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He Said He Loves Me, Now He Is Gone And I Want Him Back

Sometimes, winning back a lost lover can be even harder than finding a new one. In other cases it can be very easy. Please remember there’s no magic potion you can give your ex that will instantly make him want you. (If there is, e-mail me. I’ll buy them by the truckload).

You can’t win him back by buying him tons of presents, or by explaining to him exactly how much you love him and that you want his children…

Www.EthStudios.Net Adom TV Live

You have no element of control over his mind; so give up on the “magic words”. What you do have control over is yourself, and how attractive you are.

Here are a number of ways you can change yourself to increase your chances:

The first step, although perhaps the hardest, is that you need to distance yourself from him and control yourself.

Treat it like any another attempt at attracting someone; don’t act like you need them. You don’t. If you’re always letting them know that you still love them and that you want them back, they won’t go after you. Why would they? You’re not a challenge. They know they can have you any time they want.

It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m sure you want him more now that he’s gone, right? Maybe he will too, if you give him a chance!

Www.EthStudios.Net Adom TV Live

Flirt with other guys. Date other guys. Have sex with other guys, if you want. This will work for you in two ways; first, it will help you get over your ex. Maybe you’ll find an amazing guy. Then you won’t even NEED to get your ex back. I know you want him back, but you’ve got to be prepared to accept the loss. There’s no guarantee.

Secondly, your ex will know he no longer has control over you. He might find himself getting jealous of these other guys, because they have “his girl”. If other guys find you attractive, you’ll become more attractive in his eyes.

Just don’t manipulate and use other guys for the sole reason of getting your ex back. That isn’t fair on anyone, and it’ll come crashing down on you sooner or later. Make sure these other guys understand it’s casual fun only.

Www.EthStudios.Net Adom TV Live

Get a new, sexy look. You’ll feel more confident and he’ll see you in a whole new light. It will also fix some of the self-confidence damage from being dumped.

Don’t cave in the second he shows interest again. You don’t want to come across as needy. When he phones, don’t pick up if you’re busy. When you’re talking, don’t talk for hours; hang up after 5, 10, 15 minutes. Don’t EVER break your plans for him.

Be happy. This is very important. Always smile and laugh; even if it’s difficult at first. Positive and happy girls are extremely fun and attractive to be around. If you are dull, negative and sad all the time, he’ll know you’re still not over him and he’ll continue to steer clear.

There’s no magic trick you can do that will make him do a U turn. These are just simple laws of attraction. Even if these tips don’t bring your ex back, you’ll certainly be grabbing the attention of other men who are good for you.

Www.EthStudios.Net Adom TV Live

By being a mature, secure and independent woman you’ll show your ex that you don’t need him. That he’s a bonus in your life, but you can live without him. When he realizes he can’t have you whenever he wants, he’ll be desperate to become a part of your life again.

Warning: Your Ex Is Very Near To Having Sex With Someone Else Soon… If you do not take action now, your ex will be lost forever to someone else! I am about to share with you the secret way to get your ex crawling back to you instantly; no matter how bad the situation is. No more ignoring, no more games; from this point on your life will never be the same. You don’t want to miss this –

When your relationship has fallen apart around you, learn how to win love back before it is too late.

It is easy when you have been together for a while to take each other for granted. With everything that happens on a daily basis it can appear to happen suddenly that you have drifted apart.

Www.EthStudios.Net Adom TV Live

However winning your love back is easier than you think.

The main thing to remember with healing a relationship is that men and women think differently.

A woman will say that she loves him, and how much she needs him, but a man will look at her actions. If you are determined to learn how to win love back, then you will need look at what your actions are saying and forget about what you have said to him.

Remember the times you have been trying to tell your man how much you love him and want him to stay, what have your actions been saying to him? What he would see is that you are unhappy and hurting, and he would conclude that he was the cause of your situation. His mind then looks for a solution and comes up with removing your pain and discomfort by taking himself out of the picture.

Most men also feel very uncomfortable around someone who is emotional and miserable. So, all of the words you were saying, that you are trying to tell him that you want him, are actually driving him away.

Www.EthStudios.Net Adom TV Live

The same is true in situations when you argue or fight. You may be trying to resolve the problem but all he is seeing is that you are unhappy and that perhaps you will be better off without him. He may think that he is the cause of your problem and to stop you being so unhappy he will decide leaving will be the best for everybody. The silent treatment can have the same effect on him. Men can be quite insecure in a relationship, and when they think they are the cause of your unhappiness or anxiety they do not know how to deal with it, so they decide the simplest solution is to remove themselves and perhaps then, that will eliminate the problem.

Men are not necessarily complicated, just different and when you understand how they think then you have the key to a happy loving relationship.

For men, actions speak louder than words. They are visually oriented so that makes sense.

When you are committed to winning love back, you need to change your behavior. Your man only wants to see you happy and wants to know that you are happy when you are with him.

Therefore, the way to show him that you want him to stay is be happy when you are with him.

Change your attitude to a positive one. Build your confidence levels and know who you are and what you want out of life. When you walk into a room confident and self-assured, your man will fall in love with you all over again. When he knows you are okay within yourself and fun to be around he will want to be with you.

Www.EthStudios.Net Adom TV Live

You may not be able to change instantly so work on becoming a happier you. Remember when you first fell in love with him, you were both so happy to be together and just had a lot of fun. This happy woman was the person he fell in love with, and you can get her back again.

Do things that relax you and make you happy. Spend some time with friends or go for a walk and clear your head. Go watch a comedy and laugh. Call your man and get together for a coffee. Show him that you are changing and he will begin to remember the woman he loved and begin to fall for her again.

When you know what your man wants you can start your relationship healing, win love back and have a better relationship than before.

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