Unfortunate Love 27 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Sad Love on zee world Saturday 27th May 2023 update, Malishka goes into the house while Sonia embraces her running down the steps, Dadi inquires as to whether the two of them are felines since they are showing their joy as though they were shocked, Malishka shouts they can hear everything.

Dadi says she expressed it to cause them to hear all that in any case might have expressed it in his ears, Dadi inquires as to whether they can show how the two of them were meeting, they are moving when Karishma likewise comes saying she can perceive how they are so cheerful, Dadi makes reference to even she is blissful. When Neelam inquires about Rishi, Shalu declares that he is still packing.

Rishi is enthusiastically looking for something, Lakshmi questions what is he searching for her, he specifies he is looking for his clothing, she attempts to help him however he continues to say Nah, she answers this has turned into his best word as he continues to say it, Rishi answers he even says OK when she requests that he permit her to accompany him, he turns towards the closet saying he can’t permit her, Lakshmi makes reference to she will demand being with him yet he answers she is truly odd as he can’t find his clothing and will take off from this house regardless of whether he needs to bite the dust.

Lakshmi thinks when pandit jee cautioned her to safeguard her significant other, she begins requesting saying that she will doubtlessly go with him as this is the request for the court and the two of them need to reside with one another as a couple, she answers this is what she is talking about in light of the fact that for her the house is where her better half is residing and in the event that they are together, just will the adoration spread between them both, she remedies herself shouting she implies this is the main thing which will bring them closer yet she needs to follow the sets of the court and on the off chance that he can’t comprehend, she will call the appointed authority, he shouts he isn’t frightened of anybody however at that point Lakshmi says he should not tell her what discipline did she give him.

Rishi immediately asks her to come with him because he didn’t stop Lakshmi from calling Shalu, and he closes the suitcase in rage while Lakshmi is still laughing.

Shalu is having tea on the sofa when Malishka comes in and says that it’s really sad that she has to have tea by herself. She tells Shalu that she shouldn’t be worried because her sister will surely come with her soon and then they can have the Langer from the Gurdwara because Rishi wouldn’t have time for either of them. Shalu immediately stands when she sees Rishi and Lakshmi walking down the stairs. When Rishi says that he will bring Lakshmi along, Malishka wonders what’s going on.

She wonders if this is a joke, but he insists that she will accompany him. Neelam responds that she can go with him, but not that Lakshmi. Dadi also asks Lakshmi to take her suitcase because this is Neelam’s order and if she refuses, everything will go wrong. Rishi insists that Lakshmi go with him because of the threat, and Neelam becomes irate and turns away.

Rishi prevents Neelam from mentioning that for the next three months, he must bear Lakshmi; Neelam inquires as to whether he isn’t content with her however Rishi answers he felt that he would have the option to avoid Lakshmi yet this would be against the sets of the court and he can’t permit this in any case she knows the outcome. Neelam apologizes because she is constantly correcting him. Rishi says that he will fix everything.

She tells Shalu that she should thank Malishka because she is going with Rishi because of her, and she informs Shalu that she never thought of going with Rishi but only made it when Malishka insisted on going with her so now this is why she had decided to go with him. Malishka tries to confront Lakshmi, but Karishma stops her. Lakshmi responds that she is the one who is crossing her limits because the court does not know Shalu murmurs how maybe Rishi is coming to her leaving every other person when Lakshmi makes sense of she has come to make this family an entire and not ruin it.

Rishi asks Lakshmi not to smile and tells her to leave. However, she first asks Neelam and then Dadi to bless them with children and a bright future, which irritates everyone. She says it’s a habit.

Lakshmi and rishi leave when he pushes the bag requesting that she put it in the vehicle as this is the least, she can do, he is stunned to perceive how she can’t place it in the vehicle when he helps her however at that point she begins grinning which bothers her. They both smile when Lakshmi says she will call Shalu, she must also take care of Bani, to which Shalu replies she will irritate her but then agrees to take care of her. When Lakshmi hears Shalu hug her and ask her to spend a good honey moon with Rishi, she gets angry and is about to hit her. However, Shalu says this is not what she meant; they would be able to tell what they have in their hearts Rishi, who is enraged, is in the car with Lakshmi.

Shalu runs to Lakshmi and asks her to come out. After hugging Lakshmi, she tells Lakshmi that Malishka has placed her bags in the trunk of the car. Lakshmi goes to take them out while Rishi yells at her to hurry up. She sits in the car when he asks her why she took so long. She explains that Malishka had placed her bags in the car, but he

Shalu says that since Lakshmi went with Rishi, Malishka will have a lot of time now, so she will be able to have tea with her. Malishka is furious, but Karishma stops her, telling her that she is Lakshmi’s sister and rude, so she must come inside. Malishka explains that she will not allow them to become one because she will also follow them. Sonia asks Malishka what she is doing, but Karishma says she has no choice.

When Karishma and Sonia enter the room while Dadi is waiting for them, she is asked by Karishma why she is in Sonia’s room. Dadi responds that she has come to explain why she blessed Lakshmi. She says that this is what they have been taught since they were children that this is the blessing that should be given to a wife, and she believes that Lakshmi is really smart now that she defeated Malishka. Sonia additionally concurs saying she dislike this before as she used to be terrified of all.

Dadi answers that she has passed judgment on them all and figured out how to control their activities, she remained against every one of them and won without expressing a solitary word, Sonia doesnot comprehend, Dadi makes sense of Lakshmi made Rishi say that he is taking her with him to Mahabalveshar so they all couldn’t do anything, she has been named Lakshmi so Bhagwan generally helps her. Karishma becomes tense when Dadi says that even though she was wronged in front of everyone, she fought the battle and won without using a sword.

Dadi asks Karishma where they would find such a girl, Karishma leaves in rage, and Sonia asks what she is saying. Dadi responds that this was just a small question that enraged them.

Rishi and Lakshmi are driving when she talks for what reason is there such a lot of quietness in the vehicle as nobody is speaking, Rishi answers that since he is driving and she should be utilized to for this kind of conduct since he is going there for work so would take care of his responsibilities and rest after that while rehashing similar activity over the course of the days, Lakshmi answers he is a similar in Mumbai where he doesnot dance for her, Rishi answers she has gotten nuts.

Lakshmi says she has brought them so can give it to him in the event that he wants to eat them, he gets disturbed when she says this was only a joke, she says he is only an exhausting individual in Mumbai when Rishi answers he is like this only for her, she questions the explanation. Lakshmi tries to explain herself when he says that he does not want to listen because there cannot be any explanation for what she has done. She tries to play the music when he asks what she is doing and says that if she cannot speak, at least she can listen to a song.

He asks if he does not know the reason because he wanted to befriend her but she signed the divorce papers but did not give him the divorce. Lakshmi plays it when a weird melodies begins the radio channel, Rishi questions in the event that she hears such tunes hearing which even she transforms it at the same time, different tunes likewise disturb them both, she at long last feels great hearing a melody however quickly then transforms it understanding it is a melody of a siblings, Rishi questions what’s going on with it when she says they are a couple yet this tune isn’t intended for them, she plays the Hunumanchalis, Rishi makes reference to that he was a single guy.

Malishka is driving the car when she is really tense. She is worried that Lakshmi might try to get close to Rishi, so she is going after them to keep them apart. She is shocked to see that the fuel tank is empty, so she prays that it doesn’t end. Malishka criticizes Lakshmi, saying that it is happening because of her otherwise if she knew about her plans, she might have also done something. Lakshmi has made

Rishi and Lakshmi are in the car when it suddenly comes to a stop. She asks him what happened and he tells her that he thought they should step outside into the sun. She says that because he is also in the car with her, he doesn’t know anything and will tell her after he checks it. She says that it was a simple question and that he could have given a simple answer. She gets out of the car and sees that the tire is flat.

Yet again rishi comes out asking what does she mean, he says that he knows it and would need to change the tire, he goes to the storage compartment to take out the devices when she attempts to help him however he won’t permit her exhorting that she should stand to the side, Rishi takes out the extra tire and bows to open it, she demands to help him yet he says that it is truly troublesome and she should go to sit in the vehicle, he doesnot know where to go it.

She asserts that he would not have done it in his lifetime, to which Rishi responds that he never sought her out for life reflection. He tells Peter that he hasn’t bothered him when he leaves after receiving a call.

Lakshmi remaining next to the vehicle ponders how she would ride the farm truck in the town, she begins replacing the tire.

Malishka driving the vehicle thinks she will remain with Rishi in his room and afterward Lakshmi would feel genuinely terrible after what occurred; be that as it may, the vehicle abruptly stops due to which she feels truly aggravated as she needed to arrive at Mahabalveshar today.

Rishi returning is stunned to see that she has replaced the tire and inquires as to whether she got it done yet she sits in the vehicle, Rishi question in the event that she knows how to change it. She says that her father owned a tractor and taught her how to change a tire, and that her mother taught her how to cook.

She also says that her father taught her how to fight against society, but this is how she got these traditions.
When Malishka gets out of the car, she feels a lot of tension and wonders how she will get to Mahabalveshar because there is nothing on this path.

Rishi is sitting in the vehicle when Lakshmi questions assuming he really wants to say something, Rishi makes sense of that the two of them will remain in various room at the retreat, Lakshmi questions for what reason does he believe she should remain in the other room as the two of them are a couple and need to remain in a similar room.

When Kiran enters Malishka’s room, she is shocked to discover that her clothes are scattered throughout the wardrobe and that her suitcase is absent, as if she had left somewhere.

Malishka is strolling out and about when she is happy to see the call of her mom, she promptly requests that she send some petroleum, Kiran doesnot comprehend the reason why does Malishka need it, she answers she is going to Mahabalveshar after Rishi in light of the fact that he left with Lakshmi, Kiran doesnot comprehend the reason why did he go with her yet Malishka answers she will tell her beginning and end subsequent to returning however presently needs the petroleum as she is consuming from the sun, Kiran answers she could know somebody there who claimed a processing plant so he can help her.

Rishi hands Lakshmi a napkin as she tries to wipe her hands. When she starts smiling, he asks her not to smile. Lakshmi asks him why he started doing this to her because he says he doesn’t like her to smile. She says he used to ask her to smile.

Rishi says it was the point at which he loved her grin as she paid attention to him however she doesnot do it any longer, Lakshmi answers that she generally pays attention to him, he doesnot comprehend. She makes sense of she pays attention to him yet doesnot fundamentally submit to him, there is a distinction after which she begins chuckling.

He claims that it was a joke that didn’t work, but Lakshmi says that he can ask her anything he wants, but he can’t, like how does she know how to change a tire? He says he doesn’t care, but she agrees, so he sits back. He says he knows her father had a tractor, but she doesn’t tell him how she learned to change it.

He can ask, but he’s quiet. Lakshmi questions assuming he is truly strained as a result of her thus can request that she leave however she says that this was a joke and she won’t leave him. Lakshmi explains that the court will dissolve their marriage after three months, so she will leave him.

After hearing that she is leaving, Rishi wonders why his heart is so tense. He suggests that they turn on the music, but as she kneels to play it, he touches her face. She becomes tense as she apologizes for what happened, and when he inquires about the reason, she is unable to provide an explanation. As a result, the entire situation becomes awkward, and he gets out of the car wondering what happened to him.

Lakshmi likewise comes to him doubting in the event that all is great, he requests that she come and sit in the vehicle as they would get late. Lakshmi is tense as she sits in the car.

Malishka is out walking when a taxi driver approaches and inquires about her need for assistance. She jumps in the car with him right away. Malishka chooses to call her mom illuminating that the driver came which stresses Kiran who says that the assistance will require some investment, she demands Malishka to quickly escape the vehicle as it would cause some issue.

Malishka requests that she not over respond as she is fine with the lift which she got, she closes the bring in disappointment but at the same time is apprehensive subsequent to taking a gander at the driver she commitments to come and destroy the whole cravings of Lakshmi.

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