Unfortunate Love 24 may 2023 Update On Wednesday

Lamentable Love on zee world Wednesday 24th May 2023 update, Neelam likewise picks the Pinni, she eats them before Lakshmi and going to Dadi inquires as to whether she is enjoying the flavor of these Pinni yet she could have done without them, Neelam shifts focus over to her out of frustration making sense of that the tongue got severe.

Karishma additionally goes to the table taking a chomp inquiring as to whether she is cheerful, referencing she doesnot like the desserts, Aayush feels they are great yet shouts they dislike how they used to be previously, Devika and Aahana likewise eat them referencing that they are not really sweet.

When Malishka asks Lakshmi if she is making fun of her, Lakshmi stops her from eating them. Rishi also stops her from eating them because they aren’t very good. Rishi has eaten all of them by the time Lakshmi starts smiling.

Lakshmi asks him what he would like in the lunch and he replies that they own a hotel chain and have a lot of restaurants so they can make good food for him. Lakshmi rushes into the kitchen to explain that she is late because she doesn’t have enough time to prepare her husband’s lunch.

Lakshmi is making dinner when she gets the idea that this is just an excuse to be with Rishi all the time. She also remembers that Baujee is really angry with her and that she could have apologized to him and even asked for his forgiveness, but he is really angry with her and the relationship is over, so it will take a long time for things to get back to normal.

She gets a call from Shalu so makes sense of that she wants to tell her that Rab has given her a Vardhan, it is her sister since she knows regardless of whether everybody leaves her and still, at the end of the day the two of them would be with her.

Shalu makes sense of that she is the person who is significant for them since she isn’t just their sister yet additionally a companion, Lakshmi inquires as to whether she makes her close to home then she will come to her home, Lakshmi answers this is what she wants yet Shalu doesnot accept her anyway then she gets in an auto.

Lakshmi ponders Bau jee once more, and Malishka intervenes, claiming that this is the method that girls like her use because it is taught to them in their homes and that she is using them to trap Rishi.

She mentions that she is interfering in her relationship with Rishi, knowing that they both are husband and wife, she thought Malishka was bound by her feelings however she is just not a good person, she very well knows that she came to her house forcing her to sign those papers otherwise she will throw her family when Malishka asks her to stop this drama in front of her, asking if she did not hear what Virender said that no condition was not enough to force her to sign those papers. Laksh

Lakshmi responds that there is a saying in their village that Malishka can think whatever she wants and she will go to Rishi by herself. Malishka explains that even her aunt accepted that she came here for the sake of money, but she also knows that Lakshmi wanted to control this house, which is why she returned. Lakshmi asks if she is telling the truth and questions why she came here if she is sure that Rishi has no interest in her.

Malishka is impressed with her overconfidence; Lakshmi explains that even she is seeing something but is known as foolishness. Malishka exclaims in rage that Rishi ate the sweets because she threatened her with the court, and she leaves. Lakshmi asks if she is telling the truth and questions why She inquires as to why Bis Malishka is compelled to appear in court and claim that she is interfering with their relationship when everything else is fine.

She explains that Malishka is aware that the court would dismiss the divorce case because she is so well-educated and is aware that the court will only grant a divorce if the couple does not wish to remain together; however, if this is not the case, the law will remove the third party. Malishka inquires if she is threatening her, to which Lakshmi responds that she can feel anything she wants.

Lakshmi demands her to stop this for the one year after which she can allow Rishi to choose, Malishka makes sense of he adores her yet Lakshmi says that she perceived how he came to inquire as to whether she marked the legal documents, Malishka out of resentment breaks the glass yet that’s what lakshmi says in the event that she gets it done, would herself bring it from the market. Malishka leaves shouting she will see what occurs.

Aayush asks Rishi why he challenged Lakshmi because he has never had lunch at one thirty. Rishi responds that today he will have lunch, but if she is even one minute late, he will not eat her lunch. Aayush asks what will happen as a result of this, and Rishi responds that the judge will see that she is such a careless woman when he mentions that no one, especially Malishka, is happy about this

Malishka is in the room with Karishma. She tells Karishma that she is very worried because Lakshmi is challenging her. Malishka is now certain that Lakshmi has come here for money and won’t leave Rishi easily, so Karishma wonders why she is here.

Aayush enters the office while Rishi is present. He inquires as to why Rishi is signaling because he will not stop. Aayush makes sense of they have the email from Slopes resort, Rishi inquires as to whether he gave a ton of time, when Aayush questions what is he referring to since they just received the mail.

Rishi answers he is discussing Lakshmi since, supposing that she comes on time then he would need to eat it, Aayush asks what is he talking about when Rishi answers that he is truly stressed since Lakshmi prods him a great deal and he ought to say he has the lunch at 11:30, Aayush says the time is now 11:45.

When Shalu signals Lakshmi to stop cooking, she asks when she last saw her, to which she is informed that she is already in her heat. Shalu inquires about how everyone is doing, to which Lakshmi responds, “They are all really angry, but she is just worried about Malishka who will do anything to interfere in her relationship.” They are both aware that Rishi will have a very difficult week beginning tomorrow.

Malishka declares that she will do everything in her power because she is aware that Lakshmi has only come to this location for the sake of money, and Karishma does not know Rishi. He changes with Lakshmi, and she is already cooking, but Karishma suggests that she change the dish. Malishka responds that she is keeping a close eye on it, but she will make sure that Lakshmi does not arrive on time because then even Rishi

Karishma inquires about her plans, to which Malishka responds that she will see Rishi when Lakshmi arrives. Lakshmi is also certain that she will have lunch with him so that she has ample time to spend with Rishi; he can stay with one of them, and she is aware that Malishka also wants to spend time with him.

Lakshmi declares that she wants Rishi’s life, so she will stay with him. Malishka in the room is determined to drive Lakshmi away from Rishi because she loves him.

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