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It was 10years period after Nandini accepted Chandra’s love. Chandra nandini was scrapped to ten years later, what happened within those ten years period was not shown. All we saw was a grown up Bindusara. and two kids belonging to helena.

As you already know, chandra doesn’t want to stand the sight of helena, let alone going to bed with her, so it came as a surprise to see helena with two kids. There the question came. “who is the biological father of helena’s children.” people were saying it was mali,

who is the biological father of Helena’s children is yet another question that has kept chandra nandini folks in a maze. We have been able to decode this question, and in this update we are going to tell you who the biological father of Helena’s children is. And most importantly how she got pregnant and had kids.

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The biological father of helena’s kids is. come on. you don’t expect me to tell you. do you? am just kidding.

Mali is not the biological father of helena’s children. Helena wouldn’t forgive mali. so there is no way she would allow mali into her life. Over her dead body. Who then is the biological father of helena’s children?

Chandra is the biological father of Helena’s children. what happened was that. While Chandra was ignoring helena in those ten years period. Rajmata Moora didn’t like the idea, and so Moora is the one who forced chandra to go to bed with helena and have children with her.

Hadn’t it not been the intervention of moora, helena wouldn’t have given. helena should be grateful to moora for coming to her aid.


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