Ghana TV Stations To Stop Showing Telenovelas From 1st May 2021- Truth Revealed

Ghana Tv Stations to stop showing telenovelas

According to a blog post making rounds on social media sighted by ETH STUDIOS on celebritiesbuzz, “The Ghana National Film Authority has issued a public announcement that suggests that Telenovelas would not show on our screens from 1st May 2021”. What is the truth about this?

The communique which was signed by Sacrote Safo of the National Film authority did not made mention of telenovelas going to be banned from our screens.

According to the National Film authority, “All audiovisual contents shall be previewed and classified before exibition. “These audiovisual contents include; feature films, short films, TV series and selected Tv Programs, Documentary, Advertisement and Music videos.”

What this means is that before you show any of the aforementioned audio visuals on TV stations in Ghana, you must first submit it to the National Films Authority for approval 21days before exhibition, as continued in the communique.

“A right owner, licensee, or assignee who desires to exhibit an audiovisual content shall submit the content to the Film Classification committee for examination and classification at least twenty-one days before the intended exhibition.”

This doesn’t imply to telenovela alone, so meaning if you want to show telenovela or any TV programme(selected tv programmes) on your tv station you must first submit it to the committee for approval. When it is approved then you can go ahead to show it to the public.

This initiative is to prevent any unwanted materials that goes against our national ethics to be aired on TV stations.

Per the communique, there is no truth that telenovelas is banned on our screens.

Check the comminique below:

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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