Fox Life Telenovela, You are mine is a new tv series on Eth Studios brought to you by Fox Live. Watch the first episode which premieres now..

Watch This Fox Life Telenovela Below

The next episode is coming tomorrow at exactly 10 am GMT.

Ejder, a child of a rich Bursa native family, is a young person who does not care about money. Once he have a good education, it keeps its way to the barracks to do your military service.

After his military service, Ejder, who started working in his family’s company, goes to Istanbul. He encounters Nazme with no account at all.

Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine) stars in the starring role of the famous singer Gökhan Keser and the beautiful actress Rüveyda Öksüz. Young singer Gökhan Keser had previously starred in acts such as Cennet Mahallesi and Selena.

The beautiful actress Rüveyda Öksüz was first starred in the famous TV series Ezra.

The series also includes actors such as Dila Danisman, Musa Çiçek, Burak Sergen, Seda Akman, Ruhi Sari, Güven Hokna, Umay Anadolu Kaboğlu, Composition Sail, Gizem Denizci, Birsen Drenlü and Mesut Özkeçeci.

Credit: MyghOnline


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