Seven (7) Signs To Know If She Wants You To Make A Move

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on seven signs to know if she wants you to make a move.

Now I know it can be really confusing. You know, half the time you’re hanging out with a girl. You’ve maybe been hanging out for a while and you really like her. But she probably has put you in the friendzone temporarily and you’re not sure if it’s the best time to make a move and sort of get the relationship rolling.

Of course, you may be that kind of guy who is not able to really talk about his feelings. You know, in Ghana, we call it POV, like you have a mouth that can’t talk when it comes to women. And you’re just basically looking for the best time to be able to ask her whether she will date you.

This article is for you, welcome.

7 Seven Signs To Know If She Wants You To Make A Move

So seven signs to know if she wants you to make a move. Now get this, you know women can be really really hard to read and sometimes mixed signals can be pretty annoying because you think you’re making progress only to find out that, no, she didn’t really like you like that.

And you’ve been placed in a friendzone all this while. Knowing the exact time to initiate a move can increase your chances of landing a relationship that you’ll actually want with this woman that you know you are interested in. So if you’ll read this article to the end, I’m going to give you seven signs starting with this one.

1. If She Locks Eyes With You.

Say at a restaurant or you guys went out together and she sort of just looks at you. You look at her and then she looks away. And it’s not that one off incident. It’s those constant repetitive times that she looks at you. I remember when I was younger. There was this boy in my class that I had a crush on and it was so cute because he would look at me I’d look at him and that’s what we used to do.

Like we’d never say anything, but just look at each other. And it was the weirdest thing. I mean, growing up now I kind of understand that we were both attracted to each other but no one really had the boldness to make the move.

Plus, growing up I was really of the opinion that you know, men should always be the ones to make the move, although I hold a slightly different opinion now. You know, now, I believe that if a woman really wants a man she should be able to make herself available to be asked out. You know what I mean? But I digress.

So back to the point. Now this is a little test that I’ll ask you to do. If you realize that every now and again ever so often your gazes meet, even if it’s for a fleeting one second. The next time it happens, hold your gaze a little longer and see if she holds her gaze for as long as you do. If she does, it’s a connection thing happening right there. She’s looking at you and you looking at her and for me, it’s really an invitation to make a move.

Whatever your move may be, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to get into a relationship with them. But it could also mean that you just want to get to know them. Alright, so make a move. If you’re able to establish eye contact for a longer period of time, it’s an invitation for you to come over. Take it from me because when a woman is not interested in a guy, trust me, he doesn’t even catch her eye.

You know, you’ll be looking at this woman all night, and she wouldn’t even notice you. She’ll just be like, you know, in her own small world, doing her thing.

2. If Her Friends Are Interested To Know About You Guys

You would find scenarios where for instance, if you are in the midst of her friends, or if you ever get to meet one of her friends on one of the outings. You’ll get a friend of hers asking you if you are interested in her.

And it’s usually a secret way for women to determine where your mind is at and whether what they’re thinking is actually true. They use their friends or they may have discussed it with their friend and their friend seems to come across you. It’s like Oh, “you guys seem to get along”.

You know what’s going on here? Like you like her you know, you’d get a random comment like that and do see this as an opportunity to jump forward because just the fact that her friend even knows that there might be something that exists between you two that is still undefined is a good thing. You know, it means they’ve spoken about you. It means that you are a person of interest and if you like her back this is a time to just go all out, put your cards on the table and let her know exactly what you’re coming in for.

Please, as a caveat, this is what I’d also say. Please pay attention to her body language as that question is being asked. Is she acting all shy and laughing and that kind of thing or is she looking at a friend and going like, really? Why would you ask her that kind of thing.

There are also those friends who do not know their limits and don’t know where to stop. You know, probably she told him that she doesn’t really like you and she doesn’t know why you’re giving her so much attention. And her friend is just being extra by going ahead to ask. So weigh the scenario yourself, before going in. And make sure that you’re not going to be a one big fool at the end of the day. Okay.

3. If She Asks You About Personal Questions

If someone isn’t interested in you, they do not care to go deeply with you, you know, beyond maybe your work, what do you do? Kind of thing. That’s pretty much all the conversation and it’s very superficial. There’s nothing indeed, and she’s not interested in getting to know you.

But once you realize that she’s beginning to ask a few more questions that maybe will be reserved for people who have known each other longer or for people who are in more meaningful relationships, then you know that you’re definitely on the right path.

I also do think that once that happens, make sure that you also ask important personal questions for yourself because after all, you will also want to get to know this lady and getting to know her will help you make a decision as to whether this is a woman you actually want to date at all or not.

Moving on to number four:

4. If She Breaks Away From Groups To Be Alone With You.

Oh my brother, that’s a score!!! Yeah, I mean, listen, if a woman doesn’t like you, she will not want to be alone with you. For starters, she doesn’t trust you. She’s not attracted to you and she definitely will not be looking for opportunities to give you a chance to draw closer.

But if she’s breaking away from the group and making herself more available to you intimately or personally, giving you guys some personal space to be able to talk, that’s an absolutely great sign.

I would say that alone time is always a good sign. And it’s always better to make a move during these one-on-one sessions where everybody else is out of earshot. Her friends are distracted doing something else and you just sort of shoot your shot because you have her full attention. She’s engaged with you and then the conversation, she’s interested in what you’re saying and she’s laughing at your jokes.

What else are you waiting for? Don’t be scared. Don’t back down and don’t let all your insecurities jump in. Put it on the back burner and just ask her whether she would want to take this relationship a little further. On the other hand, if the interest is mutual, and you find that she’s the one who’s trying to break you away from your group of friends, go for it!

I mean, that’s all you’ve ever wanted anyway. You know, that’s definitely a sign of interest and you don’t have to work too hard to get this woman to see you again.

5. When You Touch Her, She Moves Closer.

Now guys, not every communication will be verbal. Not every communication will literally come out of her mouth. You need to master body language because body language says a whole lot more than a woman will ever say.

If you reach out to touch her, not even necessarily in an intimate way and she draws closer to you of course, depending on the setting you guys are in, that could be a good sign that she wants you to make a move.

Like I said, emphasis on ‘depending on the setting you’re in‘. And I say this because let’s say you’re in a very noisy place and you’re talking to her and she can’t hear you, reason why she’s drawing closer. It may not necessarily be an invitation, maybe she just wants to hear you clearer.

And you should never misinterpret something like that to think oh, you know, she wants me to make a move and so I’m gonna just go in and smash that now. You might lose out, okay. So take note of the environment in which you’re in, the circumstances around you, what’s going on in her body language etc. And then if your intuition gives you a green light, go ahead and just smash it!

If you touch her, I would recommend that you keep your hand a little longer on her so she finds a way to take your hand off or move closer in order to give you guys some intimate space. Always be sure that what you’re actually seeing is what she’s trying to communicate.

6. If She Invites You To Her Environment

Now this my brother is an absolute plus. I mean, I do know that some women are just courteous, you know, maybe she likes you enough. She thinks you’re a cool friend. And so she’ll invite you to her space. It could be her home or some other place that is personal to her. Now, if she invites you, that space is a really good sign. It means that she trusts you enough to be alone with you in a space where nobody else is.

Where there are no distractions, and it’s just going to be you and her and if a woman does this, it means that she trusts you. And if you ask me, do not take that trust for granted by making a complete fool of yourself like thinking oh, hey, she asked me to come over so…

None of it means that “we’re going to have sex today”. No, no, if you ask me don’t even make any kind of move, sexually. You know, make her understand that you’re feeling her too, you like her too but let the gentleman in you take over. Guess what? If you do not make an attempt to get intimate, she’s actually going to be really curious and wonder what kind of guy is this.

It’s two things, she could either think that, “what kind of a loser is this?” He didn’t even make a move on me. Or she could say, “well, the guy was alone with me and he didn’t even try to like, touch me inappropriately or kiss me or anything like that”. I’d like to see him again. I feel even more comfortable. And guess what? She’s going to give you more of herself the next time, especially if she did want you to get a little more intimate than you were the first time you guys had that close encounter.

So take note of it. And make sure that you don’t ruin the whole experience the first time being around her, because you were too excited.

7. If She Keeps The Door Open For You.

Even after you thought maybe it was a missed opportunity. Maybe the first day or date was a little bit awkward. The friends around, the environment wasn’t conducive etc. And so she wasn’t really open or better yet. She was trying to figure out the kind of guy that you were and so she wasn’t really open to conversations.

However, if she leaves the door open for you by continuing to text or call you long after your first encounter, for me, it’s a sign that she wants to get to know you as well. And it’s a huge potential of something meaningful coming out of this new relationship that you may have found.

Because trust me, if a woman is not interested after your first encounter, she’s definitely not coming back to message you. Or you know, she’ll probably even delete your number. Or she’ll pick that first phone call to make sure that this is your number, the number she wants to avoid and then block you.

I’ve done that several times. I’m ashamed to say so, but some of you guys just don’t listen, and women too, that a lot as well.

I hope these tips were helpful if they were, share this article to friends and family. Thanks for reading to the end.

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