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Aayush sees Virender standing and asks him to explain that the project is really small so he can handle it, but Rishi replies even if it is small the project is really expensive. Aayush asks his uncle, who replies that this time he is with Rishi, and they both leave.

Malishka and Sonia are both standing when she questions what is her take, Sonia asks what is she talking about when Malishka specifies she is discussing Lakshmi and who else, Sonia answers she can’t think anything in light of how she is strolling, Sonia uncovers she is saying they need to show her the genuine spot.

Malishka answers this time Lakshmi isn’t something very similar and even she isn’t the one yet has even arranged something uncovering she will ask Karishma aunti to welcome every last bit of her companions at the kitty party when before them all she will deal with her like a worker, Lakshmi hearing their discussion imagines that she won’t stoop so exceptionally low as Malishka and do nothing off-base. Malishka says she will do her best to make Lakshmi.

Virender is with Rishi when he says that he needs to go to Mahabalveshar. Rishi says that he knew it was a big project, but Virender says that the project is small. Rishi then asks why Virender wants him to go, and Virender says that his mother wants him to leave and that he heard Rishi wants to go on his own.

Virender says that he knows Rishi really loved Malishka, but even then, he fought with her for Lakshmi and even went against his mother for Shalu. Neelam didn’t like it at all because he wanted her to start liking Lakshmi, which she did, but when he went against her, she got really mad. Virender responds that he thought when he said that Rishi loved Malishka that Rishi would stop him, but Rishi did not. Rishi asks him to say it clearly.

Yet again dadi is perched on the bed when there is somebody at the entryway, Lakshmi enters and coming to sit next to her requests that she have the medication when Dadi answers she can take them when she feels like, the laborer additionally goes into the room when Dadi begins chastening her, Lakshmi specifies she won’t leave until she has them, Lakshmi compromises saying she will proceed to tell Neelam that Dadi has been tossing the medication out of the house since the beyond four days.

Dadi declines when Lakshmi calls Neelam so Dadi eats them, Lakshmi makes sense of she figured out why she feels that Rishi is adorable at times and it is on the grounds that he is very much like her, she leaves encouraging the specialist to not leave until Dadi takes her medication.

Rishi explains that he didn’t stop him because he was talking and that he still loves Malishka. Virender responds that he didn’t mean anything, but that he will always stand by him because he is his Bau jee. Rishi then corrects himself by saying that his thoughts have changed. He used to think that someone could be happy if his wife was traditional and followed the ritual, but now he wonders if there are any girls in the world. Virender leaves

When Lakshmi enters the room, she tells Sumo that she does not understand why Rishi is behaving this way, but she will not be irritated easily. When Lakshmi receives the call from Pandit Jee, she asks him if everything is fine. Pandit Jee responds that he is so helpless and cannot even tell Neelam, who understands the seriousness of the situation, but she has blamed him for being greed

Karishma informs Neelam that she has always assessed the issue prior to their arrival, and that she is doing the same when she requests Rishi’s conversation with Virender. Karishma asks what could be more problematic than this, to which Neelam responds, “The thing that is problematic is how she is trying to control him and she does not like it at all.” Neelam says that she only thought Lakshmi had importance in his life when she was his protector, but now things have turned and she is not good for them all.

Neelam asks Virender if he talked to Rishi and if he agreed to leave. Virender says he was already planning to leave and was trying to convince Aayush that it wasn’t a big deal. Karishma says this means he will leave Lakshmi tomorrow.
When Rishi enters the room, Lakshmi bumps into him and apologizes. When he says he wants to sleep, she suggests that he only sleep on the bed. Rishi asks her if he can ask for something, but she says it doesn’t seem like a request. He says he would have ordered it differently but forgot, and she says it’s fine. He gets frustrated and says that’s what makes him angry. Lakshmi says that it’s fine.

The lights go out and she tries to leave when he stops her, but she says that everyone would be worried. He asks her to first give the answer, she explains that she has come here just for him, he says he knew it all, but Lakshmi reveals that she did not want the divorce or the court and came here for him. Rishi explains that he is also feeling something but it is wrong between them both so they cannot live in the same room, but Laksh

When Karishma enters, Malishka and Sonia are standing when Karishma explains that Rishi himself wants to leave Lakshmi. They were wrong to blame him because he himself wants to leave Lakshmi. When Karishma exclaims now for the great plan, she says that she thinks Malishka should leave with him. When she hears this, she gets really excited and says that the bad times are going to end because she will be with him alone at

Rishi responds that if he knew she would act this way after hearing the news, he would have left a while ago. Lakshmi gets really tense and asks Rishi not to leave. He says it is a business meeting and he will have to go because when the divorce is finalized, he would have to pay her a lot of money. She says he must not leave now and can postpone it for next week. Lakshmi is extremely anxious and wondering what she can do given that Pandit Jee has warned her that the bad times will begin tomorrow. She came here to protect Rishi, but he has left her, and she is extremely concerned for Rishi.

Rishi says it has gotten truly late so if all her preparation and plotting has finished so might they at any point switch out the lights since he wants to rest, he even demands on the off chance that she can help out by returning the jug which she took, she is sorry saying that she went to give Dadi her medication however he says he neglected to bring it back, Rishi begins grinning making sense of that he is back as tomorrow is at last disappearing from all the indignation and disappointment of the family which happened as a result of Lakshmi.

Lakshmi while strolling catchs Malishka so she quickly apologizes, Malishka answers she ought to say it all the more frequently as it appears to be great, Lakshmi answers she would likewise believe this to be her triumphant and not her great habits while it doesnot appear to be ideal to show her when she has aged, Malishka answers that she has proactively cautioned Lakshmi to not express things like this but rather Lakshmi answers at whatever point she considers not uttering a word wrong to her but rather she generally will in general do such things that ruin her standing significantly more when she thinks about her.

Malishka questions how could she challenge converse with her like this, addressing who is she to which Lakshmi answers Malishka very surely understands what her identity is and she isn’t considering high herself yet knows how to keep her feet on the ground which is the reason she is fought.

Lakshmi asks Malishka why she sent Karishma bua to the kitchen and mixed both dishes. She could have told Mummi jee in the hall, but this was such a heinous act that she did not feel like telling, as it proved beneficial for them since Rishi also liked her lunch and even kissed her hands.

Lakshmi asks Malishka to hate the reason behind it because she knows the reason is Rishi because she is his wife and his Malishka responds that she adheres to a different definition of marriage, which is one in which two individuals love one another. Malishka makes sense of she is going with him to Mahabalveshar with him and is appreciative that the two of them would dispose of her.

Lakshmi questions how might she go with him since she is the spouse of Rishi and will be the one to go with him, Malishka answers that she will be the one to go since he needs to do without her so for what reason is she not understanding, Lakshmi answers she is his significant other so should go with him and leaves when Malishka makes reference to now they should stand by till the morning to see who goes with Rishi to Mahabalveshar.

Rishi in the night awakens considering drinking water, when he reviews how Lakshmi apologized saying that she will bring it when Rishi thinks for what reason is his effects not where he really wants them since Lakshmi has destroyed the whole room.

He goes to chat with Sumo shouting he is happy that Sumo is as yet a single guy and he realizes they want to wed in the wake of arriving at a particular age yet after that everything is demolished anyway he is happy since tomorrow he is going to Mahabalevshar where he would get the water by only one call and he at times feels to hit Lakshmi with Sumo yet doesnot do it since he is initial a decent individual and the second he doesnot need to squander his energy on such individuals.

Rishi asks for what reason is he conversing with Sumo and should rest in any case would lash out due to Lakshmi, he goes to rests on the bed figuring he will prod Lakshmi much more, he hears her voice asking the explanation so he answers he will wheeze a ton.

Rishi gets up and asks how Sumo could talk like a girl. Lakshmi comes in and says she said it when he asked for water. She says she wants to go with him to Mahabalevshar, but Rishi throws all the water on the bed and tells her to stay one arm away from him. He will not take her with him in any event, when she is mentioning.

Lakshmi sits on the couch considering taking the counsel from Shalu yet she doesnot even answer when Lakshmi thinks how Pandit jee cautioned her to continuously remain close by, he by and by cautions how she should not actually consider accompanying him and for the last time should switch out the lights, he inclines to switch them off when she additionally hustles consenting to close them, she rests on the couch and is truly strained.

Malishka is showing the dress to Sonia who inquires as to whether she brought it from London, Malishka answers that even Rishi cherished it a great deal as he praised her like multiple times around the same time.

Sonia inquires about his reaction when she told him, to which Malishka responds, “I didn’t tell him because it will be a surprise when she informs him in the morning that she is also coming with him.” Sonia then responds, “Now Lakshmi will understand since she will know Malishka will stay with bhai.” Malishka then responds, “Now she will know who does Rishi love and take with him to the destination, when the second slap would

Yet again in the first part of the day Lakshmi awakens when she sees Rishi gathering his packs in a chaotic way when she begins mentioning him to take her with him however he denies, she makes sense of that even spouses can go with them to the work excursions when Rishi questions who told this.

Lakshmi responds that she learned about this after speaking with Malishka. When Rishi states that he would need to talk to her, Lakshmi warns him not to talk to her, but Rishi asks her to not behave like a typical wife.

She is demanding yet he dismisses so goes to sit on the couch when she sees that Shalu called her multiple times so asks why she would called, rishi answers she would have called to tell about the shade of the garments of the neighbor, Lakshmi questions for what reason is he talking like this when she didn’t ask him, he asks then was she asking Sumo who can’t talk so can not answer.

She asks how could he get to be familiar with his sentiments, Rishi begins saying since he is his cherished, lifelong companion, so he can comprehend what is Sumo thinking, she inclines attempting to smell inquiring as to whether he has had a beverage in the first part of the day, yet he answers who drinks early when she asks then for what reason is he talking such weird things, she goes to open the entryway when he says in the event that he drinks, turns into a demon,

Shalu answers he should not drink then, at that point, Rishi answers he doesnot drink yet her sister will in general bother him yet need something now, he says he needs espresso and even asks Shalu who consents to take tea, Lakshmi likewise demands to have one anyway he rejects leaving he is simply going to arrange for him and Shalu, Lakshmi doesnot figure out the importance of FYI, when Shalu uncovers the significance.

Shalu asks why Lakshmi called her in the night. Lakshmi responds that she wanted to ask what she should do because Rishi doesn’t want to take her to Mahabalevshar and his bad time is about to begin.

She is looking at something, but Lakshmi asks what she is looking at and she responds that he is really cute. Shalu responds that since this is the best, she must accompany him. Lakshmi makes sense of even Malishka is anxious to go with him yet Shalu answers she can never allow it to occur as this isn’t correct.

Shalu asks how might she have the option to stop Malishka when Lakshmi answers she has a simple way by compromising her of the court, Shalu recommend she say something very similar to Rishi who might be compelled to take her with him, Rishi promptly enters when he inquires as to for what reason did the two of them hushed up, he inquires as to whether they were discussing him when the two of them gesture in an alternate setting, he gets dubious, Shalu passes on in the wake of giving the tea to Lakshmi.

Malishka stops the vehicle and is truly energized, she takes out the pack from the storage compartment and even supposes on the off chance that she can put it in the vehicle of Rishi, it will be a considerably greater treat for him since Lakshmi won’t accompany them.

Rishi is gathering his packs, Lakshmi quickly comes to him when he makes sense of he realizes that she would think for what reason is he taking his assets when they are all present in the inn, she answers she doesnot know since she has never been to one, he inquires as to whether she forgot when he took her to Shimla. Lakshmi says that she only once went with him when they used to live in the village and then went to his uncle’s house.

Lakshmi says that she only heard about the beautiful valleys of Mahabalevshar and wants to see them. She asks if he can take her, but he immediately says no, which makes her nervous.

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