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Barrister Babu Full Story Plot

Aniruddh Roy Choudhary, a 22-year-old barrister, returns to Tulsipur, a village where his family practices zamindari, in the pre-independence era of rural Bengal, to eradicate social norms that hinder women’s advancement. Saudamini Bhaumik, his childhood sweetheart, is set to be his wife. Bondita Das, on the other hand, is a Bengali Hindu girl who is eight years old and about to turn nine. She lives with her widowed mother Sumati, her maternal uncle Sundaram, her aunt Devoleena, and her cousin Sampoorna.

Sundaram and Devoleena decided to have Bondita marry an elderly man to get money for Sampoorna’s dowries while Sampoorna married Saurabh, Aniruddh’s best friend. Aniruddh revolts against Bondita’s child marriage on the wedding day with a groom who is approximately her grandfather’s age. He even tries to get the authorities’ assistance to stop the unfair marriage, but they refuse to help. However, the elderly man suddenly passes away in the middle of the rituals, so the marriage never took place.

However, the man’s relatives and other guests believe that the marriage was done right, so they declare Bondita a widow and ask her to join Sati. Aniruddh promises Sumati that he will save Bondita. He marries her as a last resort, saving her life, after all of his other attempts to do so have failed. Aniruddh brings Bondita to his house, where his family is shocked to find him married.

Aniruddh is confused himself. Soon after, Saudamini learns about the marriage and eventually makes plans to split Aniruddh and Bondita up. Binoy, Aniruddh’s father, supported Saudamini in her evil endeavors because he believed she could fulfill his dream if Aniruddh wed her. Binoy wanted Aniruddh to settle in London and work there. Bondita, in Aniruddh’s eyes, is his responsibility rather than his wife.

Trilochan, Aniruddh’s uncle, accepts Bondita to protect their family’s reputations and begins to prepare her for her role as Roy Choudharys’ daughter-in-law, despite initial confusion. Bondita’s first issue in the home of her new in-laws was her drenching bed at night. She had been traumatized by seeing her father die from snakebite in front of her. Bondita overcomes this obstacle with the assistance of Aniruddh. Trilochan eventually falls for her and is impressed by her.

Brijwasi Babu, a con artist posing as a devotee of Lord Krishna, arrives in Tulsipur. After hearing Bondita and Sampoorna converse, he lures Bondita into helping him carry out his plan to deceive people and steal their money. Bondita’s role as a co-conspirator is made clear as the fraudster escapes. Aniruddh sends Bondita back to her mother because he believes she did this on purpose.

There, she is mistreated and even tried to kill because she is seen as dangerous because her husband left her. Soon after, Devoleena sells Bondita to a Calcutta brothel owned by Tara Bai. Bondita has already been taken to the brothel when Aniruddh discovers her mistreatment and rushes to bring her back. Aniruddh is able to locate her in Tara Bai’s brothel in Calcutta, where he enters and tries to rescue her. However, he is beaten by Tara Bai’s men and stabbed by Tara Bai herself. Aniruddh is saved in time by Saurabh. This time disguised, Aniruddh and Saurabh return to the brothel to rescue Bondita and the other brothel girls.

Trilochan, on the other hand, learns about Saudamini’s evil plans. She pushes him to keep herself from being seen, which causes him to become paralyzed from head injuries. Anirudh uncovers Saudamini’s schemes and exposes her after Aniruddh and Bondita return home. While Bondita cures Trilochan and is finally embraced by the Roy Choudhary family, she is kicked out of the Roy Choudhary mansion.

Since there was no girls’ school in the village, Aniruddh decides to admit Bondita to school. However, he needs permission from the village chief. Aniruddh goes to Sir John Greenwood, a British officer, to ask for permission. Binoy and Trilochan also come to apply for a factory and tell Aniruddh that the village’s farmers don’t want to grow indigo. They are all surprised to see Saudamini as Sir Greenwood’s newlywed wife and realize that she has cleverly tricked her husband into marrying her and hating the Roy Choudharys in order to avenge her insults and expulsion from their home.

She now goes by the name “Betty.” In front of his guests, Sir Greenwood makes fun of them and eventually challenges Aniruddh to a competition. If Aniruddh wins, he will let Bondita go to school and resign from his position so they can build their factory and the farmers won’t have to grow indigo anymore.

On the other hand, if Aniruddh loses, he will have to give up his family, his Barrister degree, and become Greenwood’s slave for the rest of his Greenwood enlists some of the arena’s most gifted and intelligent boys, while Aniruddh accepts the challenge and recruits the girls he rescued from the brothel for his team. Because Aniruddh himself prepares the girls, they overcome numerous Saudamini traps to win the competition.

Sir Greenwood leaves Tulsipur forever after his defeat. He verbally declares his separation from Saudamini when she asked to go with him. She kidnaps Bondita and locks her up in a chemical plant in retaliation. Saurabh successfully saves her after Aniruddh’s unsuccessful attempt to save her, but he dies in the process.

Aniruddh secures Saudamini’s arrest on murder and attempted murder charges. Premlal, who worked for Trilochan and blames Aniruddh for his son’s death, sets up a young girl to pretend to be Aniruddh’s late mother Shubhra’s reincarnation in order to kill him. Premlal is also sentenced to prison after Bondita uncovers his plot in time and realizes it.

In the meantime, Sundaram and Devoleena set Binoy up in a clever trap and force him to marry Sampoorna, a widow. Sampoorna eventually leaves Bondita after the marriage and starts causing problems in her life, including once taking advantage of her menstrual cycle.

Soon, Aniruddh strongly disapproves of Bondita’s decision to focus less on her studies and more on being a good wife. At the same time, he meets Manorama, a revolutionary who asks Aniruddh for a fictitious marriage out of convenience to help her with her patriotic mission.

Aniruddh initially declines her offer, but he eventually accepts it in the hope that it will also help him refocus Bondita on her studies. The strategy of Aniruddh is successful. Additionally, Manorama leaves a letter for Bondita, which alters her perception of Manorama and prompts her to inform her husband that Manorama is safe.

In support of the Child Marriage Restraint Act, Aniruddh and Bondita dissolve their marriage shortly after. Bondita’s actions anger the villagers, so they set a high price for her death. Aniruddh sends Bondita to a hostel in Siliguri so that she can stay safe and learn because he is aware that Bondita’s life is in danger in Tulsipur. However, a villager is able to kidnap her in Siliguri with the assistance of Sampoorna and Devoleena.

Bondita’s paternal grandmother, Kalindi Das aka Thaku Maa, enters the drama as Aniruddh rescues her before she dies. She takes Bondita to Krishna Nagar, a village where she has a lot of influence. She begins wreaking havoc on Bondita and Aniruddh’s lives. Later, it is revealed that she was originally going to marry Trilochan. However, one day before the wedding, she took care of a sick Trilochan, ignoring the fact that this was against the rituals.

As a result, Trilochan refuses to marry her, leaving her to hate the Roy Choudharys and remain single for the rest of her life. She plans Bondita’s wedding to Chandrachur Banerjee, but she is saved in time by a disguised Aniruddh. Aniruddh sends Bondita to London to fulfill her dream of becoming a barrister. In order to safeguard her reputation, Kalindi marries Chandrachur with Bondita’s paternal cousin Tupur. Chandrachur, who is in love with Bondita, marries Tupur despite his parents’ insistence because they were interested in Kalindi’s promised dowries.

After eight years, Bondita has grown up and become a barrister, returning to India. She first travels to Tulsipur to meet Aniruddh. By this time, people have forgotten about her, and the killing warrant that was issued against her has also been practically ignored. She discovers, to her dismay, that Kalindi and the Roy Choudharys have become sworn enemies, and that there is factionalism between Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur.

Aniruddh misses Bondita but refuses to see her because she is related to Krishna Nagar. She returns to Krishna Nagar after failing to meet Aniruddh, where Tapur informs Bondita that Aniruddh betrayed them by putting a bomb behind gifts when Kalindi had finally agreed to start a new friendly relationship with Roy Choudharys. Bondita goes to Tulsipur in the disguise of Vaijayanti to discover the truth because she refuses to believe it. She is shocked to find Binoy with mental illness.

She learns from Sampoorna that people in Krishna Nagar fed them poisoned food and then attacked them, resulting in Binoy’s mental instability. Bondita eventually manages to alter Aniruddh’s rude behavior, despite her confusion. In a twist of fate, Chandrachur actually planned another attack on Roy Choudharys, for which she is exposed and held accountable. Bondita will become a Sanyasi and travel to Kashi, as Trilochan decides.

She ends all ties with Aniruddh because he keeps quiet and doesn’t support her. Aniruddh confesses his feelings to Bondita after realizing that he has fallen in love with her and feeling guilty about it. They are successful in persuading their families to put an end to their rivalry after Bondita forgives him. They get married because their marriage is set in stone.

Chandrachur, who had been obsessed with Bondita all along, decides to molest her on their Kaal Raatri. However, when he discovers that Bondita’s paternal cousin Tapur is attempting to reveal his intentions, he molests her in order to silence her. In a twist of fate, Aniruddh accidentally pushes Chandrachur off a cliff after catching him red-handed. To preserve Tapur’s dignity, Aniruddh accepts the crime of murdering Chandrachur. Bondita advocates for Aniruddh.

She discovers the truth after conducting extensive research and encourages Tapur to testify in court; however, public prosecutor Subodh Chatterjee humiliates her, causing her to flee without giving evidence. Bondita later discovers Chandrachur’s existence and suspects Tupur’s activities. She ties him up and tries to take him to the court, but he gets away before she can. Later, he asks Bondita to accompany him to Dacca;

however, he is unaware that she has staged a fictitious Dacca, forcing him to confess to all of his wrongdoings, including the fact that he was the one who poisoned the food of Bondita and Aniruddh by hiding bombs behind their gifts. Following his confessions, Chandrachur is imprisoned for ten years. Bondita wins the case, proving Aniruddh’s innocence, and she becomes an inspiration to all of the women. Bondita and Aniruddh have finally tied the knot.

After that, Bondita is asked to represent a pregnant widowed woman in court against her in-laws. Bondita takes the case and gives a speech advocating for the remarriage of widows. Meanwhile, Batuk, Aniruddh’s younger brother, returns as an attorney after graduating from law school. Batuk was sent to Italy to avoid the conflict between Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar. He has become like Aniruddh and despises Bondita because he blames her for separating him from his family.

Bondita observes her client being dragged by her in-laws as the attendees of her speech begin to revolt. In order to save herself, she pursues them. In a twist of fate, Bondita is dragged and tossed in the middle of a storm into the river by them. Aniruddh gets there in time to save Bondita, but he disappears and is thought to be dead.

Batuk, who was also present at the time and witnessed the entire incident, tries unsuccessfully to save Aniruddh. He becomes enraged at Bondita as a result, and he tries to kill her, but he stops when he learns that she is pregnant. After Bondita gives birth, Batuk pretends to be Aniruddh to steal her child and drive her out of their house. Because he doesn’t want Bondita’s health to deteriorate from shock, Trilochan, who is unaware of Batuk’s intentions, allows him to act like Aniruddh.

Bondita’s suspicion of the fictitious Aniruddh grows with each passing day, while the real Aniruddh is revealed to be alive but paralyzed and unable to remember his address, being cared for by a man who found him.

Six months later, Bondita prevails in her legal battle against the pregnant widow. She eventually learns that Batuk is the person living with her, even though everyone thinks her husband Aniruddh is dead. She decides to go in search of Aniruddh because she thinks he is still alive, but she has to stop because she is having a baby.

Twins are born to Bondita: one girl and one boy. In the meantime, Aniruddh gets better, remembers his address, and decides to go back to Tulsipur. Batuk decides to take the twins to Italy after abducting them from the hospital. Bondita rushes back home because she is upset about her children’s disappearance, but Batuk has already locked the door and is inside getting ready to take the twins to Italy.

As Bondita begs him to return her the twins from outside, he also kept other members of his family locked up in a room inside the house. Aniruddh arrives just in time to save Bondita when Batuk tries to burn her alive with a lit matchstick from above the balcony. She spills the beans on everything that transpired during the eight months that he was not with her. Aniruddh breaks through the door and enters the house in fury.

Aniruddh slaps Batuk and kicks him out of their house after an emotional reunion with his family. Aniruddh and Bondita take their twins in front of Durga’s idol and promise that their children will become lawyers like them and overcome the evil practices of society.

Season 2: Anirudh-Bondita and their children Durga and Devi travel to Darjeeling in a car in 1942 to celebrate their children’s fifth birthday. They are overjoyed that their daughters have matured into caring sisters after seven years. Devi agrees to Durga’s request that she make a promise to her that she would never leave her, and the two of them say that they will be together forever.

When a truck approaches, Anirudh turns the car in such agony that they cause an accident, which is where the story of the two loving and caring Barristers ends. Devi remains in the vehicle despite having suffered head injuries in the terrible accident. Durga falls to the side of a bush. which causes her memory to fade.

The truck driver rushes to the scene of the accident, where he discovers that both Anirudh and Bondita have passed away, leaving behind their injured daughter. Because it was her birthday, he sees a note there. After making the self-inflicted accusations, the man takes Devi in his arms and walks away. leaving Durga in the bush, completely blacked out, behind.

Durga vividly awakens five years later when she sees a nightmare about the accident that happened five years earlier. The shanti puja of Anirudh-Bondita is today. The dream causes Durga to become so terrified that she locks herself in a cupboard. Sampoorna wakes up to find Durga hiding in the cupboard when she goes to see where she is.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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