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Why not advertise with Eth Studios? With over 100,000  subscribers on YouTube, be rest assured that your advertisement will get to the respective targets. Check our YouTube channel(Eth Studios).

Our Terms And Conditions On Ad Serving Policy/Sponsorship:

  • Sexually related Ads are prohibited on our channel.
  • No abusive or inappropriate Ad content.
  • When an Ad is submitted to Eth Studios, it will go through a vetting process of not more than 24hrs, before it can be approved to be used on any of our YouTube videos, community posts, video descriptions, pinned comments and more.
  • At any point in time, if Eth Studios finds your Ad unsuitable for our channel, we reserve the right to cancel our terms and conditions with the respective entity and subsequently take down the Advert(be it a video Ad or a flyer etc).
  • We reserve the right to make changes to our Terms and Conditions on Ad serving at any point in time. In such cases, entities entitled to Ad units on our channel shall be prompted with an email message about the new change(s).
  • Ads which come in the form of videos are entitled to not more than 30 seconds on our video timeline(for non-premium partners). If any video is submitted and we find it exceeding the maximum limit of 30 seconds, the video shall be trimmed to the maximum limit.
  • Premium partners shall have the right to submit video Ads with a maximum of 3 minutes.
    To become eligible for premium partnership, you must have worked with Eth Studios on our Ad serving policy for at least 3 months consistently.
  • Eligible Premium partners shall be emailed a new set of terms and conditions upon their request for acceptance into our Premium Partnership Program, at any time they become eligible, and shall be entitled to all the monetary terms discussed under those terms and conditions.

Ads We Accept

We accept Ads/Sponsorship from any country across the world.

We accept Ads in the form of:

  1. Flyers(an advert in the form of picture or image representations)
  2. Custom Videos
  3. YouTube videos
  4. Links(from websites etc)

Ad spots on our YouTube videos and what you must know

  • Beginning Of Video
    Ads placed at the beginning of a video on our channel are likely to perform more than Ads in other Ad spots. This is because 99.99% of video viewers, definitely watch the beginning. Therefore, Ads in this Ad spot costs a bit more than the rest.


  • Average View Duration: Ads placed in the average View Duration period are also speculated to be high performing Ads. This is because Average View Duration is simply the average time a user will spend watching a specific video. Thus, if an Ad appears in this spot, it is likely to be seen before the user clicks away to watch other videos or leave the channel, or YouTube as a whole. Nevertheless, this Ad spot costs a bit low, compared to Ads that appear at the beginning of a video.


  • Middle Of Video: Ads placed in the middle of a video, even though may not perform well as compared to the aforementioned Ad spots. But surely, who doesn’t like to skip boring video introductions and welcome-pleasantries? So you see, a lot of viewers might even skip the beginning of a video only to reach the middle!


  • End Of Video: Undoubtedly, a lot of viewers would definitely want to catch a full glimpse of a video on our channel. But while Ads placed in this spot may definitely not perform better than the aforementioned Ad spots, it is also a hot spot for advertising your content. Because a lot of YouTube viewers jump straight up to the end of a video, in order to get the full glimpse or conclusion of a video, in a short while. So advertising here is clearly recommended!

Price Tags For The Various Ad Spots On Our YouTube Channel

For 1 month :

  1. Beginning of video – ¢1,152 (USD $199)
  2. Average View Duration
    ¢862 (USD $149)
  3. Middle of video
    ¢631 (USD $109)
  4. End of video
    ¢225 (USD $39)

For 1 week

  1. Beginning of video – ¢341 (USD $59)
  2. Average View Duration
    ¢283 (USD $49)
  3. Middle of video
    ¢225 (USD $39)
  4. End of video
    ¢167 (USD $29)

For 1 day

Beginning of video – ¢58 (USD $10)

Average View Duration
¢46 (USD $8)

Middle of video
¢23 (USD $4)

End of video
¢12 (USD $2)

For Adverts or Sponsorship on our YouTube channel, kindly email us @

For further Inquiries call: +233 50 959 7270

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
I am Gershon Selorm Sogbokey, widely known as CrownAngel, my passion for writing comes out of love for my audience and profession, I am a multitasking person, I do voice overs, video editing, writing, web designing, and vlogging. I am the General Manager of Eth Studios. Follow me on all social media platforms @Gershon Sogbokey. For inquiries, call 0547643530 or email:

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