Swaran Ghar 11 March 2024, Monday Pt2: Ep12

The episode begins with Swaran crafting a garland for Kanwal. Khushbeer and Gurpreet offer their condolences to Swaran, while Ajit reminisces about Kanwal’s words. Swaran gently covers Kanwal with a Superman cape, expressing their inseparable bond by saying, “I belong to you, and you belong to me.”

Nimmo informs Swaran that her children haven’t arrived yet, and neither have any relatives. Swaran acknowledges this, stating that it’s just the two of them now, recalling Kanwal’s earlier words. Nimmo disagrees, attributing Swaran’s sentiments to shock. However, Shorvori asserts that Swaran, as Kanwal’s wife, has the authority to decide. Gurpreet also stands by Swaran’s side. Nimmo ponders how to break the news to the children.

Ajit is troubled, wondering who will perform the final rites without Kanwal’s sons present. Despite objections from Nimmo, Swaran insists on lifting the funeral pyre herself. Nimmo questions the appropriateness of a woman carrying a funeral, but Ajit, Swaran, and others proceed with the ceremony. Ajit recalls his promise to Swaran never to leave her alone and reflects on the sudden turn of events, worrying about how she will manage by herself.

Swaran carries out the last rites for Kanwal, lighting the pyre and weeping as she prays for his soul’s peace. Ajit returns home, where his son and daughter-in-law inquire about what happened. Ajit simply tells them it was his friend’s husband who passed away, avoiding any further discussion.

Nimmo reaches out to Gurpreet, requesting a psychologist’s help. Concerned about how Nakul will react when he learns the news, Gurpreet reassures Nimmo that she won’t disclose anything to him.

Meanwhile, Swaran returns home, where nostalgic memories flood her mind as the song “Saiyyan” plays. Overwhelmed with grief, she shouts and cries.

In another scene, Ajit prepares food, and when his son and daughter-in-law inquire about it, he explains that he’s cooking for a family that can’t use their stove for a week due to mourning customs, emphasizing the depth of his connection with them. Shorvori invites Swaran to accompany her elsewhere.

Swaran expresses regret, blaming herself for waiting for her sons to return. She believes that if she had sold the house to the dealer earlier, Kanwal might still be alive today. Overwhelmed with guilt, she breaks down in tears.

Ajit and his family visit Swaran’s house. Swaran reminisces about Kanwal dressing her in white clothes and adding red colors to them. Ajit inquires about Swaran’s whereabouts, and she appears wearing a red suit.

In the preview:
Nakul, Kiran, Vikram, and Yug arrive. Kiran questions who performed the final rites, and Nimmo reveals that it was Swaran…Read more

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