Hey guys. We are bringing to you the video of how Nandini regain her memory finally after Bindusara pushed her from the cliff ten years back.

It all happened when Mohini decides to kill Nandini. She possesses Nandini and sends her to the cliff where Bindusara pushed Nandini earlier.

Upon reaching there, she left her body and was about pushing Nandini so that she could die in other for her to have Chandra to herself.

Chandra Nandini Update On Monday 15th March 2021

But Chandra arrives there on time to save Nandini. As a result of it, Nandini accidentally slipped from the cliff and while she was falling, Chandra gave her a hand saying he won’t allow her to die anymore.

And then Nandini remembered the scene when Bindusara had pushed her from the cliff some years back. And then she informs Chandra that she has finally regained her memory.

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Watch the video below: Nandini regain her memory


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