Ajit Saves Swaran’s Life. Swaran Ghar 14 March 2024, Thursday Pt1: E15

The episode begins with Swaran thinking about Kanwal as she walks towards the lake. A girl from the neighborhood spots her and calls out for help. Ajit happens to pass by and notices Swaran in distress. Without hesitation, he drives his scooter straight into the lake. Abandoning the scooter, he rushes to Swaran’s aid. Swaran collapses on the ground. Meanwhile, Vikram inquires if anyone has seen their mother. Ajit manages to rescue Swaran just in time, but she loses consciousness. Concerned, the girl asks what happened to her, while Ajit urgently advises her to quickly hire an auto-rickshaw.

Ajit and the neighbor girl accompany Swaran back home. Aarav notices them and remarks, “Look, it’s Powerman Uncle.” Nimmo, puzzled, questions who he is carrying. Ajit instructs Neelu to fetch a towel and prepare ginger and honey tea. As Swaran regains consciousness, Ajit reassures everyone that she’s okay. Yug inquires about her whereabouts, expressing concern, while Nakul adds that they were all worried. Swaran explains that she went to the lake to see Kanwal; she felt he was smiling at her and calling her.

Nimmo questions if Swaran has lost her mind, prompting Kiran to hush her. Nimmo persists, wanting to know who the man is. Swaran confesses that she was heading towards him, but she isn’t sure what happened afterward. Ajit intervenes, explaining that she slipped and fell into the water. Vikram chides her for risking her safety by going into the lake. Nakul expresses the tension they all experienced. Kiran advises Swaran to rest. Ajit announces his departure, bidding everyone farewell before leaving.

Kiran stops Ajit and expresses her gratitude, asking if she can call him “uncle ji” since she doesn’t know his name. He introduces himself as Ajit and she thanks him. Kiran then inquires how Swaran ended up at the lake. Ajit admits he’s unsure but is thankful he arrived in time, as Swaran doesn’t know how to swim. Kiran asks how he knows this, and the neighbor girl chimes in, saying she witnessed Swaran and called for help. Ajit thanks the girl and takes his leave.

Swaran sits, tears streaming down her face. Ajit begins to read a letter to her. Confused, she asks him what he’s talking about. He continues reading the letter aloud to her. Swaran realizes she had forgotten about it. Ajit reassures her, saying he’s there to remind her. He encourages her to get up and finish the game of ludo they were playing. Swaran hesitates, saying she can’t. Ajit playfully calls her the “ludo champ” and tells her to take care before ending the call. Swaran continues to cry and eventually falls asleep. Aarav wakes her up the next morning, promising to take care of her from now on. Shortly after, Shorvori calls to inform her about Kanwal’s tervi.

Swaran tells Shorvori that she’ll call her back shortly. Concerned, Shorvori wonders how Swaran will manage alone, mentioning that her children won’t contribute anything for the tervi. She turns to prayer for guidance. Aarav chimes in, mentioning that his friends often say those with grandmothers are lucky. Swaran replies that those with grandsons like him are the truly fortunate ones. She then invites Aarav to accompany her to the place where Kanwal used to go.

Ajit instructs Neelu to prepare coffee for Swaran and suggests removing the rose pot from the room, as it reminds her of Kanwal. Neelu agrees and Swaran enters the kitchen. She starts cooking, and while there, she notices a tray with tea and a rose. This triggers memories of Kanwal, leading her to tears. Neelu reassures her that they’ll start having coffee from now on. Meanwhile, Nakul and Vikram catch the aroma of the delicious food and Vikram decides to extend his holiday. Nakul expresses his inability to stay longer than a week, mentioning their Disneyland plans. Vikram agrees and tells him to discuss it with the office. Nakul declines, opting for the Disneyland plan instead, which Vikram approves of.

Vikram suggests speeding up the process of selling the house. He shows Nakul Kanwal’s Rolex, expressing his intention to keep it as it was a gift from their grandfather. He suggests that Nakul keeps Kanwal’s leather jacket and bracelet. They agree that they need to make decisions soon. Nakul remarks on how recent Kanwal’s departure feels. Vikram proposes keeping the gold cufflinks for himself. Nakul agrees and suggests discussing selling the house with their mother. Vikram acknowledges, noting that Swaran seems to be in a better mood as she has cooked for them. Nakul adds that Swaran can’t stay upset with him, advising Vikram to remove the watch as it might upset her.

Nakul and Vikram search for food in the kitchen but find none. Meanwhile, Swaran takes Aarav to the orphanage, carrying tiffins with her. Neelu informs Ajit that Swaran has prepared food and taken it to the orphanage. Just then, Yug arrives, offering to cook, but Neelu reveals that Swaran has already made the food and left it on the dining table. Swaran waters the plants, remarking that they’re just like Kanwal, the best. Later, everyone enjoys the food that Swaran prepared.

Yug expresses his belief that Swaran loves them, while Nakul voices his concern about not knowing where she went. Vikram emphasizes that their current approach isn’t helpful. Kiran suggests that Swaran is already troubled. Nakul insists they need to discuss selling the house with her, but Vikram disagrees, stating that she’s mentally disturbed and they need to take control of the house and everything in it.

Aarav mistakenly believes a girl to be an orphan. A lady slaps her daughter and gets into an argument with Swaran. Kiran suspects someone is influencing Swaran’s thoughts…Read more

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