Unfortunate Love 9 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

In the update for Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld season 2 on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, Neelam informs Malishka that the wedding was for one year, after which Rishi was either going to leave Lakshmi or marry someone else. However, Malishka was unable to live, so she forced Rishi to leave Lakshmi, and now Rishi is in the ICU. Although Lakshmi is aware that Rishi would not have been saved, Neelam explains that this is why she wants Lakshmi to come back into Rishi’s life. She only wants him to be alive because she wants him to live more than to be in love. Neelam sees Lakshmi standing in the corner, but she steps back before anyone else can see her.

When Lakshmi’s uncle pulls Rano when she insists that she does not want her to ruin their reputation, he explains that she should let Lakshmi meet Rishi. However, Rano threatens to yell if he does not leave her hand; she is going to yell that her reputation is being taken away because this is what Lakshmi is trying to do. Lakshmi walks past them without listening to anything that Rano is

Neelam enters the room with the pandit jee, the nurse says they cannot be here because it is not right, Neelam starts fighting with her exclaiming he is her son and they just need to spend some time with him because she is the mother and needs to try so he opens his eyes, the nurse leaves when Neelam requests the Pandit jee, he prays for Rishi and even performs a tilak on his forehead informing Neelam When the Pandit jee calls Neelam, he explains that the love of a mother is really powerful but they would need to perform further rituals. Neelam questions what he is saying when the Pandit jee informs Neelam that the Kaal has not left, since Lakshmi is away from Rishi so the Kaal is with Rishi. Neelam questions what they can do to end the Kaal, Pandit jee advises her to

The entryway ringer rings, Neha goes to open it and starts shouting at Lakshmi shouting they can hear it regardless of whether it is rung once, Rano questions for what reason is she hollering since Lakshmi has even got hard of hearing, Lakshmi uncle questions for what reason is she chiding Lakshmi as he realizes that something wrong has occurred and it is the explanation she is strained, Rano shouts and still, at the end of the day for what reason is he being so stressed over her, she has been the one to live with him and they lived in destitution yet he really focuses on Lakshmi, he answers he cherishes her very much like Neha and Rano ought to let her rest.

Shalu and Lakshmi enter the room together, and Lakshmi sits down next to the wall. Upon seeing her condition, Shalu becomes extremely tense and considers calling Aayush to find out what might have happened.

When the receptionist tells Virender that Lakshmi has been discharged and gone back home, Virender is shocked. When Aayush tells him that he shouldn’t be so worried because they knew Lakshmi was a fighter and got well, Virender starts breathing heavily. Now, even Rishi will be fine very soon.

Shalu calls Aayush and inquires about Rishi’s health. Aayush responds that Rishi is ill but will soon recover, but Shalu must care for Lakshmi Bhabhi. Lakshmi places her head on Shalu’s lap and declares that Rishi was correct when he told her he could only marry her.

Virender is praying in front of the Mandir. He says that he forgot his own love after seeing Neelam’s love, but now he realizes that he also loves Rishi a lot. He slapped Rishi with his own hands because Rishi wronged Lakshmi and needed to be punished. However, Maa knows what’s in their hearts, and he tells Aayush that he feels like he doesn’t have any strength because his

Malishka enters the room when Karishma informs her that it would have been better if Rishi had listened to her. Neelam responds that it would not have mattered since the Markeshdosh would have followed him, and he would have been injured even if he was in the house because Lakshmi was not with him. Malishka is in shock when Neelam responds that she is going to bring back her daughter-in-

Malishka tries to wake Rishi, telling him that Neelam aunti has decided to bring back Lakshmi and that only he can stop her. When the doctor arrives, Neelam explains that he told Rishi that Rishi needed to wake up within 24 hours. She asks the doctor how much time is left, and the doctor tells her that there are 9 hours left.

Malishka is with Rishi when the medical attendant comes addressing what she is doing in the room however she doesnot answer, the specialist likewise enters asking what is she doing, Malishka answers she is attempting to wake Rishi, the specialist illuminates this is his work so he arranges the attendant to remove her from the room, he begins actually looking at Rishi.

Malishka leaves the room, Neelam sees her from the gathering so comes to inquire as to whether he awakened and woke up, Malishka says he didn’t whenever Neelam shouts she allowed her an opportunity and presently would do what she feels like, in the event that Malishka can’t acknowledge it then can leave, the specialist comes out when Karishma inquiries regarding the wellbeing, he illuminates that Rishi’s wellbeing has deteoriated considerably more. Neelam hurries to pass on and carry Lakshmi when Malishka attempts to stop her making sense of that on the off chance that Lakshmi comes into that house, she can not enter, Neelam answers she knows however doesnot make any difference.

Malishka’s mom shouts she hung tight for this embarrassment simply because her girl loves Rishi, what was Neelam’s take of her girl, that she is only a young lady who came into her children life yet she likewise has a choice, in the event that Neelam presents to Lakshmi, her child can never come into her girls life, Neelam answers she doesnot care and her choice would continue as before, Karishma is stunned.

Neelam is walking, and Malishka is running after her. She stops apologizing for what her mother said. Neelam asks Malishka what she wants, whether Rishi should live or not. Malishka even asks Karishma not to do this because she loves Rishi. Neelam becomes frustrated and asks Malishka if she wants Rishi to live. Malishka responds that she absolutely wants him to live for her. Neelam leaves this answers all

Neelam and Karishma walk to the house of Lakshmi. When Neha opens the bell, Karishma thinks they are children. However, Neelam asks if Lakshmi is there and Neha responds, “Where can she go at this time of night?” Neelam enters the house when Neha offers them a seat, but they insist she call Lakshmi. Neelam bumps into Rano, who

Neelam calls Karishma, who opens the bag. Neelam informs Lakshmi that she brought 5 million for Lakshmi and she can count them but since it is time for the truth, she is going to reveal it, Lakshmi takes the name of Markesh Dosh, to which Neelam responds that she knows Lakshmi heard their conversation.

Lakshmi believes that Neelam accepted her Lakshmi responds that even though she was from a village, she had always been curious about how they married Rishi. She says that her sisters believed that her Bhagya was really good, but her Kundali is really good and has very strong qualities that can stop Rishi from doing Markesh dosh. She also says that Neelam believes in numerology and archaeology, so before meeting her, she got her Kundali. Neelam remembers how she

Karisham says it’s because they need her support and she needs the money. Lakshmi explains that if she is talking about money but the truth is she is already working and will earn more, Neelam explains she can think of it as a job for a year for which she is being paid, she can pay her even more for the work, it is not a problem but Lakshmi can think of it in any way, she can understand that they need her at this time for the life of her son, she is fine with it being a deal but Neelam questions for what reason is she seeing her like this since she cherishes him a great deal, Neelam makes sense of she alongside every other person can see that she saved Rishi while he was safeguarding Malishka, she actually cherishes him so can take the cash and emerge while they are hanging tight for her, Lakshmi will not accompany them.

When Sonia asks Malishka what she is doing, she tells her that she is talking about Lakshmi, Neelam went to bring Lakshmi, and she even made her feel sympathetic for her, but their relationship was saved because of her love. Sonia tells her not to worry because everything will be fine, and Malishka tells her that she is going to kill Lakshmi if she returns to their house.

She assures Neelam not to be concerned about what she is saying and tries to take Lakshmi away, but Lakshmi refuses to do anything for them. Lakshmi asks Neelam to take the money with her because she does not believe in anything and even if she did, she would not come with her. She needs to protect her sisters because she promised her parents, and Neelam is aware that she does not break her promise.

Neelam only cares about the life of her son, but what about their daughter? She knows that whenever Rishi was in trouble, Lakshmi saved his life. She also knows that he loves his niece even though he does not have a big house and does not love them like their father. They have all suffered a lot and Lakshmi has faced such a big lie. However, he vows that Lakshmi would not go with them if anything happened

Neelam questions why he is causing such a lot of show since his better half is taking a gander at the sack brimming with cash, she can perceive the amount Lakshmi loves Rishi and, surprisingly, brought such a major proposition for her yet they are just talking, she arranges Lakshmi as the mother by marriage requesting her to gather her packs, Neelam’s uncle shouts that and still, at the end of the day she wouldn’t go with them. Karishma interrupts Shalu once more to ask if she wants them to beg, to which Shalu responds that she wants respect from them and doesn’t want to treat them all like an object.

Neelam warns her to act according to her age, and she asks Lakshmi for the final time if she is going to come with her, to which she replies that only she will answer her question. Lakshmi informs Karishma that she would Lakshmi remembers that Rishi told her he loved Malishka and that Neelam told her that Rishi was going to leave Lakshmi. Lakshmi refuses to go with her because she can take back the money, but even if she can think of her as a shield to protect Rishi, her father taught her that self-esteem and honor can’t be bought. Neelam and Karishma are shocked by this.

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