Who killed Ravish in Jaana Na Dil Se Door is a question that demands an answer, and here we are with that answer to the question you are asking.

Is it true that Vividha killed Ravish as she claims? Who is Ravish’s real killer? Find the answer below, but before we get to that question, let’s start from the top to the bottom of this topic.

Ravish has given the truth Serum to Kailash so that he will spill out that truth on why he is acting mad. Just as expected Kailash admitted acting and reveals to Ravish the motives behind his coming to the house. He admitted he fooled everyone.

He reveals that all these games are to take Revenge on Atharv, he also informs Ravish how he fooled everyone by hurting himself. 

But Ravish tells Kailash that he can’t separate Vividha and Atharv because they are like one soul. Meanwhile, Atharv and Vividha were away from home by them, when they got home and Upon returning home, Vividha goes upstairs. The family gets a huge shock upon finding Ravish dead.

Vividha accepted the blame for Ravish’s murder just to save the real killer. And here the question came, who then is the killer? Is Vividha the true killer? Definitely not. According to Atharv and everyone except Kangana, Vividha can never kill anyone not to talk of killing her best friend Ravish who has done a lot for the family and to Vividha in particular.

All attempts by Atharv for Vividha to reveal the true killer proved futile and then as expected and remanded by law. Vividha was arrested and remanded in police custody.

Atharv finds out that Vividha is only shielding the true killer, and he vowed to find the true killer of Ravish at all costs, and get justice for his soul.

Upon Atharv’s investigation, he found out that Vividha believed Kushi killed Ravish so that was why she took the blame upon herself. When Vividha got to know that it wasn’t Kushi who killed Ravish, she became shocked and felt cheated.

Kushi makes Atharv realized that Kailash killed Ravish. Kailash is the real killer of Ravish, the truth serum which Ravish injected into him never worked because he was wearing fake skin, so he was never unconscious. 

He masterminded the whole incidence on Kushi by putting a knife in her hand to make it seems as if she killed Kailash. For Kailash, he wanted the blame to be put on Atharv so that he spend the rest of his life in jail. That way he would have gotten his revenge.

But how do they get evidence to make Kailash face the wrath of the law? That is another question.

Atharv tried after he got to know that Ravish would have set up a camera when interrogating Kailash, so he set to find that camera which Kailash had hidden. Will Atharv and the rest of the family get the evidence from the camera?

Another person who can give evidence is Kangana who overhead Kailash revealing his plans to Ravish, but Kailash had kidnapped Kangana also, where then will the evidence come from? We will continue updating you on what will happen next on this particular topic.


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