Little Princess On Adom TV: 30 August 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Ep 2

Little Princess On Adom TV begins with Elise being admitted to the hospital. When she wakes up, Princess asks, “How are you feeling?” And she asked, “What did the doctor say about what happened to her?”

“Mum, they said you had a heart attack. They said you’ve been through a lot of stress, so you need to get some rest and get observed.”

Elise asked, “So we have to stay back here longer? How are you going to pay the bills today?”

“I will take care of it tomorrow, don’t worry,” Princess said.

Her mother replied, “You were always there, you take on everything. I am sorry, dear.”

“It’s okay, Mum. I got this,” Princess said. “Don’t worry about the expenses, okay? What’s important is for you to get better. Because you and my son are my only family. I don’t have a father. I can’t bear to lose you too. So don’t worry about the expenses. I will ask for advance pay from my boss. I’m sure that she will allow it. Mum, you have to get better, please. You should eat now. Here is your food so you can recover soon.”

“Yeah, what do you want to eat?” she asked, now sad.

Princess next called her boss, asking for a payment advance, but she was declined.

“Princess,” she said, “you can’t give me an advance payment, Madam. I really need it because my mum is in the hospital.” But still, she was declined.

This made Princess feel upset. “Where are the sales for today?” the manager asked.

“You might try to steal it,” Princess said.

Miss Sunshine interjected, “I have been working here for a long time now. I never thought of stealing.”

But Miss Sunshine said, “Desperate people have a tendency to do bad things. I know that our boss didn’t give you an advance payment.”

“How did you know that?” Princess asked.

“I told her not to give it to you,” Miss Sunshine said. “I told her that you won’t be able to pay it back,” and laughed.

Princess said, “Why are you so mean to me? Didn’t you realize that my mum is in the hospital because of you?”

Messenger said, “Your mother got hospitalized because of her own doing. She was acting so brave. She attacked me. She helped me when I was so kind to you. If you guys are struggling right now, it’s called karma.”

“Stop with your nonsense. Give me the sales for today,” Princess retorted, looking on. She sat down, crying, not knowing what to do, and said, “Dad, why did you leave us so soon?” He was looking at a photo of his daughter.

A flashback shows the moment when his daughter bumped into the office and shouted, “Dad!”

Marcos said, “You startled me! I almost got a heart attack.”

“You are so stressed,” she said. “Dad, what are you doing?”

Maku replied, “I have to finish these papers.”

“What is that?” the daughter asked. “You are ignoring me again.”

“Okay, wait,” Dad said, and touched her cheek.

But Marcos retorted, “You are not cute. Aren’t you sick of it? You are working every day.”

“You know that’s my passion, sweetie,” Marcos said. “And someday you will inherit all of this because you’ll be running this company.”

“That won’t happen anytime soon,” she said. “And besides, I’m still your little girl.”

“I know, I know,” Marcos said, “You are still my little baby.”

“Come, let’s go with Mommy. We are going to watch a movie,” she urged.

“I can’t because I have to meet my deadline. I need to get this done.”

But she started packing his things and said, “All of this won’t go anywhere. They’ll still be here, but the moments with mum and me will stay with you forever. So that’s why you have to come with us.”

“Okay, fine. You won’t stop, will you?” Marcos conceded, and then left with her.

Flashback ends.

As he was watching the photo, his wife Odessa entered the office and said, “How are you, hun? Are you busy? I just dropped by to say hi. And Adrianna showed me the extensive campaign for the product next week. I was so impressed since I know that you are too busy to notice, so I just asked her to come here.”

“There’s no need for that,” Marcos said. “I know that your niece is good at her job. I trust her.”

“Honey, give the girl a chance,” she urged. “She’s really doing her best to impress you.”

“Okay,” Marcos said.

Odessa thanked Adriana as she entered and greeted them. Odessa said, “Show it to your uncle.”

Adriana handed him a file. “Are you aware of the online gaming community, Uncle? It’s quite huge. That’s where you will start the campaign for Strike Energy Drink, an online gaming tournament that will engage the netizens. In fact, everything has been set. We already have a schedule this week.”

Marcus looked and said, “This is good.”

Princess was selling her laptop so she could get money for her mum at the hospital, but the buyer said the laptop was old and too expensive, so he didn’t buy.

Princess pondered, “Are you really sure you are going to do this?”

“I can’t think of any other way,” Princess said. “It’s better than loaning money. They put a lot of interest on those loans. I’m sorry. It’s really hard to live in poverty. No matter how hard I work, trouble keeps getting in the way. When will our life get better?”

Then Jason entered. Princess asked, “Jason, have you found a buyer for the laptop?”

“You don’t need to sell your laptop,” he said. “I found a way to get the money for Aunt Elise’s hospital bill. Here, look.”

Princess checked, and it was a Magic Legend tournament. “It will be coming this Friday,” Jason said. “And look at the prize: 100,000 pesos! It’s more than what we need for Mum’s bill.”

“Yes, that’s the solution to our problem,” Jason said to her. “You are so good at playing Magic Legends.”

“True,” Princess said. “So what do you think? Let’s join?” Jason asked.

“Let’s do it,” Princess agreed. A ray of hope dawned on Princess. “We will join the tournament,” she said. “We will call our team Team Royalty. I am Princess Warrior,” Princess declared.

“And I’m Prince Warrior,” Jason added.

“And I am your third wheel,” Masoy said.

“Third wheel?” Princess asked.

“Yes, Team Princess,” she declared with a wink.

“Go Team Royalty!” Princess exclaimed with joy. They cheered with enthusiasm.

When Marcos arrived home, Odessa greeted him, her face glowing with a secret excitement. “I have a surprise for you,” she hinted and beckoned Adriana to come forward.

Adriana approached, dazzling in a familiar dress. Odessa questioned Marcos, “Do you remember this dress?”

“Yes,” he replied softly, emotions evident in his eyes. “It was our daughter’s favorite. That’s why I gave it to her.”

Odessa nodded, “I had Jewel’s room cleaned out earlier and found this in her closet. I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I gave it to Adriana. Whenever I see her wearing this, it’s as if Jewel is still here, vibrant, happy, and alive.”

Adriana chimed in, “Don’t worry, Uncle. I’ll take good care of it.”

Marcos, overwhelmed, excused himself, indicating he had something to retrieve from his table.

Once he was gone, Adriana confided in Odessa, “I don’t think Uncle liked seeing me in this dress.”

Odessa reassured her, “Don’t worry about him. I’ll talk to him.”

Later, in the confines of his office, Odessa confronted Marcos, “You can’t keep blaming yourself. It’s not your fault.” But her tone carried an undercurrent of accusation, suggesting that she held him responsible for their tragic loss.

That night, in a scene contrasting the earlier familial setting, Odessa lay beside her fiancé, who whispered for her to leave Marcos. But she shook her head, “People think we have the perfect relationship. I don’t want to ruin that image.” She leaned closer, her voice laced with desperation, “Just give me what Marcos can’t.”

Elsewhere, the excitement of the game filled the room. Princess and her teammates were deeply engrossed in their virtual world, every click and command critical to their victory. Princess was the pillar of optimism, ensuring her team stayed motivated, “We’re going to win this. I feel it!”

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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