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Shalu asks Lakshmi if she forgave Balu. Lakshmi responds that he vowed on his children so who are they to not forgive him. Bani says if Jiju found out about him, he would beat Balu. Lakshmi says this is his problem because he thinks after doing it. Bani explains why she is so angry. Lakshmi responds that he is like this and she herself

Shalu asks Lakshmi how she became so nice. Lakshmi responds that she is their sister. Bani responds that she is just a witch but their sister. Lakshmi advises her not to spend time with Shalu. Shalu asks Lakshmi to drop her off at the coaching center because it is so close to their house that no auto driver is ready to drop her off there. Lakshmi leaves advising Ban

Rishi sitting on his bed imagine that Malishka opened the draperies, yet he saw Lakshmi, he asks why she not called him and what is the deal with him, he figures he personally can call her, Lakshmi is with Shalu when she is feeling apprehensive similarly as when she returned from visiting Rishi, Shalu makes sense of that nobody is following them.

Rishi calls Lakshmi and tells her that he’s not feeling well because he thinks the bullet that hit him is still stuck in his heart and didn’t come out. He asks if she can come in and asks if she can, but then puts the phone down because he doesn’t think Lakshmi is a doctor.

Lakshmi reassures the mother that she would have arrived on time, but the boss explains that she won’t because there won’t be a bank visit today. She asks Lakshmi to meet her, and she tells Shalu that she will be late. Shalu tells Lakshmi to sit in this car because she will find someone else, and Lakshmi does so after embracing Shalu.

Rishi thinks what is the need to call her since she would agree that she doesnot need to converse with him, Lakshmi noting makes sense of she is simply coming, Rishi specifies then it is fine, she is sho9cked he is the person who is on the call, Rishi makes sense of she didn’t call to ask about his wellbeing and is currently not exactly fine so could she at any point come to meet him since she, at the end of the day, said she is coming.

Lakshmi makes sense of she felt he was Kalyani mam so answered she is coming since she is going to the store, Rishi apologizes saying that he felt it was the specialist so requested that he come to the house, Lakshmi questions on the off chance that he is saying she shouldn’t come, Rishi requests that she come since the course is from their home so she can come, he was asking why she didn’t call him when he was in torment.

Lakshmi uncovers she called Sudeepa, Rishi plunks down in fervor, Lakshmi asks for what reason did she end the call and considers explaining her perspective, the two of them attempt to call each other however the organization is occupied, they feel that the other individual would call them. Lakshmi asks the driver of the car to take her to the Oberoi mansion first, then to the shop.

Shalu is standing when she realizes that someone is following her. As she begins to feel uneasy, she thinks of Balvinder and asks him to come out to see if he is the one behind the pillar.

Neha asks how it is possible when they are talking about kidnapping Lakshmi that they are going to kidnap Shalu because Lakshmi loves them a lot and would do anything for her sisters because of the love, just like his love for Lakshmi. Balvinder reveals that they are going to kidnap Shalu because Lakshmi loves them a lot and would do anything for her sisters because of the love, just

Rano agrees when Balvinder demands twenty percent, but Rano offers ten, and he is about to walk away when she agrees on twenty percent. Balvinder reveals that they are now going to kidnap Shalu. He asks them to question the reason and responds that it is because Lakshmi loves her sisters a lot and would bring fifty lacs for them even if she has to rob anyone. This is called a super hit plan and is not like them.

When Bani calls her from behind, Rano asks her what she is doing here. Bani says that Chacha jee sent her and is calling her. Rano says that he is poor and won’t let her do anything. She sends Bani away. When Bani calls Shalu, she says that Balvinder is still in Beni aunti’s house. She says that she thought he was following her, but if he is there, someone else is following her. Bani asks her

Lakshmi, who is in the car and is considering what Rishi has said, asks the driver to stop the car. Rishi is in the room with the specialist and inquires as to for what reason did he not let him know that Lakshmi called to ask about his wellbeing, he answers that Lakshmi requested that he not tell him, Rishi asks him who does he know for a more extended period, and later on he ought to just tell rishi.

the laborer sees Lakshmi getting out of the auto so makes sense of that she may be considering astounding him which is she came, Rishi gets a grin all over thus sees Lakshmi, the laborer makes sense of he looks great when he is blissful, Rishi sees Lakshmi turning around to the auto, he calls her however at that point tosses a ball at her, she is stunned and takes a gander at him yet he waves her, he then calls her doubting how is he.

when Rishi makes sense of that he is fine yet not unreasonably great, Rishi requests that he toss the ball however at that point makes sense of that she ought to come higher up anyway Lakshmi answers she can’t come to the house, she makes sense of she was simply going from here and dropped her handbag which she ventured out to get, he concurs and afterward she says she will leave, she attempts to toss the ball when he specifies she can keep yet ought to grin, Rishi goes to find Malishka standing, she leaves out of frustration when he is strained.

Balvinder is having tea, Neha shouts she is leaving, Beni aunti encourages her to get her hands shrouded in yellow young lady, and that means to get her hitched, Rano insults her idiom that she can variety her hands the present moment yet what is the reason since there is definitely not a reasonable lucky man for her, Balvinder goes about as though he is hacking so she can see, yet Rano questions assuming he believes her should choke out him, since she will track down a well off spouse for her little girl, who if not wealther is at a similar status as Rishi.

Beni’s child uncovers that such individuals have illicit relationships and in the wake of wedding the young ladies will quite often dump them like Rishi left Lakshmi, Balvinder in shock questions assuming that Rishi left Lakshmi, he questions for what reason did Rano not tell him, she questions assuming that he is considering himself her child in regulation, she gets some information about Shalu, Balvinder specifies she can let him know the time so he will come to grab her in the evening, she says he can come around 9:30 since by then everybody has arrived at home, and is wanting to nod off, Balvinder answers that this evening is for hijacking.

Rishi strolls after Malishka to see her leaving the room, she is stressed for what reason did he not stop her so goes to see him confronting the alternate way, she questions in the event that he wouldn’t make sense of what was happening, Rishi uncovers that he doesnot feel there is anything worth making sense of since he was simply waving at Lakshmi who came to their home coincidentally, Malishka attempts to compress him when he says he can’t bear this weight any longer since these limitations feel like a fixation as opposed to cherish.

Sonia an is strolling when she finds Malishka, she questions for what reason is Malishka crying, who uncovers she saw Rishi conversing with Lakshmi from the gallery and when she attempted to address him, he answered he was not doing anything at this point she realizes he is undermining her. Sonia tells her to block Lakshmi’s contact so that when she calls him, he won’t answer and she’ll think he has moved on. Malishka asks about Rishi because he will call her. Karishma says they can end Lakshmi’s relationship. Karishma tells them about the plan. Sonia hugs her and says she is really clever. Even Malishka is impressed, but she doesn’t know if it’

Balvinder asks for tea and explains that he cannot allow those who sent him to jail to leave so easily. He started following Lakshmi and sent him after Shalu, but he always wondered how she got married to such a wealthy person. Balvinder stops the car when he asks Bubblo what he is doing and he says that he is doing the work of Balvinder. Bubblo questions who would want to get hurt by messing with him.

Balvinder Bubblo asks Balvinder what he is planning, to which he responds that he is going to arrest Shalu. Balvinder explains that now they need to think about something else and that tonight he is going to do something that will cause him to take his revenge from Lakshmi.

When Malishka enters the room, Rishi is sitting in the room. He inquires as to whether she is still angry with him, but she sits beside him on the bed and explains that she knows she overreacted. Holding her ears, she then apologizes to him. Rishi then explains that he has a relationship with Lakshmi and no power can stop him from fulfilling it. Malishka inquires as to whether he has a relationship with her. Rishi reveals that

Malishka says that she thinks Lakshmi’s relationship got off to a bad start. Although she hasn’t taken anything from him because he is still by her side, she thinks she should apologize to Lakshmi. Rishi says that if she is aware of it, he can call her. Malishka says that would be rude, but she thinks they should invite her to dinner. Rishi is coerced into calling Malishka and inviting her to a thank-you dinner.

Malishka thinks she might not come because of Neelam. Malishka goes to Rishi and advises him to tell her that uncle also invited her. Lakshmi asks him to not lie. Rishi reveals he also wants her to come and even Dad desires her. He asks if she is listening assuring he would not ask her to do anything else. Rishi reveals there would also be Gulab jamun. Lakshmi agrees to come when Ri

As Rano enters the house, Neha becomes enraged because she does nothing. Before entering the room, Rano sends a text stating, “They should what they desire.”

When Bubblo asks Balvinder where the room is, Balvinder opens the door and tells Bubblo to follow him. When Rano opens the door, he is surprised to find them inside the house.

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