Swaran Ghar 11 March 2024, Monday Pt1: E11

The episode begins with Ajit returning and making a promise to Kanwal. Swaran asks what promise he made, expressing her confusion. Kanwal responds by asking her to keep smiling. As he gazes at her, memories of their time together flood back to him. Swaran presses for an explanation of his behavior, prompting them to sing a song together. Suddenly, he embraces her and takes his final breath, leaving Ajit and Swaran in shock.

Meanwhile, Kiran, Vikram, and Nakul discuss Swaran and Kanwal. Kiran and Vikram suspect that Swaran might be putting on an act. In the midst of the confusion, Ajit urgently contacts the doctor and instructs Neelu to call for an ambulance, as something has happened to Kanwal. Swaran is overwhelmed with emotion and cries, while Neelu informs the doctor, mistakenly referring to the situation as good news. Swaran questions Neelu’s strange behavior, recalling Kanwal’s earlier words. Desperately, she pleads for Kanwal to wake up, promising to wear bright clothes. As Ajit checks Kanwal’s pulse, he is shocked by what he discovers.

Swaran pleads, insisting that nothing has happened to Kanwal and that he will sing again. Nakul reacts angrily, scolding his son. Kiran intervenes, urging Nakul not to take out his frustration on Aarav, emphasizing the need to understand their son. Vikram expresses his frustration, feeling that their parents don’t understand them.

Doctor Amit arrives with an injection. Swaran desperately implores Kanwal to awaken and asks Dr. Amit to examine him. Dr. Amit reassures them, saying he has the injection and Kanwal will be fine. Nakul tries calling his mother, but she doesn’t pick up. Vikram promises to inform their father about their efforts for Kanwal.

As Dr. Amit examines Kanwal, Swaran requests the injection. However, Dr. Amit delivers the devastating news, expressing regret that Kanwal has passed away. Swaran breaks down in tears, continuing to plead with Kanwal to wake up. Ajit also weeps, and Swaran is in shock, questioning whether Kanwal will never wake up to talk to her again. Ajit confirms her fears, saying no. Swaran embraces Kanwal, overwhelmed with memories and sorrow.

Nimmo calls Kiran to deliver the heartbreaking news that Kanwal has just passed away. Kiran, Nakul, and Vikram are stunned by the news. Swaran, however, refuses to accept that Kanwal has left, insisting that he built their home and has no reason to leave. Shorvori arrives, and Dr. Amit inquires if she has informed Kanwal’s family. Shorvori confirms, mentioning that his two sons live in the US and one in Mumbai. Swaran reflects on their bond, realizing it’s just the two of them now.

Nimmo visits Swaran and suggests removing the anniversary decorations, questioning their purpose now that Kanwal has passed. Swaran opposes this idea, determined to bid him a farewell filled with sorrow.

In the preview: Kanwal’s body is being prepared for the funeral, and Swaran is asked if she wants to wait for their children. Swaran becomes one of the four people carrying Kanwal’s body, a poignant moment of final farewell…Read more

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