6 Male Insecurities Women Care Less About


So everyone’s insecure and insecurities can make you look sound and just generally seem like go really like someone you’re not, you know, but you can’t help it. You know, I, for instance, have a few insecurities I’d rather not share in this article.

But yeah, I mean, totally, everybody’s got it and it’s no surprise that a lot of men have insecurities as well. Today I’m going to be highlighting in my opinion after talking to quite a number of male friends and colleagues, the top ‘6 Male Insecurities Women Care Less About’, and I’ll be telling you why they actually shouldn’t be because the women don’t actually care. Let’s jump right in.

1. Height

Okay. Now this is a conversation I have had on several platforms, both public and private. Now, I not typically, women tend to want men who are taller. It’s just the way we’ve been brought up to look up to the men in our lives. And not just a matter of being a figure of speech, but actually physically look up to the men in our lives.

However, not all men are vertically blessed. Does that make them less desirable for some women? Yes, but trust me there are a lot more things that come into play like the woman’s age, the woman’s personality, the woman’s dreams and aspirations for instance. Now, let me break this down.

Does height matter?

Yes, it does. But in the grand scheme of things when it comes to actually landing you a decent partner, I would say no. I think heights generally impacts first impressions, but things quickly turn around for the sky if he has other positive traits that he has to show and I know that it can be a little heartbreaking for guys or for men who are vertically challenged, so to speak, you know, not too tall.

And usually their love interests are either the same height or even maybe slightly taller than them. And of course, I don’t blame you guys for feeling that way. Because a lot of women tend to say, I mean, when you ask an average woman on the street who is your ideal man in terms of physical characteristics, chances are the first thing she will say is he has to be tall, tall, tall, tall, dark and handsome.

Well then again, depends on your race, you know, and that kind of thing. But yeah, tall is usually the very first criteria doesn’t mean that all these rich not so tall men have something, or know something that we are probably oblivious to.

There might be something going there. Yes, height. Like I said, it may impact first impressions but at the end of the day, at the end of the day, does it really matter? You could be taller in other departments and boy, I think that brings a lot more to the table than height ever will. Catch my drift.

2. Having A Car

Let’s talk about this other insecurity that a lot of guys have if they do not drive a nice car. Okay, now Yeah, I know like it’s pretty fancy when you know the guy you’re dating or a guy you have eyes for actually drives in with some really badass car.

You know, one that you really really, you know, seen only in the movies pretty much. But the truth is how many average people can actually afford those kinds of rides? And that would be almost nobody. So does it mean that the average man who drives, you know, a regular car, whatever your regular maybe, cannot find love? I think that he can.

Now the actual truth of the matter is this I tend to believe that the whole ‘driving nice car‘ thing is more of a status symbol for men. It’s more for men than for women. It’s like for your own ego. You know, if you drive a nice car and you drive up to this event where all your friends are going to be there, step out of your car, that’s a bad ass social statement right there.

And I feel like a lot of men actually tried to sort of live up to that standard and that whole thing that if you drive a nice car, then it’s obvious that you are successful, right? For the most part, I believe it’s an ego thing and a lot of women don’t really care. What is the true functionality of a car? Is to get you from point A to point B, trust me. I have gone on dates where I had a nicer car than the guy who picked me up.

But did it take anything away from the date? Did it take his respect away from him? The answer was no. Because I thoroughly enjoyed those dates. And I thought that the guys were you know, awesome in their own capacity. So if you meet a woman who is being so superficial and looking at you know, the kind of car you drive to sort of come to a decision about you then she’s not a woman you want to be with anyway.

So let’s squash that, completely.

3. Bald Heads.

So bald heads. Now I’ve seen a lot of guys go through emotional torture, so to speak, the moment they begin to realize that they have a receding hairline. I think the reactions you know, and I’ve realized that a lot of men now tend to shave it all off. So you know, once they begin to see the bald patches in their heads and whatnot, they just save it all off.

Here’s the interesting thing. Both men and sort of have a lot more dominance than men with full hair. And I don’t say that in a like bad condescending way. I’m just saying that because they feel like they have no hair, a lot of them tend to from where I sit anyway, a lot of them tend to compensate in other aspects of their lives. Think about it though. What are we going to be doing with your hair?

Yeah, run your hands through his hair. I mean, if you’re marrying an African man, chances are you can’t really run your hands through his hair and there’s nothing like having a bald head than just rubbing it. So yeah, I think bald men actually have like one up on men with full hair. But let me know what you guys think. Honestly. I mean, this is like a controversial one.

But yeah, you know, I don’t think that you guys need to worry a lot about whether you have a receding hairline or not. Bald is a new sexy they say, believe it!

All right. Now let’s address the elephant in the room, number four: Let’s address the elephant in the room.

4. Does Size Matter?

Does the size of your penis actually matter? Well, I’ve spoken to quite a number of women and you would? I don’t know if you believe me, but a lot of them say, no. Yes, if you have big junk in your trunk, it’s kinda exciting to know that you know, like, Oh, this guy is packing! But guys like that, like women don’t necessarily want to be in long term relationships with guys like that.

They actually end up with, you know, the guy who is medium to average size because you know, at the end of the day, that’s what you can contain comfortably for the rest of your life as opposed to having a guy with a huge member, who, you know, that gives you a lot of discomfort during sex. So no offense to guys who have you know, big members but the truth is when it comes to long term… And ladies, if you’re reading this article, let me know if I’m just like fibbing, but you know when it comes to long term, you’re not actually looking for a guy with a really huge, huge!…

Okay, but so far as it’s not like, ‘tiny‘, like you can’t even find it, ‘tiny’. You’re alright. You’re actually alright.

5. Money

Money. Now its like they say, get money and you’ll get all the women in the world. I’ve addressed this in a couple of articles talking about how money isn’t everything. And listen, truth is right. It’s nice to have money. I’m not saying be broke. I’m not saying if you are so broke, that you can barely even put food on your table, anyone is going to be attracted to that? Of course not. I mean, you don’t even like the kind of person you are. Why do you think someone else will like you in your current state?

I’m just saying that I’m not expecting you to be able to just fly me in a private jet all across the country, no. Far from that. I just need a man who’s doing okay, like he could put food on the table. I can have the kids taken care of, we can have the kids taken care of and just meet our very basic needs and I think for a lot of women that’s really it.

You don’t have to be filthy rich to get the girl of your dreams and I’ve said that before.

6. Huge Muscles

And finally, huge muscles. So I know a lot of men who are not gym rats, you know tend to be intimidated a little bit you know. Admit it, like a little bit right? When there’re these other men in the running who have like bulging muscles and six packs and look like something out of a magazine. Here’s the other thing. They’re not in the majority.

That means that leaves about 60% of the population or more. Actually of women, 60 or 70% of the population of women are left stranded with less defined men. But does that make them less human? Less desirable? I think not. I think most women are just looking for a guy who takes good care of themselves. So you can be middle aged, you could be in your 30s, could be in your 20s. But so far as you you can you take good care of yourself physically, like, you look good.

You’re not carrying too much weight around, you know, and a lot of people think that it’s just a man thing where maybe a lot of men don’t necessarily want like oversized women or obese women. Of course there are those who like them as well. But for this case in point I’m just saying it’s vice versa.

Women also don’t tend to like men who carry on too much weight too. So yeah, I mean, these are the six insecurities, top insecurities that I think men worry a bit too much about.

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