Elise Gets Heart Attack. Little Princess 30 August 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Ep 2

This episode begins with Adriana pushing little princess into the pool. After princess got out of the water, Masoy asked, “How did you fall inside the pond?” She replied, “Adrianna pushed me.” Masoy said, “But that’s not what she said. She said earlier that you slipped, right, Jason?” “That’s what she said,” Jason said. Princess added, “She’s a liar. I didn’t slip; she pushed me.

She’s pretty, but her attitude is ugly.” Just then, Adrianna came and said, “Are you okay? Now, next time be very careful.” As she was going, Princess broke her leg and as she was about to fall, she said, “Oh my God, sorry! Next time be very careful.” They then left. Princess said, “Did she really think I won’t get her back? Nice one sis,” Masoy said. “Good job bro,” Jason added.

She goes to the hospital to see her mum and said, “Auntie, thank you for taking good care of mum.” And she said, “That is all I can do to help.” Mother said, “How is your day dear? Did you get in the tournament?” “Yes mom,” she said. “We are so excited. I hope you win,” her mother said. “And dear, call me right away if someone tries to pick a fight with you.”

Princess remembers Adrianna and said, “No mum, I am okay, and I’ll prove to all of them that I can be bigger than them. They can’t belittle me.” Auntie said, “That’s my goddaughter, confidently beautiful without height.” Princess added, “Mother said that’s true.” “Eat now, mum, eat some more,” Princess tells her mother.

Princess was at work, playing a game and Dam was online. She remembers seeing his face when he called for the date and remembers his words, “Can I be your Prince Charming?” She sent a message to him saying, “Are you still mad at me?” Dam said, “Why should I? Why are you assuming?” Princess said, “He really is so full of himself.

He thinks that he’s all that.” She typed, “Okay, so you don’t need my apologies.” Dam said, “You should be sorry for yourself. You don’t keep your words. I pity people like you.” She said, “Don’t judge me, you don’t know me.” Dam said, “You are good at playing but you don’t have character.” Princess said, “Wow, really? Character?

What character are you talking about? And how is your character? You should look at yourself first before you judge someone else. You are just good-looking.” And she cleared that part and typed, “You are not perfect. That’s what I have to say. At least I’m honest.” Dam said. Princess said, “If you knew, I have to fight beyond online games.

I also have to deal with daily struggles, trials, and mistreatment.” But Dam left online. Then Princess said, “He’s not online anymore. He’s really rude. I had a lot to say. He’s so irritating, so annoying. Jerk! He is good-looking. What a waste.”

Jason asked Masoy, “What is Princess doing? We have to go online.” She said, “She’s almost here.” He said, “Where did she go?” “Your mum asked her to do something,” Masoy said. “Dang, my mum is unbelievable!” He sees a countdown of the Magic Legends elimination round which starts in less than 3 minutes and said, “It’s almost late.

If you don’t get there in the game in 3 minutes, we will be eliminated.” Masoy said, “Why can’t you just get on with the game ourselves?” Jason said, “What are you saying? Princess is our best player. She’s the one who keeps us alive in the game. Oh yeah, where is she now?”

And then Princess appears. They asked, “What took you so long? We are late! Come on, we are doing this for mum, right? This is for Aunt Elise. You should be here early. Hurry up, we need to go online.” But Princess said, “Wait, wait, just chill. I am Princess Warrior, and I got this. Come on, hurry up. You are so slow. Hurry, come on.”

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