How To Make A Man Love You More : Do These & He Will Never Leave You

How to make a man love you more is what every woman in love is dreaming of, most women want a magic pill that makes any guy fall deeply in love, but if you take note of these petty tips, it will work for you like magic.

Don’t try to change him

As frustrating as it can be sometimes, you  can’t really change a man. You can demand changes but he will change at the time he so wish. Men love a woman who accepts them for who they are. 

There is so much power behind a woman who inspires her man to become a better version of himself without making him feel that he needs to change.

Don’t ask him to give up his passions

Men always have something that they have a passion for. For instance, they may love taking apart and building cars. It may be part of their identity and without that, they feel lost. 

Do not ask the man you love to give up something like that or make him feel guilty for it so he spends more time with you. 

You’re all smart women, and you know by doing this it will only make him miserable. Here is the reassurance you all need sometimes- he still loves you more than you realize.

Don’t expect him to not take notice of other women

You can’t expect him not to look at another beautiful woman, just like you and I can’t ignore when we see a really good looking guy. It is a human nature to appreciate other attractive people. 

I’m not saying allowing him to openly flirt with others in front of you because that is disrespectful. Try to understand that this is normal and accept it as calmly as you can if she looks at other beautiful women.

Make things fun and light

Men do not love to be in a relationship where everything seems boring and gloomy. Make everything fun for him. This will always keep the memories you had together always at the core front of his brain, and he will never forget about you. 

Be friends with his friends

Men cherish friendship more than relationships. They see friends as their gods. This is because most men seek advice from their friends. You might know even before he approached you, his friends asked him to make such a move. Only a few men compromise friendship for relationships.

 If you always want to keep him around you, be a part of his circle, be friends with his friends. Do not disagree with his friends. 

If he is moving with a type of friend you do not like, take things slowly and make him realize it himself. 

Be humble and Respect

Don’t be the arrogant type of girl to your man. Every man wants to feel like the head of the family and the head over you, the woman. The fact that men bend to propose to a girl doesn’t mean he is compromising his respect. Every man expects respect and love from a woman and he in turn will love you. 

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
I am Gershon Selorm Sogbokey, widely known as CrownAngel, my passion for writing comes out of love for my audience and profession, I am a multitasking person, I do voice overs, video editing, writing, web designing, and vlogging. I am the General Manager of Eth Studios. Follow me on all social media platforms @Gershon Sogbokey. For inquiries, call 0547643530 or email:

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