who will catch kangana

The evil deeds of Kangana has raised suspicion among the Vashists. Ravish, Vividha, Atharv and Sujata are putting up a trap for Kangana, so her evil deeds will be brought to book. Who among these four do you think will catch Kangana?


Kangana gets killed in the upcoming episodes of Jaana Na Dil Se Door. That sounds like a piece of good news looking at what the family has gone through in the hands of Kangana; the murder of Vipul, and Kalindi. But will that be the end of the game? Not yet… There is more drama in stock.

It will be a pleasure to me to tell how Kangana got killed and what is next in her escapade, am letting the cat out of the bag too soon. Kangana was killed but she didn’t die, it’s too early for her because she is yet to accomplish her mission in the house.

So What Brought About Kangana’s Killing?

Just as Vividha and her accomplices, and these are none than Ravish and Atharv, not forgetting Sujata who is also another pillar in this drama of theirs, decided to trick Kangana so they will know her true colors, something awkward happened at the party that went on in this house.

Kangana saw this party as an opportunity to spill some blood, but then Vividha and her husband have become suspicious of Kangana and also decided to use that opportunity to know Kangana’s next move.

While the party was ongoing, Kangana went upstairs to put her plans into action, but the Vashists kept a close eye on her. Fortunately. or unfortunately, they gave Kangana drugs and she ended up falling dizzy on her bed.

When they returned to check on her, someone had sliced a knife through her throat. Who killed the killer? That’s was the question on the lips of everyone.

Meanwhile, Guddi’s hands were soiled with blood. When confronted, she explained that she was accidentally cut by the knife while working in the kitchen. Will everyone believe this, and will Guddi purposely kill Kangana? Yes, and No.

Yes, because Guddi and Kangana both had an eye on Ravish, and Guddi might have killed Kangana so the part will be clear for her to have Ravish to herself. You Know, people can do everything for love.

No, because Guddi isn’t a murderer, we all saw how she saved Atharv from Suman when she later realized Suman’s intention to kill.

But Kangana isn’t dead yet, the doctors came to treat her and it was revealed that the cut was not deep enough to drain her soul out of her body. And so she didn’t die. But who would have attempted to kill her?

Bhoomi is also another suspect in this since she is suspecting Kangana as having a hand in her husband’s death. And out of revenge, she might have tried killing her.


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