Swaran Ghar 13 March 2024, Wednesday Pt2: E14

The episode begins with Nakul and Vikram confronting Swaran, accusing her of casting herself as the hero while painting them as villains. They storm off, leaving Swaran in tears, feeling misunderstood as they didn’t inquire about her well-being.

Meanwhile, Ajit serves food to everyone. Shorvori and Neelu discuss Ajit’s identity, with Nimmo mentioning that even Gurpreet and Khushbeer are unaware of him. Ajit informs them that he has given a donation to the Pandit. Balwinder asks Nimmo to get a plate for him too, prompting her to question the identity of another woman present. The woman reveals herself as Ajit’s daughter-in-law, leading Nimmo to inquire if Ajit was Kanwal’s friend.

Kiran arrives to escort Nimmo away, while Vikram talks to Jessica, venting about Swaran’s actions and expressing his frustrations.

In the kitchen, Nimmo and Kiran discuss Swaran’s behavior. Nimmo expresses concern that if Swaran doesn’t assert herself, Yug might take advantage of the situation. She urges Kiran to help bring Swaran under control. Jessica intervenes, advising Kiran to approach the situation calmly and communicate with her mother. However, Vikram remains adamant, refusing to see Swaran.

Nimmo suggests sending Aarav to Swaran. Swaran, meanwhile, reminisces about Kanwal and breaks into tears. Aarav enters, and she embraces him warmly. Swaran presents him with a sweater, but he requests the cape instead. Swaran explains that Kanwal had taken it, unaware of Aarav’s desire for it. Aarav insists on giving the sweater to her, showing his love and concern.

Aarav retrieves a dupatta and starts drawing. He questions Swaran about what is right, mentioning his dad talking about his rights. Swaran explains that those who love each other have a natural right to each other. Aarav admires her strength, calling her a “power woman,” and he places the cape on her. Swaran reciprocates by putting the sweater on Aarav.

Meanwhile, Neelu reflects on the sudden turn of events, while Yug wonders if his father was in pain before passing away. Neelu recounts that Swaran and Kanwal were singing when he peacefully passed away. Overwhelmed, Yug sings along and sheds tears.

Neelu acknowledges Ajit’s significant support for Swaran. Curious, Aarav asks who Ajit is just as Ajit enters. Neelu leaves, expressing gratitude to Ajit for bringing the tiffin. Ajit inquires if Swaran has eaten anything, to which Neelu signals no. He suggests she have something light like mithi churi and offers to prepare it himself, asking for sugar and ghee. Recalling Swaran, he notes that only one paratha is left.

Ajit approaches Swaran, urging her to stay strong as he reassures her of his support. Nimmo questions whether Ajit has left, and he encourages Swaran to eat something for Kanwal’s sake before leaving the tiffin with Kiran, who is delivering dinner to Swaran. Kiran notices Swaran crying and assumes it to be an emotional display before departing herself.

Swaran reminisces about Kanwal’s words as she sits down to eat the mithi churi. The next morning, Kiran discusses with Nakul that they can’t alter what has already transpired. Nakul protests, feeling the weight of his father’s passing and resisting any feelings of guilt. Their conversation is interrupted by Neelu’s frantic shouting.

Neelu and Yug search for Swaran, but she’s nowhere to be found. Vikram inquires about the commotion, and Neelu explains that Swaran isn’t at home, though the tiffin Ajit brought is there, indicating she was present during the night. Concerned, they ask Shorvori about Swaran’s whereabouts. Nimmo, joining the discussion, asks for clarification on what happened. Neelu discloses that Swaran is missing.

Kiran speculates that Swaran might have gone out, questioning if Neelu and Yug scolded her last night. Nakul denies it, stating they only told her the truth. Confusion reigns as they ponder where Swaran could have gone and why, while Yug grows increasingly frustrated.

Neelu considers the possibility that Ajit might have information about Swaran’s whereabouts and decides to call him. Ajit assures her that Swaran isn’t at home and that he doesn’t know where she went. He then attempts to call Swaran.

Yug blames Nakul and Vikram for speaking harshly to their mother the previous night, suggesting that their actions led to her departure. Vikram questions why they didn’t support Swaran when she needed them. Shorvori and Neelu observe the tense exchange, while Nakul urges them to cease arguing. Meanwhile, Ajit is on his way to help.

Nimmo expresses her disapproval of Swaran leaving without informing anyone, speculating that she might have gone to meet the property dealer to sell the house. As Ajit prays for Swaran’s safety, Nimmo recalls a dealer visiting their home the day before and becomes convinced that Swaran went to meet him.

Meanwhile, Swaran walks along the lake, reflecting on Kanwal’s words.

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