Vansh Vihaan Twin Brother Mystery Shocks Ridhima

Riddhima was seen laying on bed closing her eyes with her head on Vansh’s lap who was stroking her head softly.

Riddhima: Vansh?

Vansh: Hmm..

Riddhima: Tell me something about your brother.

Vansh: Who vihaan?

He asked and she nodded in yess…

Vansh: He was flirty in nature but still respected every woman from bottom of his heart. He was a carbon copy of mine but without beard. We used to hangout together on every weekend. But one day our happiness got snatched from us and he died in a car accident and I being the worst brother ever was not able to save him.

He said while few tears rolled down from his eyes. Riddhima looked at him and cleaned his tears softly. Smiling at him she hugged him.

Riddhima: You are the best brother ever Vansh. And I’m sure Vihaan will be very happy seeing you happy hmm.. now come sleep.

She said and made him lay on the bed and keeping her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat she drifted to a deep slumber. He looked at her sleeping figure and smiled kissing her forehead softly he pulled her closer and drifted to the past.


Vansh was sitting on a bench waiting for Vihaan to come. After few minutes Vihaan came there and saw him engrossed in his own world of thoughts. He went towards him and patted his shoulder. Vansh looked at him and smiled.

Vansh: Vihuu kitna wait kraya yaar tune.. chal merko tujhe kuch dekhana hai.

He said and showed Riddhima’s picture to him while Vihaan looked at him confused.

Vansh: She is the love of my life my riddhima.

Vihaan was bit shocked seeing the picture and listening his words while tears were threatening to come out from his eyes.

Vihaan: Wow bro! Love and all Haan. Par yeh hua kese?

He said controlling his emotions.

Vansh: She is working in my office as my PA and then we both fell in love with each other.

He said and blushed while a lone tear rolled down from Vihaan’s eyes but he cleaned them immediately.

Vihaan: I have a work I’ll meet you in evening in VR MANSION.

Vansh nodded and Vihaan went from there to his private house. Reaching there he entered inside a dark room and switched ON the lights. The whole room was filled with Riddhima’s photos from her childhood to her teenage to her twenties. He smiled looking at the picture.

He took out his phone from his pocket and called on an unknown number.

Unknown No.: Yes boss!

Vihaan: Kill him, fail his car breaks.

Unknown No.: But who boss!

Vihaan: Vansh Rai Singhania!

UN: But boss he’s your brother! It’s wrong!

Vihaan(shouted): Do as I told you! Don’t teach me what is right & what is wrong. IS THAT CLEAR!!

UN(gulped in fear): Yes boss.

Vihaan: Good! Now fail his car breaks.

He said and declined the number. He opened his and Vansh’s picture in his phone.

Vihaan: Sorry bro but what is mine will be always mine. And who ever will try to snatch it from me will meet God bhale hi wo insaan mera bhai hi Kyun naa ho!

He said to himself and smirked.

(Me: Badi bhayankar wali obsession vihuu tumko to😝🤣🤣)

Next day:

Vansh was going to his office early. He tried to stop the car in front of his office but failed miserably and realized that the break was failed.. He called Vihaan for help.

(Me: Abb isse Kon bataye ki jisse yeh help ke liye phone kar rha hai woh hi isski jaan kaa dushman hai😏🤣)

Here Vihaan was sitting in his room with his signature smirk. He got a call from Vansh but he intentionally declined it.

Vansh tried to stop the car but at last got bumped by a tree which leads to a deadly accident. His head got hitted by the stayring and blood started oozing from his head and he died on the spot.

Vihaan sitting in his room Switched ON the TV and played news on it and smirked listening the breaking news and remembered how he bribed all the NEWS channel to tell the name of Vihaan instead of Vansh.

News Anchor:
Breaking News Mr. Vihaan Raisinghania India’s best Hacker died in a deadly accident. From our resources we get to know that he was going to his office and later got to know that his car’s breaks were failed. And he got bumped with tree which lead him to the death bed. May his soul Rest In Peace.

In Raisinghania family he made them believe that he was Vihaan who died in the accident and took Vansh’s place in VR MANSION.

After few days he got married to Riddhima. And the truth of Vansh’s death is still unknown to everyone.

Flashback Ends.

Vihaan: Sweetheart you are mine just mine and no one has any right to snatch you from me not even my own brother. It hurts when you call me Vansh not Vihaan but still I’m happy that you are with me as mine forever. My obsession is dangerous but my love is more dangerous than my obsession. And this secret will remain secret forever.

He said and smirked. He pulled her closer and pecked her lips & forehead and slept in her embrace.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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