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Rishi asks Malishka at the beginning of the episode, “What happened?” She inquires as to why we came here. Rishi claims that we arrived for a holi party and are covered in colors. When did you first apply color to me, Malishka inquires? Rishi asks I have applied you tone, when everybody was running and I was holding pichkari.

Malishka informs him that they are getting married and claims that you did not apply color to me. She tells Lakshmi what to do so that Lakshmi and I both believe that you are theirs. He asks her not to bring Lakshmi among them and requests that she tell him straightforwardly, and vent out outrage on him. He says we have harmed her such a lot of as of now and asks the amount we will hurt her more, it is sufficient. What should Malishka say next?

When Rhea enters Prachi’s room, she declares, “I wish I was the only daughter of my Dad and you were never born.” Prachi asserts that there would be no sadness in the world if all wishes were granted. She asserts that even God is aware that those whose thoughts contain such poison cannot fulfill their wishes.

Rhea yells at her. Hearing Prachi, Prachi says she has a headache. Rhea says my heart wrenches and torment, you know well the amount I love you and afterward additionally you hurt your sister. Prachi requests that she choose if she is her sister or sautan. She asserts that you are my illegal sautan and that sautan receives no love. When Rhea refers to you as her sister, she inquires, “What do you think I feel love for you?

” Prachi says that you won’t be able to woo your husband if you find me to be too hot to handle. Rhea tells her that I can get my husband’s attention and tells her to stay away from him. According to Prachi, I haven’t tied him to my pallu or hair. She says I’m not behind him, I realize you so all things considered, in and out. I know your secret plan and know your preparation and plotting. She asks, “How dare you tell me I’m pregnant at the anniversary party?” and asks, “What was the need to do drama?” She asks how one can make fun of a pregnant person.

She asserts that you will never be forgiven for presenting it as a curse. She is instructed to avoid him by Rhea. She claims that you are well aware of our relationship’s progress since we were on the bed. When Prachi inquires as to why you have turned back, you respond, “I have no interest in your husband; he only comes to me; I don’t want to talk to him or see him.” She requests that she shut the door before leaving. Rhea left.

Prachi weeps. She claims that everything is just betrayal because you have so deeply wounded my heart. Melody plays… ..She says I won’t cry, and won’t sob for you. She claims that you granted Rhea rights and is requesting that I avoid you after we became so close. She says you have zero faith in me or satisfy your commitment made to me, every one of your commitments are phony.

Rhea enters the room and becomes enraged as she considers Prachi’s words. She weeps. Aaliya stops by and inquires about your activities. She asks Prachi why she’s crying and says you went to make Prachi cry. Rhea says on the off chance that I am a youngster that began crying in the event that I don’t get pichkari. Aaliya tells her that today is holi and asks her to get up. Rhea says he played holi with Prachi.

She requests that she not lecture her. She says let me go. Aaliya asks her to stop crying, stop being pathetic, and stop bothering her before closing the door. Yes, Rhea, I’m pathetic and irritating. Aaliya requests that she take blade and cut her. She requests that she take charge of her life and harm the person who hurt her. She advises improving anything that is going wrong. She asserts that I am your Buji and support and care for you.

She demands that she direct her life. Rhea claims to be able to deal with Prachi but not Ranbir. She claims that she wanted him to paint her, but he made her feel bad and painted Prachi. She asserts that Prachi made fun of me, that I will steal her happiness, ruin her, and erase her name from history. Aaliya asks what is in Prachi that he loves her.

He says might be he enjoys her excellence? Rhea says Prachi isn’t delightful. Aaliya claims that although he likes her beauty, we may not like her. He says we will make a stride and when we make this stride, then, at that point, you can’t correct. Rhea claims that I intend to end her life. Aaliya says I will return in 15 mins and requests that she keep her telephone on.

Dida sneezes. Lakshmi approaches her. Dida claims that she has been coughing for a few days. Lakshmi advises against taking any medications. Dida affirms. Lakshmi asks where is your kitchen and tells that she will make kada for her. She is being watched over by Balwinder and his friend. Dida directs her to the kitchen and requests that she bring kada to her room. Lakshmi ventures to the kitchen.

Balwinder believes he had an opportunity. He conceals himself behind Lakshmi. Lakshmi begins producing kada. Balwinder comes behind Lakshmi and is going to apply variety to her, when she creates some distance from that point to get something. Balwinder hides when he sees Rishi approaching. Lakshmi is asked by Rishi, “What is she doing alone here?

” Lakshmi claims that I was making kada for Dida because she was coughing. Rishi beams. Lakshmi inquires as to whether you need something. Balwinder believes that Lakshmi is his, and you stole her from me. Rishi inquires as to how you manage to make everyone your own.

Lakshmi experiences pain when she touches a hot object. Rishi gets concerned and places her hand in the water container. He blows on her finger. Aap hamari jaan is playing, and Rhea walks up to them and looks at Rishi and Lakshmi. She goes chatting on her versatile.

Prachi and Ranbir come into collision. He inquires as to why you are acting strangely abruptly. Prchi says you are not honest. He asks, “What took place?” He is asked to move away by Prachi. Ranbir claims that you and I played Holi outside.

Prachi expresses what to do outside. She says at whatever point I believe that you are a decent individual, you discredits me. She claims that you stood by me and declared that I am your wife. She says that evening, you was holding my hand and next morning you was laying down with another person. She claims that our love ended.

Ranbir says don’t say this. You say you don’t love me, Prachi. I still love you, Ranbir says. Prachi says then you could never have been with Rhea in her room, it is finished. Ranbir and Prachi get profound. Did Rhea tell you something, he inquires? Prachi requests that he proceed to ask him, simply let her be. She claims that you had lied when you once told me that you are a one-woman man. She then moves on. Ranbir is depressed.

Rhea comes to the room. Aaliya requests that she close the entryway. Rhea claims that nobody is present. Aaliya warns us not to rely on anything but our own reflection. Rhea wants to know what you said about us not being able to back off once we start and what I can’t change in the future if I want to. Aaliya tells her that she needs to wear the gloves so that nobody can catch her. She asks her to apply the color to Prachi’s face while wearing the gloves. Rhea says you maintained that me should play holi with Prachi.

Aaliya says this is definitely not a normal tone, it is substance blended variety, similarly as you apply variety to Prachi, her face will be singed for eternity. She claims that we don’t like her, but Ranbir does. If you don’t want him to like her, paint her face; it will burn, and no plastic surgeon in the world can make it look like it did before. She claims that Ranbir will flee Prachi once this color is applied to her face. She requests that she proceed to get the payback. Rhea observes.

Rishi makes an apology to Lakshmi. Balwinder claims that since I have returned, you cannot get Lakshmi, but he will go to any lengths to get her. Ek tu hai plays, and Rishi watches as Lakshmi makes kada. Holding the glass, she turns. Rishi describes how color entered his eye. Ayush checks them out. Lakshmi blows into his eye and removes color. She inquires if all is well. Rishi responds positively with a nod. She requests that he shut his eyes and makes the variety tumble down from his hair.

He asks her to style his hair as he opens his eyes. His hair is set by her. Rishi says you are excellent. Lakshmi claims that I rarely hear things like this. Rishi asserts that I am to blame, and I ought to have praised you. He claims that I had stopped praising you, but I’ll force you to hear the praise again so you don’t feel strange. Lakshmi promises to offer kada.

Rishi inquires about Ayush’s activities. Ayush claims that he is not like Rishi Bhai as an excuse. Lakshmi goes. Rishi is teased by Ayush and asked to praise him aso. He is asked to do good work today by Rishi. He is about to let Ayush touch his hair. Rishi stops and pushes him. Ayush collapses. Balwinder is concealed. Rishi helps Ayush get going behind him.

Rhea is asked by Aaliya, “What’s she thinking?” Rhea inquires whether her face will sustain permanent damage. Do you want Ranbir to return to Prachi, Aaliya inquires? She asks do you have compassion toward your sister? Rhea expresses what to do? Aaliya incites her against Prachi and advises her that Prachi has grabbed Ranbir from her, and her Father.

She asserts that you want to play sister sister with Prachi because she has ruined your marriage. Rhea thinks back to when Ranbir said that Prchi is his real sister. She tells that Prachi isn’t my sister and I have no compassion toward her. She claims that Ranbir will hate her and turn his back on her if I make her suffer and she cannot see herself. She claims it will be my retaliation.

She is asked to put on the gloves and paint Prachi’s face by Aaliya. She declares that Prachi’s life will become colorless on this holi. Rhea inserts her hand into the packet while wearing gloves. She yells and describes how badly it hurts. She suggests that the gloves may have a hole in them. She is asked to consider how much it will hurt Prachi by Aaliya. She promises to bring a second glove for her.

His friend wants to know when Balwinder will become a hero. Balwinder asserts that I would have wooed her long ago if I had a hero’s face. He informs me that Rishi is after Lakshmi and says, “I am thinking to apply color to her silently.

” He says I’ll act like I’m sorry to her. Lakshmi will excuse and embrace me. He says then you both need to arrange the wedding. His friend claims that you are planning and have not yet observed Holi. Balwinder intends to kidnap her and join her in celebrating Holi. They can hear Rhea’s words.

Ranbir comes to his room and reviews Prachi defying him, and it is over to tell that their adoration. He is going to drink wine, however Rishi comes and stops him. He asserts that it is prohibited on a holiday. Ranbir claims that the bhang effect has kept me in this position. Rishi inquires about the narrative.

It’s a long story, according to Ranbir. Rishi demands to be heard. Prachi became enraged when Ranbir admitted that he had consumed bhang. Rishi asserts that you and Rhea are well-known to everyone, that you are a prominent figure, and that significant news stories are reported about you. He claims that you are married to Rhea, but you’re looking at Prachi.

Ranbir says Prachi is in my heart. He claims that I slept with Rhea in a bhang, and when I awoke, Prachi was standing and Rhea was beside me on the bed. He claims that Prachi has been upset since then and has not spoken to me, and he does not know what to do. Ayush says you both have a miserable romantic tale, and says on the off chance that anybody hears, will lose trust on adoration.

He claims that Ranbir told him that you still love Prachi even though you married Rhea. He says yet Rishi Bhai loves Lakshmi and needs to wed Malishka. Rishi claims that I adore Malishka. Ayush says Ranbir has gotten you and asks him, do you suppose Rishi loves Malishka? Rishi requests that he hush up. When someone makes us understand, we don’t want to understand, according to Ranbir.

He says that he was unemployed for two years and that his neighbor once told him he was useless, among other things. He says those 2 years were superb long periods of the house, and afterward our connection staggered. He says that right now I’m very rich but really poor. He claims that Prachi’s lack of a smile is why she no longer smiles.

He tells him that if he marries Malishka, he will become insane. He says it is a terrible inclination, that you love somebody and wed another person. He advises against repeating my mistake. Ayush says there is bliss and torment too infatuated. I can’t explain why Ranbir says you love Lakshmi and will feel best with her and why love is strange. Malishka comes there and requests that Rishi come.

Rishi is conversing with Ranbir and Ayush when Malishka calls him. Malishka is invited inside by Ayush, who then leaves with Ranbir. Rhea asks Balwinder if it makes him feel bad to talk about a girl like that. She says that she knows you wanted to lift her. That everyone lifts someone during Holi is a big deal, according to Balwinder and his friend. Rhea declares, “I won’t let you kidnap Lakshmi,” stating that she is our guest and that she is aware that you were discussing kidnapping Lakshmi.

She asks, “Do you want me to ruin my family’s respect?” and says that the guest is like a God and that kidnapping here will hurt our family’s image. She says I will call the police. The friends of Balwinder inform him that they will leave. Rhea inquires as to whether you won’t talk and tells that it implies that you are a chief. She inquires about Balwinder’s belief that his friends will assist him and informs him that they will leave you.

Balwinder claims that they are good friends of mine and will assist me. Rhea says that you can’t kidnap Lakshmi because I won’t let this happen. She also says that if you don’t help me with my work, I won’t let you do yours. She claims that I will assist you in kidnapping Lakshmi if you decide to assist me. Balwinder and his companions are stunned.

Rhea instructs them to tint Prachi’s face, but no one will be able to see your face. According to Balwinder’s friend, anyone can color her face. Rhea says no and demands that they color her face before fleeing. Balwinder inquires about Prachi. Rhea displays the image. According to Balwinder, we don’t do small jobs. When he looks at the book’s cover, Rhea asks him not to think about the story because she doesn’t know what’s inside.

Malishka lets Rishi know that he has intruded on their discussion. When, asks Rishi? He recalls that we had finished speaking, and you had indicated that you did not wish to continue. Malishka asserts that I stated that in rage, and you ought to have spoken with me. Rishi declares that today is Holi, that everyone is celebrating, and that you are making a scene while we are in someone’s home.

Malishka says I will address you, and inquires as to whether you are wedding me then you ought to have applied variety to me first. Rishi explains that this rule states that the person you marry must be of the same color as you. He claims that I enjoyed playing holi with Lakshmi. He asserts that nothing can stop me from being with her. He asks what is no joking matter, today is holi.

He asks, “Shall I apologize to you?” and warns her that her doubts will ruin their relationship. He also asks her not to do this again. He exits. Malishka has tears in her eyes. Her phone rings. Rishi fought with Malishka and threatened to end their relationship, Malishka tells her. She tells that she flew off the handle, seeing Rishi applying variety to Lakshmi first. She says he is changing before marriage, what will he do after marriage.

Lakshmi is playing mind games and asks her to learn from her, and Kiran tells her not to get angry and that if she does, the situation will get worse. She inquires, “Did you ever witness Lakshmi battling Rishi?” She claims that Lakshmi fought Rishi twice, once when she learned about you both and once when she presented him with divorce papers. She says that Lakshmi is sorry, so she’s being nice to him.

She tells Lakshmi that Lakshmi is making him believe that you are not good for him and begs her not to hurt the man’s ego. Malishka claims that you are well aware of my love for him. Kiran says you are battling with him now and that is the reason Rishi played holi with Lakshmi. She asks her to get close to him and make up with him. She asks her to take good care of him. Malishka says I really want to look through Rishi and closes the call.

Ayush considers how to convince Rishi that he is in love with Lakshmi rather than Malishka. When he sees Prachi approaching, he wonders why boys are so stupid and girls so intelligent. According to Prachi, the response is that girls are beautiful so that men can love them.

Ayush says my own sibling is inept and stops. He says that he has a big problem and that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other, but he thinks he loves Malishka. He also says that he has a big problem. He expresses how to make him comprehend, that Malishka isn’t in his heart and not great for him. Prachi asserts that if he has made the decision to be with someone, no one can intervene. She tells him that he will get love if he is sincere and asks him not to do anything.

Ayush discusses Ranbir and says he adores you so much, yet couldn’t communicate his adoration and can’t tell you. He suggests giving him a shot. According to Prachi, she will be away from such love. There, Lakshmi arrives. Worker comes and says Dida is calling you. Prachi is about to leave and is having fits of fainting. Lakshmi holds her and calls Ayush.

Shahana went to bring me organic colors because, according to Prachi, my pregnancy is complicated. She tells her I’m helpless and asks her not to tell anyone. She gets a hug from Lakshmi. Prachi claims that I just told you what I felt like telling you. She says she needs to have something harsh. Lakshmi invites her to visit Dida and promises to make something special for her.

Rhea carries Balwinder and his companions to the room. Aaliya inquires about you. They are shown by Rhea. According to Aaliya, they seem like thugs. Despite Rhea’s claim that I resemble Ms. World, I am not. She claims that they are very helpful. Aaliya inquires if they work as waiters. Rhea tells that he is love blasted and adores Lakshmi. She says he will go about our responsibilities.

She asks Balwinder to take the color and wear gloves. Balwinder declares that he will directly apply color to her face and does not want gloves. Rhea demonstrates the experiment on the plastic plant, which eventually burns. She requests that Balwinder use gloves so your hand don’t consume because of the compound in the variety. Aaliya says your masculine hands will be protected wearing these gloves. Balwinder grabs it and heads off.

Rishi conversed with Malishka and thinks he never conversed with her like that. He considers the reason for his irritation. Lakshmi arrives with the lemon water. Rishi consumes it and inquires if Malishka bribed her into providing him with lemon water. Lakshmi corrects him by patting him on the shoulder.

She inquires as to why Malishka will offer me a bribe or supari in order to irritate you. Rishi claims that you do not know her because she recently fought with me. Lakshmi asserts that Malishka is not like that and explains that she was my friend and that I have never witnessed her engaging in illicit behavior other than with me.

Rishi claims that I severely harmed you. Should I tell the truth or lie, Lakshmi asks? Don’t say anything, Rishi, because you can’t lie and I can’t bear the truth. Rishi is known to some men, and they invite him to play. Rishi says that Lakshmi has a golden heart and that she still likes me today.

He also says that if I had done this with someone else, they wouldn’t have talked to me. Lakshmi believes that she would never have spoken to him if there had been anyone else at his place. Rishi looks at Lakshmi as he turns. He is also observed by Lakshmi. Balwinder comes there and takes a gander at Lakshmi from far. He invites his friends to join him when he sees Prachi approaching.

Lakshmi thinks this lemon water was for Prachi and thinks where could she be? Balwinder observes Prachi chatting with a few women. Prachi is visited by Ranbir. Then Prachi moves on. Aaliya and Rhea are remaining there. Balwinder declares that we will monitor this individual. Rhea inquires whether we should stand here. It’s holi, according to Aaliya.

Balwinder’s companion inquires as to whether they will demolish her wonderful face. Balwinder informs us that our task is to harm Prachi’s face by applying a chemical color to her face. They are overheard, and Lakshmi inquires about them. From there, Balwinder and his friends leave. Lakshmi figures she can’t allow anything to happen to Prachi.

Ranbir tries to get Prachi to talk. Prachi says you are so befuddled and requests that he let her be. She tells him, “I know what you want, you want Rhea?” and asks him to spend some time alone. You think this way, according to Ranbir.

Prchi says I will not be anxious. She claims that I dislike seeing you with Rhea, even though you slept with her. Ranbir claims that you are to blame for the difficulties in our relationship. Prachi asserts that I am accountable for this relationship and that you made a mistake. She walks away as the Galliyan song plays.

Prachi is being sought by Lakshmi. Ranbir thinks of a logical way to explain her and wonders, “Where is she?” He makes the decision to search her in her room. He goes there. There, Shahana arrives. Ranbir inquires where Prachi is. I must speak with her. Shahana says she didn’t come here. Once, Ranbir asks her to talk to him. She says she doesn’t want to talk to me because I’m her biggest enemy.

She inquires about my reaction to her behavior and states that hearing her talk hurts. She stated that she is the sole person accountable for our relationship. Shahana asks him to reflect on his actions and states, “I used to take your side in front of Prachi and used to say that you were right and she is right.

” She asserts that although Prachi is not irresponsible, she is the one responsible for this relationship. She claims that I’ve always seen real love in movies, but when I saw your love for her, I thought it was real. She states, “I have been feeling since a few days that love is just in movies and not real.” She claims that I have always supported you, but now that you are wrong, I cannot. Rnbir hits the door with his hand with a sad expression.

Shahana proceeds to figure she shouldn’t have talked along these lines, and remembers to express sorry to him. She then believes that love only exists in movies and is nothing. Ayush inquires about her situation. He inquires as to whether she suffers from any illness that causes her to dislike the guys.

He requests that she have herself looked at. Shahana is pushed by Malishka, who then leaves. Shahana asks what is this mischief and gives her a befitting answer. Malishka says I converse with individuals as per their status. According to Ayush, I observed how you pushed her to the side.

She is asked by Shahana to respect Lakshmi. Malishka tells her to do social work instead of wasting her time. Ayush states that we are guests. Malishka asserts that this is not Shahana’s home. She leaves after asking him to keep Lakshmi away from her. Ayush lets Shahana know that he can’t improve her. Shahana asserts that I have an idea and promises not to bother her.

Malishka says Rishi wants to play holi with Lakshmi as if this event is just for her, and she thinks she shouldn’t have come here. She calls the server. Shahana makes Malishka fall. She is held by Ayush. Malishka and Shahana argue with one another. She is asked to remain in her chawl or house by Malishka.

Shahana asks her to be the guest and tells her to stay away from Lakshmi. Malishka says no one conversed with me like that. According to Shahana, if you behave well, others will treat you well, particularly Lakshmi. Malishka admonishes her. Malishka is asked to stop it by Ayush. Malishka says that I think you’re more into this girl now than Shalu is.

He asks, “Where did Shalu come from?” Malishka goes to Rishi to make a complaint about Ayush. Shahana claims that you supported me in front of her. Ayush asserts that I stated the truth. He talks in a cheesy way. Shahana says she could do without messy discussions. Ayush apologizes and claims that he searched the girl for himself. Did you see Dil Hai Tumhara, he asks? Shahana says Preity Zinta. He inquires about her name in the movie. After saying Sha, Shahana goes to Prachi.

Balwinder tells his friends to run around, saying that we won’t be seen as we run. He goes behind Prachi. Aaliya and Rhea take a gander at Prachi from far and grins. Rhea is urged to be prepared by Aaliya, who declares that an attack is imminent. She tells us to call an ambulance. Rhea says not currently, everybody will feel that I am so worried for my sister. Lakshmi sees Prachi and furthermore sees Balwinder going behind her.

She doesn’t see his face, and figures what to do, she can’t push Prachi. She takes pichkari in her grasp. Rhea sneers trusting that Balwinder will consume her face. Prachi faculties something and stops.

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