How To Earn Money In 5 Mins With The Panel Station

Today I Will teach you How To Earn money in less than 5 mins with the panel station by completing online surveys. You get paid in the easiest way with the panel station…Read more. Welcome to Eth Studios. I believe you have been looking for a way to make money online? Then this article is made for you.

What Is The Panel Station?

The panel station is a legit and trustworthy major paid survey website across the world that allows you to earn lots of rewards and I mean cash with less time and effort.

This survey Website has 1.4 million and still counting members around the world. I joined the panel station in 2019 and ever since I have always been paid huge amounts of money, but I used to exchange it for Jumia gift cards so I can use that to purchase products on Jumia. You can also join the panel station now and start making money.

How To Earn Money On The Panel Station

To be able to earn money on the panel station, you must participate in the surveys that the platform sends to you via email periodically or you can also access the surveys with THE PANEL STATION mobile app which can be downloaded on google playstore or apple store.

These surveys are conducted by organizations to know consumer opinions. Thus, the views that are recorded are for product and service recreation. Each survey will provide you with accrued rewards called “points”. And through your views, you can influence decision-making across industries.

If you think the panel station will take too much time, then you are wrong because most surveys are very short and will last just about two minutes. After which your redeemable points will be credited to your wallets, and once you reach the withdrawal threshold, your reward will be sent to you through the chosen withdrawal method.

It’s good to know that joining the panel station is free, and will take less time to register.

How To Register/Sign Up On The Panel Station 

In order to register on the panel station, you must have some basic information ready such as your name, your phone number, date of birth, and etc. Once you are done, you can start participating in surveys and earn money.

Take surveys through their website or you can download the mobile app on playstore which will be the easiest option for most people. 

Before I tell how to register let’s look;

Types of Surveys In The Panel Station

This is not a difficult task, they only ask for your opinion on a topic, and you may need to answer with a “Yes” or “No” or as provided in the options listed on the platform.

It will take just a few minutes to complete a survey. And the survey topics will be tailored to your interest on the basis of your profile. That is why it is recommended to complete your first survey on the website which has to do with your profile, and by doing so you earn reward points. The surveys are only to share your opinions on consumer products, it’s not like and exams so be real. 

How Many Reward Points Do I Get For A TPS Survey?

You will get 50 to 1000 reward points per survey depending on the topic and duration of the Survey. Once completed, the reward point you earn will be credited to your TPS account in a short while. Once you reach 3000 points you can redeem them for a gift voucher. 

Even if for a reason you are unable to complete a Survey, you will be given 20 points for free but it’s always advisable to complete the survey in order to earn the full points, you can also return back from where you left off in case you want to pause and continue later.

Do I Get The Panel Station Reward Point When I Sign Up?

Of course yes, you will be given 300 reward points when you sign up. So that means you will have just 2700 points survey to redeem the survey. This will make it easy for you to reach your point redeemable threshold so why not sign up now??

NOTE: Before signing up, when you get to the Referral code, enter this code: 6UOZ27 and win free 250 points. Don’t forget oo… If you don’t enter that code, you won’t get your free point.


Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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