Swaran’s Children Fight Over Property. Swaran Ghar 14 March 2024, Thursday Pt2: E16

The episode begins with Swaran caring for the children at the NGO. One of the girls politely declines Swaran’s offer, clarifying that she’s not a kid nor an orphan. Swaran apologizes, explaining that the person doesn’t know, and encourages her not to be upset and to have some food instead. Yug expresses urgency, asking not to blame him constantly. Vikram insults him, calling him useless.

Kiran inquires about Aarav’s whereabouts, and Neelu informs her that he went with Swaran. Aarav introduces himself to a girl, asking for her name. Hearing her mother approaching, the girl hides. Aarav alerts her, saying “Ginni is there.” When the lady calls for Ginni, she refuses, saying she doesn’t want to come because a child mistook her for an orphan.

The lady slaps Ginni, and Swaran, witnessing the scene, recognizes her as Nikki. Swaran addresses Nikki, who introduces Ginni as her daughter. Ginni behaves rudely and storms off in anger. Swaran remarks that it’s not the right approach to discipline children by raising hands but rather to befriend them.

Nikki comments on how Swaran’s children have grown and talk back to her. Swaran explains that as parents, it’s their responsibility to connect with their children, whether or not they respect them is up to them. Vikram compliments the tasty food, while Nakul suggests they approach their mother with love. He goes to check on her. Meanwhile, a man arrives, asking for Swaran.

Nakul informs the man that Swaran has gone out. The man introduces himself as Vikas from the insurance company. Nakul identifies himself as Swaran’s eldest son and accepts the papers from Vikas. Both Nakul and Vikram smile upon seeing the two crore insurance claim. Vikram asks if they can sign it, but Vikas explains that Swaran needs to sign the papers. Just then, Swaran returns and identifies herself as Mrs. Bedi. She invites Vikas to have a seat.

Vikas expresses his condolences for Mr. Bedi’s passing and presents the insurance papers to Swaran. Swaran requests the file from Vikram, but he reassures her that he’ll take care of it. Despite his offer, Swaran insists and checks the papers herself. She then instructs not to hand over the documents to anyone anymore. Nakul reminds her that they are her sons, but Vikas urges her to sign the papers. Vikram hands her the pen, but Swaran decides to sign them after the Tervi ceremony, not wanting to do it in front of her husband’s soul. Vikas mentions it might take time, but Swaran insists she’s not in a hurry for the insurance money and thanks him.

After Vikas leaves, Vikram expresses frustration that Swaran only needed to sign the papers. Yug asks if she knows about these matters, to which Swaran responds negatively. Vikram insists she should have signed them. Nakul reassures her that they’re there to help. Swaran recalls Kanwal’s death. Vikram tries to justify their actions by saying they had time for her now, but Swaran reminds them that they didn’t prioritize her needs when it was necessary, focusing instead on their father’s financial matters.

Nakul attempts to clarify Vikram’s statement, mentioning their inability to extend their holidays. However, Swaran understands the situation and urges them to stay back and then leave when they’re ready. She questions when they plan to depart, considering the potential increase in ticket prices and their own financial responsibilities. Swaran acknowledges their contributions towards buying the house and insists that she doesn’t want to burden them further, expressing her intention to handle things herself.

Aarav excitedly announces that he planted trees in his grandfather’s name and fed the orphans. Kiran acknowledges his efforts, mentioning that he also prepared their father’s favorite dishes and visited the orphanage. Vikram remarks that they were left with leftover food at home. Swaran interrupts, asking about the tickets. Kiran, misinterpreting her intentions, assumes she wants to send them back and retreats to the kids’ room.

There, she reminisces about her children’s childhood and becomes emotional, regretting speaking to them harshly. Kiran brings soup for Swaran and reassures her, mentioning Nakul’s deep love for her and how much he missed her during their time in the US. She encourages Swaran to forgive the children for their mistakes. Meanwhile, Nimmo brings tea for everyone.

Kiran expresses her concern that Swaran hasn’t spoken to her and suggests that Vikram should talk to the insurance agent to ensure they receive the money. Vikram mentions that their father made Swaran the nominee. Nimmo observes that Swaran isn’t listening to anyone now. Yug attributes her behavior to shock. Kiran suspects someone is influencing Swaran’s decisions. Vikram recalls Ajit, and Swaran mentions that Kanwal never mentioned the insurance. Neelu enters, and Swaran decides to cook her children’s favorite food. Shorvori admires Swaran’s kindness, while Nakul voices his concern about his mother’s mental state. Vikram suggests that she might be mentally unstable, seeing an opportunity to obtain the insurance money.

In the preview, Nakul and Vikram assure the insurance people that Swaran is mentally unstable. Later, a lawyer meets with everyone to discuss Kanwal’s will.

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