Zigfred Wishes Colleague Students Of UCC Best Of Luck In The Exams


Moses Zigfred Acquah, local NUGS presidential aspirant hopeful 2021 of the University of Cape Coast ( UCC ) with the teaser ZIG4NUGS – POWER, has sent a goodwill message to colleague students at the end of semester examination of the 2020/2021 academic year( first semester).

Speaking with ETH STUDIOS’ correspondent, Zigfred revealed that it is a great honor to be chosen to represent the student as a local nugs presidential aspirant.

Prior to the upcoming examination which would be held on the UCC campus, beginning from Monday 19th April 2021, the Local Nugs Aspirant Zigfred said, though the battle has not been an easy one throughout the semester, he is hopeful that his colleague students will come out with flying colors and thus wishes all UCC students preparing for the exams on Monday, the best of luck in their examination.

From the horse’s mouth, Moses Zigfred Acquah said; “You’ve studied nonstop, and now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Best Wishes with all your exams, stay positive and keep focusing on your objective. You’re almost there and we’re all hoping for the very best.”

This came shortly after a statement was issued by the Office of the Vice president of ICSAG-GHANA, extending best wishes to the Local NUGS aspirants; “Best wishes to our gallant students of UCC who are beginning their exams Monday, 19th April 2021”.

Concluding his statement, he urged all students of the University of Cape Coast to cast their votes for him(Moses Zigfred Acquah, Local NUGS President) on the election day for massive development.