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Intelligent and rich, Deep Raichand meets the beautiful Aarohi Kashyap at a party and falls for her, although he is already married to her look-alike Tara Raichand, a serial killer. In fact, Deep doesn’t love Aarohi, and he and Tara only want to frame Aarohi for the murders done by Tara.

When Deep tells her that he loves her (which is actually show off), she reveals about her boyfriend Vishal. Tara kills him (so that Aarohi accept Deep’s proposal) and her plan succeeds, as the shattered Aarohi marries Deep.

Due to her nature, Deep slowly begins to fall in love with her in real while she also feels the same for him. Suspecting that Deep loves Aarohi, Tara confronts him. He denies. A jealous Tara plans to kill Aarohi. To warn her, Tara murders her elder brother Aniket.

Deep’s family is in fact pretenders hired by him. Prithvi is his manager; Maya is Tara’s aunt and Sanaya is his crime partner. Aarohi learns the truth. Deep finds out and tortures her, framing her for an incident and jailing her.

2 years later

Aarohi is bailed. Deep now lives in Mumbai. Aarohi disguises as Kesari to enter his house. Tara’s mother Roma reveals Deep’s full story. He was actually an orphan Deep Raj Singh, and as Tara loved him, Roma realised only Deep can stop Tara from killing people and got the two married.

Deep gets to know Kesari is actually Aarohi, who discovers he loves and protects her, and that he sent her to jail because he didn’t want her death. On murder charges, Deep misleads the police that Tara is Aarohi and gets her arrested to apologise to Aarohi.

When Roma begs Deep for Tara’s release, he helps her. Tara returns back. She attempts to murder Aarohi after finding out what Deep did with her. Mistakenly instead of Tara, she fatally murders Roma. Deep and Aarohi decide to marry.

3 months later

Aarohi finds herself in a truck; her face has been changed. It is revealed Deep changed her face and wanted to send her out India. Aarohi returns to Mumbai and finds Deep living with Tara in Raichand mansion.

She discovers Deep was always using and never really loved her. She is pregnant with his child and wants revenge, but Deep convinces her that he loves her and that they’re trying to escape from Tara.

Tara plots to kill Aarohi and her child, making it seem like suicide. Aarohi assumes that Deep pushed her down a cliff. She loses her child and moves to a small village. Deep thinks Aarohi betrayed him and died with his child.

He begins to hate her and tries to find happiness with Tara, who feels elated as she succeeds in separating Deep and Aarohi. In the village, Aarohi meets warrior Abhimanyu who teaches her how to defend herself.

Abhimanyu enters Raichand mansion as a bodyguard to expose Deep and Tara’s horrendous acts. Aarohi fails to take revenge on Deep who again convinces her that he loves her while persuading Tara he wants to get rid of Aarohi.

A blackmailer named Mr. X who tries to control the entire Raichand family, mysteriously appears. Aarohi feels that Mr. X is Deep but cannot prove it.

A few months later after Mr. X mystery is solved, Deep is blind and works with Shera his assistant, and does big deals. When Aarohi returns, she is shocked to see Deep is blind. She tries to find out the truth and is convinced Deep is blind and innocent.

Meanwhile, Deep has married a girl who works for the police department and has come to the Raichand family to arrest Deep, who is dealing in diamonds and expensive jewellery as a white-collar criminal.

Deep’s new wife Netra is a corrupt gold-digger. Aarohi feels Deep is innocent and tries to protect him from Netra. Aarohi works as a police agent to reveal the truth behind Deep. Tara dies and her eyes are gifted to Deep, who is no longer blind. Tara, however, has not died; she returns and kills Netra. The love triangle of Deep, Aarohi, and Tara continues.

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The Blood Sisters Full Story Plot

This fictional story follows the lives of triplets, separated as infants, and the complex events that bring them together.[4] The main story line revolves around Erika Castillo, an exotic dancer in a club in Davao City. Her work as an entertainer helps provide for her son’s medical bills.

but her job exposes her to the seedy darkness and dangers of the business, and that is what happened one evening when she witnesses a waitress murder a syndicate member in the club’s private dancing room. The killer, known only as Ana Cruz quickly disappears and the syndicate is eager to retrieve a ledger they think Erika took. They send assassins to silence her.

With her life and her son’s safety at risk, Erika leaves him with her friend Bruce (Ogie Diaz) and escapes to Manila. With the help of her best friend Tonio (Ejay Falcon), she searches for “Ana” and the ledger. The assassins catch up with her in Manila, but she manages to escape and Fate hurls another woman along their path.

The woman, Carrie Almeda, is a dead ringer for Erica, and the killers mistake her for Erika. They shoot and abduct her. Meanwhile, Erika finds herself assuming her double’s identity, hiding under the safety net of Carrie Almeda’s world for a brief time.

27 years ago, a childless couple, Debbie and Norman Almeda (Dina Bonnevie and Jestoni Alarcon) hire Adele (Cherry Pie Picache), their housekeeper, to serve as surrogate mother to carry their fertilized eggs in her womb. What originally started as a Surrogacy Agreement between Adele and the couple falls through when Adele suffers a miscarriage.

With no viable fertilized eggs left for another In vitro fertilisation and desperate for a child, Norman seduces Adele and gets her pregnant again. They continue the surrogacy charade, with Debbie none the wiser, but Adele changes her mind shortly before she delivers and escapes from the Almedas. Unaware that Adele gives birth to triplets, Norman hires men to get their child back as he undertakes a search himself.

Norman tracks Adele in Davao City and takes the infant Agnes away from her arms. By a cruel twist of fate, Almeda’s men snatch the other infant, Almira, from Adele’s mother at the wet market nearby. Norman assumes his men made a mistake and notifies them that he already has the infant, so the kidnappers leave Almira in an empty carton in a garbage dump.

For the next 26 years the triplets Almira, Agnes and Agatha (all played by Erich Gonzales) live separate lives with no idea about each other. Agnes is renamed Carrie, and raised by the wealthy Almedas in Santa Rosa, Laguna and grows up in affluence. She is a sophisticated, highly educated and accomplished professional with a medical degree in obstetrics and gynecology from Sweden.

On the other hand, Almira’s life is diametrically different because the infant is abandoned in the streets, is fostered by a Tanod (a Barangay or Barrio Police Enforcer) in Davao City and grows up in extreme poverty. Almira is renamed Erika, simple and kind, but having not gone past high school, is not able to get out of the poverty she grew up in. To augment her income to meet her son’s medical needs, she works as a stripper and lives in the seedy world of criminals.

On the opposite side of their family spectrum, the third infant grows up as lost as her other siblings. While many would invariably assume that Agatha, the only infant left with Adele, was the most fortunate of the triplet, the truth is far from everyone’s assumptions.

After the kidnapping, Adele moves to Benguet with her mother and the remaining baby. Although Agatha is raised be her grandmother in middle class comfort, she resents her absent mother, who works as an OFW in Dubai for the past 26 years. Agatha grows up never lacking for material needs. She is private school educated, but she was constantly bullied by her upper class, rich classmates who looked down at her and her mother’s job as a maid.

The bullying drives her sociopathic personality to achieve a much higher status in life. Her anger increases when she meets her sisters, living in the upper echelon of society, a status she feels she was deprived. In contrast to her two sisters, Agatha is narcissistic, mean spirited, entitled, and takes her comfortable life in Baguio for granted and desires to escape to Manila for a more glamorous, upscale life.

Back in the Bermudez-Almeda mansion in Santa Rosa, Erika ends the charade when she learns that Carrie is getting married in two weeks to Dr. Samuel Hechanova, and that Carrie is an obstetrician for the Bermudez Medical Center, a large Medical and Infertility facility owned by her family. The idea that she can pretend to be an Obstetrician and gynecologist appalls her.

The siblings’ lives collide when Erika leaves the safety of Carrie’s life and runs away. That same night, in a heavily guarded location in Tanay, Rizal, Carrie wakes up from a coma and using her skills as a physician, sutures her gunshot wound and escapes her captors. Fate brings the sisters together and Carrie utilizes their medical facility to determine if they are related. A DNA test using a blood sample from Erika’s scarf confirms they are twins.

The twins return to their respective families, agreeing to keep their relationship secret while Carrie figures out the truth. Using Carrie’s private condo as their meeting place, they spend time getting acquainted and discover that despite their contrasting lives, they both share an unexplained sadness and emptiness. Erika points out Carrie’s controlling mother and cold grandmother pales in comparison to Erika’s life in the streets, a baby left in the dump without any birth certificate as she passed through the hands of several foster parents.

Meanwhile, Erika’s search for Anna Cruz leads to the morgue and a dead end, and the syndicate focuses on Erika. Carrie, on the other hand, seeks answers from her mother who finally admits to the surrogacy but knows nothing about a Multiple birth.

Carrie reveals Erika’s existence to the Almedas, who are shocked but overjoyed that they have twins. Learning that Erika’s life is in danger, she moves into the Almeda mansion with her son Jolo and friend Bruce. But life in a significantly more comfortable surrounding is not as easy as she expected. Grandmother Rosemarie and cousin Andrea are suspicious of her.

Unknown to Deborah and Norman, in a secluded estate in Batangas owned by Deborah’s family, exists a sinister secret, a luxurious facility covering for a baby farm called Paraiso.

The farm’s secret operations is run by Dr. Rosemarie Bermudez and the Solomon syndicate, the same syndicate looking for Erika and the ledger that would threaten to blow up their entire operations. Paraiso hides beneath their fertility centre, which when discovered, will complicate and imperil the triplets’ lives.

While the twins are curious to meet the woman who carried them, that project takes a back seat to Norman’s and Deborah’s desire for Erika’s immediate integration into the Bermudez-Almeda family, legally adopting Erika and her son Jolo. It is at this time that Fate hurls yet another thunderbolt. The twins discover they have a third sibling.

Adele’s world in Baguio shatters when Agatha discovers she is one of triplet siblings. Angry at her mother for keeping this information from her, Agatha escapes to Manila and finds her lost siblings but their reunion is far from happy. Despite being welcomed into the Almeda family, Agatha is not content.

She desires to own their wealthy life, a lifestyle she feels robbed of, a life she feels entitled to. Agatha’s sociopathic personality turns her against the people who love her, as she undermines her siblings and sets out to take the Almedas’ and Bermudez’ fortune and destroy them completely.

The Bermudez-Almeda family relationships disintegrate as Agatha stirs up conflict and division, when she teams up with Rocco, Fabian’s bastard. They successfully expose the Solomon syndicate and shut down Paraiso. The exposure and capture of the Solomons exposes Rosemarie’s connection with their illegal activities, effectively stripping her of her medical license, and her status in the medical industry.

While Rosemarie loses her medical license and the Solomons are in prison serving time, Agatha and Rocco take over the syndicate’s leadership. The lucrative baby farming is replaced with Child trafficking for Organ harvesting, selling children as organ donors.

They recruit an unlikely ally, Dr. Rosemarie Bermudez, who is eager to get her hands on the fortune she lost. With the growing demand for organ harvesting, the pair use Rosemarie’s doctor skills to medically screen the captive children and provide certification of their viable human organs for their international clientele.

Jolo, Erika’s son, is kidnapped by Rocco’s syndicate and then later sold to a foreigner organ buyer for his dying son. The transaction and exchange was successful and Jolo woild have been lost forever. But Erika does not give up. She fights the organ buyer with all her ferocity, uses all her street smarts, finds him, and rescues him from the syndicate.

While Jolo recovers from the trauma of his kidnapping, Erika and her family recognize the significance of Jolo’s testimony. She agrees for him to becomes a material witness against the syndicate. Erika is able to piece together the information she has gathered and connects the dots to Rocco and Agatha.

Rocco convinces Agatha to assassinate her Sister and nephew, but she loses her nerve. Rocco attempts to do it himself but shoots Carrie instead as she spots him in the window, taking the bullet meant for her sister as she tries to warn and block Carrie.

While Carrie fights for her life, Agatha is conflicted after seeing Carrie in the hospital and overhears Rocco tell Sahara he is merely playing Agatha. In retaliation, Agatha steals all their money. Meanwhile, Jolo’s testimony on the woman doctor who tends to the kidnapped children and a girl with a tattoo on her ankle leads Authorities to Dr.

Rosemarie and Agatha, and both are captured and incarcerated. He also positively identifies Rocco, who is fighting another war with the escaped convicts Solomons. All are bent on their revenges against one another, and after the money Agatha hid. They capture Agatha and torture her.

Soon after Carrie wakes up from her coma and reveals a masked man attempted to shoot Erika. Greg Solomon decides to go abroad with Ginny to keep her away from danger, leaving Fabian with his bastard son, Rocco.

Samuel finds and confronts Fabian about his father’s death and attempts to shoot him but did not have the stomach to kill. However, he tricked Patron into admitting the truth about Manuel’s death, secretly videotaped their conversation. As he escapes with Erika, he, along with Agatha are seriously wounded. During the violent shootout, Erica runs over Sahara and kills her. Rocco mourns his sister’s death.

Worrying about Agatha’s survival under Rocco’s hands, Adele finds the money Agatha hid and arranges for an exchange. Adele brings a portion of the money and offers herself as hostage for Agatha’s release. Agatha has to retrieve the rest of the money to save her mother.

Meanwhile, as Samuel lays dying in the hospital, Erika accepts his proposal to marry him. He passes away shortly. Erika, Vida and Tessa mourn his untimely death. On the other hand, Agatha asks help from Dante (Thou Reyes) to sneak into their house to get the remaining money.

The three sisters are finally reunited and on the same team. Agatha is touched by the concern and love everyone has towards her as they raised money to meet Rocco’s ransom demand, and realizes how much they loved her despite her mistakes. This was the key that turned her around.

Determined to return to Rocco to retrieve her mother who was left hostage in her place, the three sisters plan to work together. They all dress in Agatha’s persona to intentionally confuse Rocco and his father and discover both were bent on taking the money and run alone.

The two men shoot each other during the crossfire. Rocco survives, but his half brother Greg arrives in time to see Rocco mourning his father, and the two half brothers get into a fight, and Rocco kills him. After a metal beam collapses on him, Rocco is apprehended.

In the finale, the triplets celebrate their birthday in Agatha and Rosemarie’s prison cell, with Adele, Debbie, Norman, Tonyo, and Agatha’s friends. Tonyo and Carrie also announce their engagement.

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