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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld season 2 premieres on Zee World on May 19, 2023. Rishi and Lakshmi both apologize to each other and promise to unblock one another. Lakshmi wonders who would have done it, but Rishi also doesn’t understand. Balvinder tells them to stop the drama and tells her to come with him.

Rano is glad that Guddus mother knows where they are because she walks behind the boxes. Rishi asks Balvinder why he said Lakshmi doesn’t mean anything to him. He says she means the most to him because he came here despite his own mother’s order to do so in order to protect her.

she implies the most to him, he can’t bear assuming anything happens to her or somebody attempts to hurt her, even he feels the aggravation so today she won’t let anything to her, he can do anything that he wants, Lakshmi shouts that there is another thing which he doesnot grasp, regardless of whether she get hitched to Rishi, she couldn’t ever have hitched anybody like him, they generally should never remember to meddle in her marriage with Rishi.

Balvinder exclaims that today he is going to show them all his madness, he will never let her go with someone else and will kill her. Rishi walks in front of them, asking Balvinder to kill him. Aayush exclaims that he does not know this Rishi, e has fallen in love with him. Shalu mentions that even she fell in love but Aayush exclaims he is her Jiju and she can only love him. Shalu questions

Rishi immediately gets up when he starts beating Balvinder saying that he warned him to not touch his wife. He keeps on beating him not listening to even Lakshmi, he then picks the rod while Inspector Rakesh enters ordering the constable to put them inside. They are standing when Rishi is beating him, Lakshmi is forced to make him swear on her life, he stops turning to her, Rishi asks if Balvinder is seeing that the girl who

Rano thinks she would not have to share the amount but causes something to fall when they all spot her. Rano turns to come in front mentioning she felt really worried so came here. Lakshmi takes the bag but Rano exclaims she feels she can take care of the money but Lakshmi hands the bag to Rishi.

Rano wonders what kind of an idiot is she since she could have taken some money, they would have thought that the kidnappers took it. Virender Lakshmi responds that they cannot leave her alone, so Aayush asks if they should leave because they even have to go to the police station. Rano then asks if she should also come.

The constable moves Balvinder alongside every one of his men into the cell, Balvinder specifies this resembles his own home, the constable answers that the manager would come and show them a thing or two.

Lakshmi is strolling with the family while the correspondents attempt to interrogate them regarding what occurred anyway they say nothing, Assessor Rakesh requests that Rishi accompany him since he really wants to finish up certain insights concerning the FIR, he leaves.

Lakshmi asks Rano to see. Virender does not understand and questions Lakshmi. She responds that she told Rano that no matter if the entire world turns against her even then she knew he would always support her. Virender responds that he did not know anything before going to her house, he felt that there was something wrong, and he was right to feel that there was something wrong.

Lakshmi exclaims that he would have known Rano thinks she doesnot care about Lakshmi’s great yet that it is said on the off chance that they really want something, it doubtlessly works out yet she likewise attempted a ton for the sum and still, at the end of the day got nothing.

Rano suddenly exclaims that she will not even see his dirty face since he kidnapped her Shalu, but as the constable turns, she thinks, what if he reveals the truth then everything will be ruined? She stops the constable calling him Inspector, he corrects her, but she says she is coming with him. A constable comes and asks if she is Rano aunti because Balvinder is calling her.

Rano apologizes to Balvinder that she can not help him, he says she was unable to try and apply for the bail when Rano inquires as to whether he is distraught since in the event that she records the bail, would be gotten, Balvinder questions for what reason does she not tune in, he requests that she go meet the mother of Guddu, he has left a number with her, they will mange to get them both bailed, she gets some information about him when Guddu answers he wouldn’t get the bail with such ease since there are still a ton of bodies of evidence against him, they will take him to the next prison.

Rano shouts it will be great however at that point specifies this is truly off-base and even she didn’t get a solitary penny, she is stunned to see Shalu remaining behind her, she quickly demands Balvinder for one little blessing referencing that she let them know all she planned to slap him when he says she ought to get it done delicately yet she answers she let them know she will slap him truly hard, she leaves while Shalu is likewise grinning.

When Aahana answers the phone and announces that Aayush and Rishi are returning with Virender, she asks Dadi to turn on the television because she needs to watch the promo. They both are delighted after watching the promo, and Aahana declares that she really likes this sweet girl. Dadi responds by saying that she will not do anything and will only watch the story of Mithai. Aahana is happy to have answered the phone.

Aayush tells Virender that the taxi has arrived, but when Rano asks if they are still alive, he sits in the car and doesn’t answer. She tells them about the kidnapping and how much she really loves her niece. She assures them that everything is fine now, and Rano calls Neha because he sees an opportunity.

When the reporters say that the driver of Virender kidnapped Shalu, Rishi walks out with Shalu and Lakshmi. He asks them to come back a little, but instead they start questioning Lakshmi. He can’t take it, so he holds Lakshmi close to him. When Rishi says that the inspector is going to make the statement, they want him, so he says they will get the official statement.

He responds that it is different to not stay together, that every relationship has problems and they only occur when the relations have respect, and that his relationship with Lakshmi is from his heart, so it does not matter if they live together because they are joined by heart. Malishka is unable to bear it and is extremely frustrated. The reporters say that they have heard that he has problems in his marriage and that they both are not living together.

Balvinder asks the officer if he didn’t see anyone as handsome as him when he says the officer should take his picture. The officer says he will hand Balvinder over to the new police station because there are many people like him there. The driver asks Avinash why he is fighting with someone like him. He takes his eyes off the road and doesn’t see the person crossing the road. Balvinder tells him to turn the car around and they hit a pole. Balvinder see

While Balvinder is riding his bike, he is only thinking about how Rishi had beaten him in front of Lakshmi. Balvinder declares that he is going to take revenge by killing Rishi tonight. He climbs a pole to Rishi’s room, where he sees him sleeping on the bed and sits on top of him with a knife in his hand.

Balvinder then stabs Rishi in the chest, declaring that he will not get Laks She declares that she knows it will be true, but Shalu does not listen, and Lakshmi reveals that she also saw another dream in which a woman in black clothes took him away, which turned out to be Malishka. Lakshmi goes to sit back on the bed but is not convinced that everything is fine. Shalu and Bani don’t believe it, but Lakshmi says that she won’t let Rishi suffer this time around.

When Rishi wakes up in the morning, he is shocked to see Lakshmi applying the medicine to his hand. He asks her what she is doing and asks her to stop. She asks him why he moves so much, saying that he even talks a lot but must now not say anything. Lakshmi says he talks automatically.

she questions what was the need to beat Balvinder like this, he answers that he was unable to bear the manner in which he was pulling her, she specifies nothing would have happened to her, Rishi in structures her that nothing chided him like this, next to his mom yet presently she can say anything. Rishi explains that all of them; She doesn’t need the herb at all, so when Lakshmi asks him to stop talking, he agrees that it was a joke and that the claims that eating the herb makes the skin glow are just myths.

Rishi starts covering it and then refuses to take any kind of medicine. Malishka starts arguing with him saying that he himself agreed to take the medicine by the doctor. He calls Rishi who sits down thinking the reason he is remembering Lakshmi even though she is not present here. He opens the door to find Malishka standing there. She greets him and introduces the doctor, revealing that he is going to apply the bandage to his hand. He turns but is shocked because there Malishka has a lot of anxiety.

Lakshmi mentions that she needs to be with Rishi as she places the bag. She asks Shalu and Bani if they won’t question her, but Shalu and Bani say that they won’t. She insists that they ask her, and Shalu says that she loves Rishi a lot. Lakshmi gets tensed and says that this is what she thinks about it. Chacha jee starts calling Lakshmi, and she Chacha Jee asks her to verify that this is her charger and suggests that she secure it. Lakshmi responds that she is going back to her house, mentioning the Oberoi Mansion.

Chacha jee mentions that he always prays the troubles in her life end and she lives a happy life as this is also her right, Lakshmi replies that she is going but not because of any right, she is only leaving because of Rishi as he is a really nice person, Shalu is here because Rishi stood beside her so if her Kundali has
Malishka enters the bathroom and declares that because she will soon be living in the room with Rishi, there will be no need to knock; instead, everyone else will have to knock.

Rishi has a friend who sees something in his room that is not actually present, the doctor explains that it happens because if someone really likes a person and wants to remain with him, they see the person, and Malishka thinks she knows that the person is none other than Lakshmi. The doctor asks if there is any other problem, but Rishi is unsure if he should reveal his feelings.

The doctor mentions that he has prescribed some medicine and multivitamins Rishi asks the doctor if he should ask his friend to get treatment; the doctor responds that there is no treatment because he thinks the patient is himself, and he is seeing Lakshmi because it is better for him to be around her, so he should stop seeing her. Malishka gets angry and asks the doctor if his work is over, but the doctor says that Rishi is in charge of everything.

Malishka asks Rishi if he is thinking about Lakshmi, to which Rishi responds that he has begun to think about her. Malishka has turned his life into something he cannot bear; he even feels as if he cannot tell her anything else, she would get mad with him, and he has even started lying to her to prevent her from getting mad with him.

At first, he thought it was cute when she would get mad, but now he is getting Rishi sits on the bed and wonders why he said everything to her when he knew it would upset her. He wonders if it’s because Malishka is tired of being left alone and is wondering if he is real.

Rano asks Lakshmi why she plans to leave now and why she shouldn’t have agreed to leave with Neelam because she would have even given them money. Lakshmi responds that things are very different now. Rano asks what is so different.

Bani reveals that she has started loving Rishi. When Shalu and Lakshmi hear this, they look at her in anger. She immediately puts all of the blame on Shalu, and they both run When Chacha jee explains that even her father would be pleased to see Lakshmi returning smiling, Shalu arrives and informs Lakshmi that the vehicle has arrived. Prior to departing, Lakshmi receives Rano’s blessings.

Malishka enters her room with a sad face, thinking about how Rishi said he cannot bear her tantrums any longer and even exclaimed, “If he is saying this all so she leaves him.” Malishka says she has forgotten everything for Rishi and even herself, but now the only thing that will happen is their wedding and she will let anyone come in between.

She hears Neelam walking away while talking on the phone. Malishka thinks that he loves Neelam a lot Malishka thinks she will ensure he turns into her old Rishi and Lakshmi turns into an outsider for them, she wants to begin her arrangement before Lakshmi gets back to the house.

Shalu and Bani assist her in putting the suitcase together, and she tells them to live their lives as normal as possible. Bani also suggests that she take care of Jiju, but Lakshmi explains that this is why she is going. Bani asks Shalu to never lie because she said that Lakshmi di is going because of her love for Rishi, but Shalu responds that nothing like this has ever been said out loud. Lakshmi di

Malishka tells Neelam that she is being manipulated because they are making her work the way she wants, even though she does not know anything about it.

Lakshmi is in the car when she sees the Mandir. She asks the driver to stop for a while, and she starts praying that she will have the strength to solve all the problems in Rishi’s life. She drops the Parshad by accident and wonders what might have caused this evil deed. She thinks that those who are her true people can’t do anything wrong, so she gives the Parshad to the ants and then takes another.

Rishi is in the car with Aayush. Aayush asks Rishi if he is waiting for the call. Rishi responds that he is not waiting for Lakshmi to call him. Rishi explains that he does not understand anything about Lakshmi because she does not even call him and never asks for help even when she is in need. Aayush asks Rishi how Lakshmi is doing. Rishi reveals that

Aayush emulates him which enrages Rishi who says that Shalu expresses truth against him since he is a finished maniac, Aayush shouts she is destroying his picture when Rishi answers it is reality anyway Aayush says even she realizes he is a decent individual. Rishi responds that he is simply living in his own world.

When Aayush hears this, he becomes enraged and stops the car, threatening to call Lakshmi. Rishi tells Aayush to end the call right away, but Aayush agrees to do so on the condition that he disclose the truth. Rishi denies everything, but he is forced to accept the fact that Aayush was lying, and he accepts that he Aayush begins to smile.

Rishi asks Aayush what he should do while not waiting for her call. Aayush responds, “What if she is not able to call him because of Malishka?,” to which Rishi responds, “So what? Because they both are still husband and wife and she her right over him.” Aayush begins to wonder if this is the first time he has said something like this about Lakshmi. Since they need to leave, Rishi asks him in

Dadi accompanies Neelam, when she questions why have they called her here, Malishka illuminates she called them since she was conversing with her dad who felt that she is disturbed and addressed him, he then uncovered that she should counsel the Pandit jee, she attempts to make sense of that all that occurred with Rishi was a direct result of Lakshmi since she is the person who is dependably with him each time he causes problems.

Dadi flies off the handle addressing what is she talking about that the Pandit jee of their family lied about the Markeshdosh and Lakshmi, Neelam likewise doesnot accept her platitude that the Pandit jee has been subsidiary with their family well before she turned into a piece of their life, she inquires as to whether Malishka reviews her commitment as around then she was the one with Rishi, Malishka attempts to guard herself by saying that it was only a mishap, Karishma and Sonia additionally agree with her position uncovering each time something wrong happened it was a direct result of Lakshmi.

Malishka asks in rage, “Why was Rishi protected before Lakshmi came into his life while it was safe when she did not come into his life?” Aahana responds, “It is wrong because whenever Rishi was saved it was because of the stars of Lakshmi.” Neelam is shocked when Malishka tells him that even Rishi was about to be shot while trying to save Shalu. Malishka responds that she heard Aayush say that he was about to be shocked.

Karishma also mentions that when Malishka found out about it, she was sure they would not believe her. This is why they have asked him to come here. Pandit jee stands and explains that he and Badrinath, the pandit of the Oberoi family, learned to study the Kundali at the same time. However, he is wrong because there is not any power in the Kundali of Lakshmi that can protect Rishi. He explains that Lak

Malishka is getting anxious and asks, “What is the need we the pandit jee is revealing that she is not good?” Neelam believes Malishka would need to inquire from the Pandit jee. Neelam wonders how the Pandit jee can be so wrong since he told them that the Kundali of Lakshmi was beneficial for Rishi.

When Lakshmi is in the car on her way to the house, she remembers Rishi telling her that he would stand by her because she was still his wife and that he would protect her. When she sees Rishi on the other side of the road, she calls him but he doesn’t look at her. She wonders what happened to him because she thinks he might be thinking that he is just having a dream about her. Lakshmi is perplexed as to why he would dream about her.

Neelam is attempting to call the Pandit jee when Malishka looks to the pandit jee with strain, she reviews how when her mom showed up she inquired as to whether there is any Pandit who can lie about the Kundali of Lakshmi, her mom uncovered that she found one Pandit jee who is the senior of their family Pandit yet is only enthusiastic in bringing in cash, she gave him the cash so the Pandit jee guaranteed that he will let them know everything which they want.

Neelam informs Pandit that she was unable to contact their family. He says that they can consult Badrinath whenever they want, but he says that Rishi should stay away from even the shadow of Lakshmi because it is not good for him.

Lakshmi rings the entryway ringer, a laborer opens it referencing he recently began working here, he doesnot even let her come inside in any event, when she guarantees, he doesnot need to request consent yet he answers he would get terminated on the off chance that he doesnot ask them as Mam requested him to not permit anybody inside with counseling her, Lakshmi makes sense of that she is the genuine girl in law of this house, the specialist anyway answers he would need to ask Neelam mam, Lakshmi concurs.

Neelam gets a call from the Pandit jee who makes sense of that he is perusing the Kundali yet she demands him to come here quickly since it is dire. The worker tries to speak, but she blocks her. When she says that she told him not to let anyone in, he says that a girl is claiming to be this house’s real daughter-in-law.

Lakshmi becomes weary of standing by so chooses to check for herself, Neelam anyway cautions her to not actually step in her home, Neelam strolls to Lakshmi with colossal annoyance, Lakshmi uncovers she has come to reside with Rishi and doesnot even need anything with next to no condition except for Neelam answers she isn’t prepared to permit her to pass the finish of this house, she can’t be permitted to reside in this house.

Lakshmi turns to Dadi, but Neelam asks her how she heard that this girl wasn’t right for Rishi. Lakshmi says she came to her uncle’s house but is now saying it herself. Lakshmi says she knows Neelam is angry with her but she will stay with Rishi. Neelam refuses to let her in again, but Lakshmi asks her to hold her hand and asks her to let her

Neelam is enraged when Lakshmi starts walking into the house, so she follows her and takes the bag and throws it out of the house. She doesn’t even listen to Dadi before pulling Lakshmi’s hand out of the house, which shocks everyone.

Lakshmi tries to ring the bell once more when she hears Neelam saying that she has thrown out the Kaal with the name of Lakshmi out of this house, and now they all must see how everything turns out to be better. Neelam asks her if she remembers how she was thrown out the previous time. She claims to believe in self-respect, as her father used to tell her, but if she really does have that self-re

Lakshmi thinks back to the Oberoi Manor with massive outrage.

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