Vansh & Vihaan Are Twin Brothers, Shocking Secret Reveals.


Vihaan and Ridhima have a major showdown when Vihaan exposes his real face behind the joker.

Ridhima is shocked knowing how Vihaan was actually playing games with her.

Ridhima then finds Vansh’s letter on her birthday which notes a secret.

Ridhima soon reaches to the place and is shocked by getting a photograph which has both Vansh and Vihaan.

Ridhima is shaken to realize that Vansh and Vihaan are actually twin brothers.

New challenges for Ridhima
Ridhima is facing a dilemmatic time wherein she has no clue of what Vihaan’s real motives are and if Vihaan and Vansh are really brothers.

Ridhima is surrounded by uncounted questions but no answers.

How Ridhima will overcome the most dilemmatic situation of her life where the one she trusted on is actually the one who cheated her,

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