Unfortunate Love 7 May 2023 Update On Sunday

In the update to Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld season 2 on Sunday, May 7, 2023, Neelum rushes to Inspector Rakesh to inform him that her son is still trapped inside. The inspector responds that a lot of other people are also trapped inside and that they are doing everything in their power to help them. Neelum becomes extremely tense when the senior is informed by Inspector Rakesh that if they handed over the key, they would have time to devise a strategy.

When the reporters see Virender, they rush to him and ask if anyone from his family is trapped inside. When Virender says that it is his son, they all try to question him, but he goes back to the back of the van with the police. Virender sees the constable cleaning the gun and remembers that Neelum said he would be hurt by the Markeshdosh made of metal. He starts praying when Karishma goes to Neelum, who is crying,

Rishi takes the name of Malishka while Lakshmi has closed her eyes. The boss says they are going to kill her because he had to send someone outside to bring the keys but needs a kind of proof that he is surely going to come back. Malishka starts proving that Rishi loves her and will come to save her. The boss questions why he is making a fool of her, revealing that he purposefully gave the card to Lakshmi and even she accepts

The boss receives a call from Inspector Rakesh informing him that he is right on time, that a hostage will come out for the key, and that they should not do anything stupid. The inspector then reveals that he will give the key in exchange for the boss releasing all of the hostages, with the exception of a few. The boss responds that he is not stupid, but the inspector also refuses to send the key. The inspector then reveals that everything is built on trust, and

While Lakshmi is with Shalu when she hears a gunshot, she tries to rush back when Shalu stops her and mentions Jiju is not there because he ran away with Malishka revealing there are other people in his life but she is all that they have and has she thought what will happen to Bani as she is all alone in the house, Shalu forces Lakshmi to hide. The boss explains that they are going to play yet another game to decide

Rishi and Malishka are attempting to get in the lift when they are both gotten by the criminal who puts a firearm on their heads advance notice them to do nothing dumb, they are taken to the lobby when the manager questions where is Lakshmi and that young lady Shalu, Shipra questions what are they going to do since Rishi needs to proceed to get the key, the supervisor requests that Lakshmi return on the mike taking steps to hurt Rishi if she doesnot return, she comes pursuing being stressed for Rishi.

Lakshmi comes running down and the two of them shift focus over to Rishi, Malishka questions what is happening between them both as when she questions Rishi assuming that he cherishes Lakshmi he doesnot say anything and this is no different for Lakshmi, however what is this since they don’t understand the affection which everybody is seeing, the ruffians even shouts they have not seen a romantic tale like that of Rishi and Lakshmi.

The supervisor orders them to put the camera on Rishi, he cautions how they would be hear everything and in the event that Rishi attempts to act savvy, they will kill Lakshmi and take off, Rishi consents to do nothing idiotic, Aayush likewise demands going with Rishi since he can’t entrust anybody with his sibling, the manager shouts he is likewise an extremely weird person, he sends them both inside to get the camera put on them.

Rishi asks Aayush why he behaves this way because he can be stubborn at times. Aayush responds that he only wants to see his brother because he means the most to him. Rishi gives Aayush a hug and assures him that everything will be okay. Rishi then pulls out a card. Aayush is shocked to see it. Rishi reveals that whatever is written on the card has his feelings for Malishka. He tells Aay

Rishi is about to leave when the boss tells Aayush to stay back because Lakshmi and Shalu are all alone and might need his assistance. Aayush insists on going but is forced to stay back because he believes that god plays really strange games. However, he is glad that both Rishi and Lakshmi are coming together. In the meantime, they are going to keep the knife on the neck of Lakshmi. If he tries to act

Rishi leaves the bank, Reviewer Rakesh goes to him taking him directly to his family when the columnists shout that the proprietor of Oberi bunch has emerged from the bank and is one of the four individuals, Rishi goes to his family when they begin examining him concerning what is happening inside, the police anyway take him to the corner when Neelum promptly embraces him, Auditor Rakesh requests that his constable stay back, Dadi in the house is delighted to see that his family is protected since Rishi and Karishma emerged from the bank, they even inquiry regarding Aayush and Lakshmi, Rishi uncovers they all are still inside.

Rishi insists that he would be the one to take the key inside because he cannot leave Lakshmi, they sent him threatening to kill Lakshmi if he does not come back, but Neelum questions if he is mad because she cannot lose him and it is necessary the key is sent inside, so she goes to inspector Rakesh.

When Rishi tells Inspector Rakesh that they have sent him out to take the key inside, Neelum suddenly asks what Yogesh suggests that he would be the one to go inside since he works in the bank; Rishi questions what Yogesh is saying and he would be the only one to take it inside; Rishi assures he will be the one to leave and demands the key from Inspector Rakesh who hands it to him; Rishi stumbles from the rod when Inspector Rakesh says that if there are robbers then there are also people like him; Rishi hurries to the bank. Neelum

Lakshmi looks at the door when Rishi enters, Malishka rushes to hug him when he assures that everything is fine and nothing will happen, Rishi gives the key to the boss who orders his men to empty all of the lockers when Rishi questions what he is doing since he assured them that they were going to leave Lakshmi, and Shipra questions why he is trying to order them since he is not a member of their group. The robber The supervisor arranges her to eliminate he blade when Shalu embraces Lakshmi.

Malishka tries to interfere but is stopped when the boss reads his name and assures him that he is not a pocket thief. The boss then asks if he is famous and demands his wallet. When the boss tells Shipra in the corner that he is the owner of the hotel and might be the most useful hostage for them because if anything happens to him, Inspector Singh’s entire career would end, Shipra wonders why the boss took the wallet. Shipra also wonders what would happen if he didn’t care about Rishi and killed him just to get them.

Neelum asks Virender why he is not doing anything because she feels that this inspector is useless and would not be able to control the situation. Virender tries to tell her how he knows they will be able to do their jobs, but Neelum starts panicking informing how she is sure he would not be able to do anything. She turns to Karishma and asks her to save her son, and she even threatens to not forgive Virender if anything happens to him

After the robbers have emptied every locker in the bank, they are mesmerized to see a large diamond in one of the lockers. When they see it, they are all very excited and say that they have gotten a lot more than they expected. They take all of their belongings to the boss and say that they have found the treasure; he then asks them if they have gotten what they expected.

The robber says that he is threatening him, but this would not be helpful because he will not let go of the hostages since they are his last resort. The robber exclaims that he would not let go of any of the hostages but Inspector Singh will arrange three cars for them so they will leave with the hostages. The robber exclaims that it is the first time the police have done anything for the robbers. He calls Inspector as a friend, and Inspector Singh replies that

Inspector Rakesh walks with his men to the window that is at the backside, he climbs it when the robber calls him saying that his five minutes have ended, inspector Rakesh explains now the number five is going to prove to be unlucky for him so he must send the hostages out, however the boss exclaims he is not going to do anything for Inspector Singh who threatens to kill him but first will break the hand with which he is talking. His constable questions that the rob

Inspector believes that the robbers are not so stupid and are creating another man when the robber announces that they will leave with all of the hostages.

The robbers leave in a straight line with their heads covered and guns in their hands. Rishi is the last one to leave, and Neelum recognizes him because of his clothes. The boss walks over to inspector Rakesh and tells him to read the note. The note tells the inspector that some of the people who are holding the gun are members of his group, while others are hostages, and if he doesn’t give them the cars, then everyone will die.

Nothing would be possible for them. Assessor Rakesh is shocked, he arranges them to assume the keys and position them by the vehicles, Virender likewise takes out the keys.

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