Angela Escapes From Rhoxanne. Rhodora X Tuesday, 22 August 2023: Ep 42

The episode begins with Rhoxanne going to Angela in the container. Angela attempts to attack her and break free but Rhoxanne points a knife at her. She then hands her a newspaper which tells the news about Derek’s death. 

Angela cries and, but Rhoxanne taunts her the more and holds the knife threatening to stab her if she comes closer. She further threatened to end her mother as well. Angela begs her not to touch her and collapses. 

Flashback shows the moment Rhodora mixed Derek’s wine with drugs, and mentions how she’s going to destroy Angela with the news of her father’s death. Flashback ends as she leaves the shore. Angela picks up the newspaper paper, staring at the news she weeps the more. 

She remembers all the moments she has had with her father and family and sings with a sadness filled heart. Rhoxanne was heading back home in her car when she congratulated herself on what she had done. Angela began seeing things, she saw Derek and others calling on to her to come with them for her sorrows to end. 

She shakes her head in disapproval. Flashback shows a moment in her life where the newspaper shows the moment people died. She asks Derek where they are going and he explains to her they are going to rest. Angela wakes up and goes to the door.

 Just as she was about to get out, she bumps into Rhoxanne and pushed her. There was her light, she gets free from bondage. Rhoxanne calls to her but she was nowhere to be found. Rhoxanne gets home very upset thinking she might have gone home. She heard sound from her room and takes a flower pot.

 Just as she opens it was baby Jane in the room who shouted, mommy! Angela was walking in the dark not able to see. She has gone insane. She was in the middle of the road. Passersby saw her and asks her to leave the road. The truck stops by her and the driver shouts at Angela. Next morning, some kids gets scared of Angela who was hiding in the trash. 

Rhodora and her family are having breakfast when there was a knock at the door. It was Joaquin and grandma. The police found Angela in the trash and asked her what was wrong. Seeing the handcuffs, Angela remembers how Rhoxanne hurt her with the cuffs and pushes the police and she runs away. The kids threw stones at Angela. She calls daddy to come to her rescue.

Grandma asks how they are coping with her. As Rhoxanne hugs Joaquin she sees Angela with the police in the house in an imagination. She gets scared and shouts, they then ask her if everything is alright. Angela sees a shadow of a man and gets scared. She started running as she remembers how she was chased by Rhoxanne in the bush. The man gets hold of Angela and it was Martin Angela collapsed in his arms. 

Doctor tells Martin that Angela has lossed body water and is dehydrated, and we need to keep her hydrated. We will also give her antibiotics and pain relievers. Angela is conscious and meets the doctor who gives her prescription and asks Marti. not to put her in a closed room.

 Even the windows should be opened, and also she should be on the first floor and not the second, and if after one week she still sees nightmares from her traumatic experience, then she will have to be admitted. Rhoxanne in her room gets scared of Angela, that she might return. 

Martin goes to Angela who was asleep. He calls her but she just stares at him. He then remembers what they doctor said that he should continue talking to her even though she will seem unresponsive at first and also assuring her that she is safe. He did exactly that. 

Rhoxanne spies on Joaquin, Lourdes and Derek as they converse about her. Angela is being fed by the maind. She gives her drugs which she takes.

 Angela heard thunder blasts and began screaming. Martin receives a call from Joaquin, he tells her he has found Angela, she’s safe and would take car of her. Rhoxanne saw him and asks who he was talking with. Maid comes to Martin and informs Angela is having trauma again. Joaquin lied to Rhoxanne. Martin goes to Angela and assures that all is well. He also takes her around the house. Still Angela was having memories about her father and she cries. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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