing he will get him freed. She says she will take Abhi home with respect and her family will have fun seeing her condition. Tanu asks what do you think that all the prisoners in the court serving punishment are guilty and tells that they get jailed as there is no proof for their innocence. She says same thing will happen with Abhi and he will be jailed after 3 days when you don’t get any proof or witness against me…..Read more