Derek Is Poisoned. Rhodora X 21 August 2023, Monday: Ep 41

We begin this episode with Lourdes knocking on the door and calling out to Rhodora, but no answer was coming forth. She kept opening more doors and calling but to no avail. She asks Nanny if she has seen Rhodora. She worries with Derek about the whereabouts of her children. 

Angela was locked up in the room when Roxanne entered and tried to kick her but suddenly transformed to Rhodora. She tried touching a scared Angela, and also releasing her but Roxanne kept fighting her. In the office, Joaquin and his friend converse about Rhodora’s complex transformation.

He mentions how before Joaquin could distinguish between Rhodora and Roxanne and asks if he sees changes in her which he says no, and he suggests giving her time to get over it. Angela pushes Rhodora as she tries to help her. The key fell from Rhodora and just as Angela was about to pick it up, Roxanne stepped on her hands, and she screamed. 

Roxanne keeps pressing Angela’s hands asking where she thinks she is going. She beats her up and remembers how she suffers in the hands of the kidnappers. 

Roxanne goes home and baby Jane goes to her, calling her mom. She then picks her up and takes her upstairs. Derek senses something fishy. Meanwhile Angela who was still locked up struggles to break the lock and free herself. Lourdes brings juice for Derek and he mentions to her how curious he is about Rhodora’s attitude that he is sure the trauma has gotten the best of her. Meanwhile Lourdes assures him she has gotten over the trauma. 

Roxanne is smok!n near the pool and taunts Angela, just then she changes into Rhodora. Seeing the cigar, she suddenly drops it and steps on it, but lol, Roxanne steps in with her usual taunts. Rhodora keeps fighting with Roxanne to let her be. They both fight within until they fall into the pool. Rhodora keeps shouting for help. Derek sees and comes to her rescue. 

Next, Rhodora is asleep when Joaquin comes to her and wakes her up. Everyone comes to check on her. He assures her he has her best interest at heart and asks what made her fall into the pool. Rhodora remembers how she fought with Roxanne. 

He asks if she is still going through the trauma. She then hugs Derek. 

Derek tells Joaquin how Rhodora is acting weird lately. Joaquin starts thinking and confronts her. She assures him there is nothing to be worried about and they both kiss. 

Angela takes out her bra and uses the bra pin to open the handcuffs. Meanwhile Roxanne and Rhodora argue as they dress up the wound. Rhodora pleads with her not to cause trouble because everyone is worried about her. 

Derek hides and looks on as Rhodora’s car gets out of the house. She asks Nanny not to close the gate and follows her. Rhodora stops by the seaside. Derek follows her as she moves towards the container.

Angela hears Derek and calls to her. Derek hears the sound and calls Rhodora. Just then Rhoxanne enters and shuts her up. Derek follows the sound but Rhoxanne has rendered her unconscious, and cuffs her again, and covers her mouth. She leaves from there. 

She goes into her car. Derek sees her and calls her. She asks what he is doing there. Derek also asks the same and she replies it was a business proposal she came for. Derek finds everything fishy. They both then leave for the house in their separate cars. In the dressing room, Rhoxanne takes out drugs, which Rhodora asks what plan she has. She tells her no one will be able to find Angela, not even Derek. The next morning, Rhoxanne add the drugs to Derek’s wine as he was playing with baby Jane. 

Let’s see how the next episode unfolds. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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