Swaran Ghar 15 March 2024, Friday Pt1: E17

The episode begins with Vikram conversing with Vikas. He expresses concern about his mother’s state, emphasizing that he’s not exaggerating, and if Vikas had been present, he would have witnessed her condition. Meanwhile, Swaran receives a phone call. Vikram highlights that she has three sons and had performed their father’s last rites, indicating her resilience. He suggests verifying his claims with others if there are doubts. As Swaran approaches, Shorvori intervenes, urging her to halt.

Swaran and Shorvori depart in the car. Vikram expresses his concerns, stating his worry about Swaran’s ability to manage the insurance and inquiring about finding a good counselor. Swaran arrives at the hospital and meets Dr. Amit, who returns the advance payment. Overwhelmed, she sheds tears. Meanwhile, Vikas converses with Nimmo and the neighbor girl, expressing concerns about Swaran’s mental stability. Shorvori urges Swaran to retrieve the necklace. Reflecting on Kanwal, Swaran decides to use the money for his Tervi and retrieve the mortgaged necklace later. Ajit overhears and becomes emotional, realizing Swaran had mortgaged her necklace.

Nakul searches for Swaran while Kiran checks the cupboard for the necklace. Vikram arrives and informs them that he has informed Vikas about their mother’s mental condition. Nakul expresses his disagreement, suggesting Vikram should not have taken this step. Vikram counters, suggesting that perhaps their father meant to convey Swaran’s mental state. Meanwhile, Ajit is en route, recalling Kanwal’s words and resolving to look after Swaran. Nakul warns against labeling their mother as mentally unstable, criticizing Vikram’s actions as driven solely by the desire for the two crore insurance payout.

Yug disagrees with Vikram’s approach. Vikram urges them to consider the consequences if their mother is deemed unstable and asks Yug to support him. He receives a call from Vikas and agrees to meet. Concerns arise about Swaran finding out. Nakul mentions that Kiran and Nimmo also believe their mother has become mentally unstable, to which Vikram agrees. Meanwhile, Ajit’s daughter-in-law receives a bank message about a withdrawal of two lakhs. Jai denies making the withdrawal, suggesting it might be his father. Shorvori reassures her that she did the right thing, but there seems to be a digit missing. Swaran reflects on Kanwal’s teachings about learning from experiences.

Shorvori reassures Swaran, expressing confidence in their upbringing and believing that they will come to realize their mistake. Swaran accepts her reassurance, stating that she trusts Shorvori’s judgment. Ajit arrives, and Shorvori departs. Ajit reminisces about Swaran’s past role in his education, and Swaran offers him tea. He inquires about her well-being, apologizing for calling late the previous night. Swaran apologizes for disconnecting the call, but Ajit brushes it off, emphasizing their long-standing friendship and his readiness to assist her if needed.

Neelu brings tea, and Ajit drinks it in his usual manner. Swaran reminisces about Kanwal’s words, commenting on Ajit’s unchanged habit. He attributes it to an old habit. Vikram, Nakul, and Yug observe the interaction. Swaran chuckles, imagining Kanwal’s reaction to Ajit’s behavior. Suddenly, a lawyer arrives, expressing condolences for Kanwal’s passing and indicating they are there to discuss his will. Swaran expresses surprise, asking about the will. Ajit mentions leaving, and the lawyer’s assistant inquires if his name is Ajit.

Ajit confirms his identity, but when the lawyer’s assistant asks for his full name, Vikram intervenes, stating that there’s no need as Ajit isn’t a family member. However, Ajit reveals his full name as Ajit Lamba, and the assistant requests him to stay. Vikram questions the necessity for Ajit to remain, but the lawyer insists that they wouldn’t have stopped him if it wasn’t necessary. The lawyer then instructs Swaran to gather all the family members.

Kiran inquires about the situation as the lawyer’s assistant begins reading Kanwal’s will. The assistant reads out a letter Kanwal wrote specifically for Swaran. Nakul, Vikram, and Yug express interest in learning about the property details. Kanwal bequeaths his bank savings, FDs, and house to Swaran. Upon hearing this, Ajit feels reassured, thinking he no longer needs to worry about Swaran. However, the assistant continues reading and reveals that Kanwal expressed concern for Swaran and included another name in the will: Ajit Lamba. This revelation shocks Swaran and everyone present.

In the preview: Nakul becomes upset with Swaran upon discovering that Kanwal appointed Ajit Lamba as their guardian, leading to a confrontation.

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