Zodiac Killer: Is Gary Francis Poste Truly The Culprit? Find Out Now


The law enforcement agencies are still investigating the group’s claim that they solved the mystery regarding the Zodiac killer who is responsible for at least 5 murders in north California from from 1968 to 1969.

A team of 40 former  law enforcement investigators said they identified the suspect they believed is the Zodiac killer using new forensic evidence and information given by eyewitnesses according to their statement in a press release.

A court affidavit was also filed by the group and also got hold of pictures from the man’s former darkroom, as said by case breakers. They gave the name of the man in the release saying they believed he passed on in 2018.

Attempts by the FBI to reach the family members of the deceased are unsuccessful.

“The Zodiac killer case remains open. We have no new information to share at the moment,” the FBI said in a statement on CNN.

Thus investigation is still ongoing to find the truth regarding the groups allegations. There are no evidences yet to prove that Gary Francis Poste is truly the Zodiac killer.