Love Of My Life On Adom TV: 4 September 2023, Monday: Ep 1

The episode began with Adelle in a car with her Aunty Cha-mae heading to a trade Expo, while on the road she called the Expo manager Mr. Domingo, introduced herself and informed him that they were going to be late and the manager said “How late is late, everyone has finished their set up, you are the only ones that’s not here, you might not make it to the opening, hurry up else am going to lose my job because of you” Adelle said ” I understand, just that we were delayed at the airport as our products weren’t released to us on time”.

Isabella Gonzales, Stefano’s mother was in a car with her secretary Janice who told her that she emailed her with the speech for the expo opening ceremony and Isabella Gonzales reminded her that she already told her she doesn’t like scripted speeches, she always likes her speeches to come from her mind. She then asked her what other agenda they had for the day which Janice told her and made her understand that their day was going to be packed.

Adelle, while on the phone, told their driver that the products on top of their car were unsteady, asking him if he was sure that he tied them firmly? He replied that it was normal for the items to be unsteady as they’ve overloaded the truck. Adelle turned to Mr.Domingo back on the phone and rest assured him that they were going to be there as their driver is doing all he can to get them there as soon as possible and she asked the driver if he could drive any faster but the driver told her that he can’t go any faster than he is going as they will be arrested for overspeeding if he should go faster.

Right in front of them was an Ambulance, the driver planned on tailing it to make them be able to beat traffic, while then a traffic police was controlling traffic and stopped other cars including Isabella Gonzales car to enable the ambulance pass, since Adelle driver was tailing the ambulance.

he couldn’t see the police on time to stop the vehicle and was going to crash into Isabella Gonzales car, he swayed the car from crashing into Isabella Gonzales car and was manoeuvering on the road to avoid crashing into other cars too. Adelle got out of the car to check the situation at hand and was frustrated and panicking over her supplies scattered all over the road.

It later turned into a confrontation between her and Isabella Gonzales’ driver, Isabella Gonzales who was watching what was going on from her car asked Janice why Adelle was arguing with the driver as she didn’t look hurt, the police then came and scolded Adelle’s driver for passing through right after the ambulance when he was not supposed to. Adelle then asked them to stop arguing as they were already running late for the expo but then it sparked a different argument between her and Isabella Gonzales driver. Janice was recording their argument and Isabella Gonzales stopped her, saying it was unethical to record and Janice apologized to her.

Adelle and Isabella Gonzales’ driver continued arguing while blocking the road for other drivers and they came out of their cars and scolded them, they finally broke apart and returned to their cars. Isabella Gonzales asked her driver what happened and he told her that everything was solved. Isabella Gonzales arrived at the expo and was welcomed, while then Adelle also arrived and the manager asked her to hurry up and set up. They finished with their set up and Adelle’s aunty Cha-mae told her that she hopes the sponsor of the expo likes their product as it was their first time joining her expo but Adelle asked her not to worry as they will definitely get chosen by the sponsor.

The opening ceremony began and Isabella Gonzales was invited on stage to give a speech, she finished her speech and was applauded. She then went to check on the products at the expo, while Adelle and Cha-mae were having difficulties holding things together as they were nervous. Isabella Gonzales was close to them when she stood watching the two of them argue, Adelle turned to see her standing behind them and they nervously pulled themselves together and greeted her.

Isabella Gonzales then recalled their encounter earlier on the road, she told Adelle her products were all good and may definitely go far and advised her to treat people nicely no matter who they are and she went away. Her Secretary Janice came to Adelle and showed her the video she took of her when she was arguing with Isabella Gonzales’ driver and told them that they almost hit their car earlier and she also walked away, Adelle became broken-hearted. Isabella Gonzales returned home and asked Janice to cancel the rest of her appointment for the day.

She went to check on the cooks and continued a room she prepared for her son and asked Janice what she thought about the room, she told her what she thinks and there she had a called from Stefano, Isabella Gonzales’ son and handed the phone to Isabella Gonzales, upon taking the phone, her facial expression changed and she went downstairs, she got to find out from her son that he wasn’t going to make it, she became disappointed and asked her cook to bring her soup in her room and put the rest away. Adelle was sad on her way home and her aunty tried to cheer her up but Adelle still didn’t agree with what happened but then apologized to Cha-mae for letting them down.

The next day, Stefano met a friend on their farm and were having a discussion. There was a short circuit which resulted in a fire and he was prompted by his friend and they rushed to the place alerting everyone. The people were trying to put off the fire when Stefano was told that an animal was trapped in the fire, his friend tried to stop him from going in but he went anyway, the people were getting worried as he was taking too long in there but he managed to come out and everyone was happy, he then left to go get someone to come check on the animals.

Adelle was all dressed up and ready to go for a wedding and Cha-mae came to compliment her, she didn’t want to go but they managed to convince her to go and she left. At the wedding, she became emotional and recalled her own wedding where she didn’t receive good news. She stood up and ran out. Stefano got to the Vet office but was told the doctor went for a wedding, upon heading to go get the doctor he crashed into Adelle who was running across the road and tried to apologize but Adelle asked him not to worry as it was her fault and she went away.

Stefano tried to get her name but she didn’t stop. The doctor finally came to the ranch and advised them on some few things to do. After the doctor left, Stefano’s friend asked him why he was so happy and he told his friend that he met a girl while on his way to get the doctor, they discussed about her a little and his friend went away.

Adelle and Cha-mae were at the market collecting their debt and she ran into Stefano when she was about to fall and he held her, they had a bit of a romantic moment but Adelle suddenly slapped him and scolded him, they got into their car and left. Back at the farm, Stefano and his friend were talking about Adelle when his mother Isabella Gonzales came there and they had a mother and a son moment.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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