The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 1

The episode began with King Jin-heung riding on horse through waters, open fields aaand was heading somewhere, while Munno and some others were on the mountain carrying out a ritual.

A story was being narreted about when the sky and the land were still in each other’s embraces, when two suns and two moons graced the sky. One Sun fell and kindled the northen sky as it stars “The seven stars of the Ursa major, great/Big Dipper and one moon followed suit, becoming the seven stars of the Northen Dipper” The smallest was the people’s star, the biggest is the King’s star.

The big star blessed creation with King Jin-heung the Great who took a small and feeble nation like Shilla, Shinguk, one of Shilla’s monikers and made it into the fearsome and powerful heavenly kingdom.

King Jin-heung came to an abrupt stop, looking tired and was gazing at the valley down the mountain on which he stopped. Bi-Dam was still carrying out the ritual when he closed his eye to meditate and suddenly the carvings on the mountain cracked, he widened his eye in disbelief and he turned to see what was happening down the moutain. King Jin-heung had an arrow shot to the two front legs of his horse, which caused the horse to stand on its two back legs, causing King Jin-heung to fall off the horse. A group of goons came to surround him and he asked if they were knaves from Baekje?

One of them, who is certainly their leader replied that yes they are and added that King Seong of Baekje was betrayed by Shilla, the Kingdom which King Jin-heung was ruling on the battlefield in 554 AD, therefore they came to avenge their former king! And he ordered his followers to attack King Jin-heung. The fight barely began when a group of warriors on horse back came to his rescue, they managed to defeat the goons, they knelt before him and the leader of the warriors, Mi-Sil apologized for neglegence on her part but King Jin-heung told her that wasn’t the case, it far from that as he not paying heed to her advice was almost paid with his life.

Mi-Sil asked him not to be riding along the border all by himself and asked him to halt his journey and head back to the palace. King Jin-heung refused to go back, when Mi-Sil asked why, he replied that he shall accompany the Royal Successor of Baekjeong to Mount Bukhan, and show him the wondrous might of his Kingdom, Shilla.

King Jin-heung and a group of people were gathered which looked like a send off gathering on Secret Tale of Mount Bukhan. He began his speech ” What you are standing before is my Shilla” Mi-Sil asked if it would end there? She added that it extends from Hwalchoryeon up north to Danghang Fortress in the west. King Jin-heung replied, It was all fruit of your efforts, you opened a new era, forged a new Shilla. He called Eul-Jae who was a council member and said, I laud your efforts in abating internal strife. Eul-Jae said, Your grace is immeasurable, sire. King Jin-heung continued, an also Noribu and Sejong, you granted your ruler precious council and guided our military, i shall hereby commend you on your boundless fealty and they both said to him, Your grace is immeasurable. He turned to Mi-Sil and said, you are a wonhwa, you led the Hwarang and nurted new talents. He went on to Sealwon and Munno but he was told by Mi-Sil that Munno was still at the Jungak (the great mountain) completing their ceremony.

King Jin-heung mentioned all three names together, Mi-Sil,Sealwon,Munno saying, I laud your efforts. Since it was only Mi-Sil and Sealwon present, they responded, Your grace is immeasurable. King Jin-heung continued, from here on in, Shilla shall be in your hands, it is only because of you that my fervent dream, which seemed impossible, can now finally come into fruition and they responded, Sire Your grace is immeasurable.

He turned to his song Baejeong and said, you shall inherit my throne and dream of an even greater Legacy, he asked his son it that was clear and he replied, yes sire. King Jin-heung added that, everyone gathered there will support his dream and nobody can stop him from fulfilling them, Prince Geumnyun who was King Jin-heung didn’t look happy.

King Jin-heung was travelling with a large army and was being served tea by Mi-Sil who said to him, had it not been for your Majesty, not even in our wildest dreams would this have been possible. King Jin-heung asked, is that what you believe? Mi-Sil replied, Of course I do. King Jin-heung asked again, and how do you believe i was able to achieve that? Mi-Sil replied, how could i dare appraise your rule, sire?! King Jin-heung was about to sip his tea when the cabin shook, causing him to spill the tea. Mi-Sil cleaned the table and asked if he was alright and he replied that he was fine, he then asked her to check what the matter was.

She looked through the window and saw that one of the servents carrying them had tripped, that was why the cabin shook and she gave a sign to the soldier to execute him which he did, she turned back in and told King Jin-heung that it was nothing to worry about and she poured him another tea, he took it and said, in my childhood i once caught a tiger. Mi-Sil said, how could i be incognizant of the tale of such towering bravery?! King Jin-heung picked up a dagger and said, i used this dagger to do it and asked if she was aware of that too? Mi-Sil asked, with this small dagger, you mean?

King Jin-heung replied, it would have been very hard to hurt a tiger with a dimunitive dagger and added that the tiger bit his arm, if he had tried to escape from it’s jaws, he would have lost his arm so he instead pushed his hand further into the tiger’s gob and with the dagger, he slashed the tigers windpipe. Mi-Sil asked, you were able to make such a quick decision in that situation? King Jin-heung replied, i think it was just all the anger boiling inside me, that slattern had killed a favored compeer of mine but lest people would not believe me, i always told everyone that i used a huge sword to do it.

He then asked, but do you know what amuses me? Finding one’s arm in the jaws of a rancorous tiger seems to be a King’s destiny. At times, that tiger could bear the name Baekje, sometimes it could be Goguryeo or even the nobles in the court. I always think of that day, when such events befall me. Mi-Sil said, it is that hasty bravery which give the name of Your Majesty into the leading light of our age but King Jin-heung said, if only bravery mattered, generals would easily conquer my legacy.

Mi-Sil asked, was it by any chance that you became quick and wise in understanding and judgment, sire? He replied, my rule has been submerge with misjudgement. Mi-Sil asked, i trust you are not assigning all privileges to divine providence? King Jin-heung replied, be it crown decorating my head as it may would not the urge of providence be as blind as they are mysterious? Mi-Sil asked, Is it your natural instinct always keeping you alert against impending danger? King Jin-heung, no it is not. Mi-Sil asked again, what is it then?

King Jin-heung replied, it is people, when i fought with that tiger, i was surely alone but from that day onwards, people who admitted for my calling started following me. For every new obstacle hindering my path, i now had a hundred devotees withstanding with that almighty beast on my behalf and a hundred more followed suit that day. The conversation was still going on when King Jin-heung began coughing and Mi-Sil handed him a handkercheif, he coughed into it and saw blood on the handkerchief.

Back at Gyeongju, the capital of Shilla, it was dark and King Jin-heung was in bed with Mi-Sil at his side and they were having a little back and forth on an issue. King Jin-heung then asked her to write something on his behalf, she a scroll, a writing stick and was ready to write what King Jin-heung was going to ask her to write. King Jin-heung then said, the heir of my throne is the Royal Successor, Baekjeong, i hereby proclaim Eulje as Head of the Council of Nobles. What is more, according to our code of laws, Prince Geumnyun and Seju Mishil will be removed from any post of significance and follow my lead, devoting their remaining days to serving Buddha. Mi-Sil began shook at the last sentene and King Jin-heung asked, are you disheartened, are you?

She replied, how could i ever be, if you ever perish, how could this humble wife dare to relax in abundance in a nonprofessional’s dwellings. King Jin-heung asked, then would you do as written? She replied, i shall devote myself to Buddhist practice, praying for your heavenly bliss and divine reincarnation. King Jin-heung began coughing and tears started rolling down Mi-Sil chicks. She went out and King Jin-heung called a servant in, asking him to summon Eulje and Royal Successor, Baekjeong.

The servant was about to ask a question but King Jin-heung asked him to hurry up as there is no time and the servant hurriedly left. Sealwong’s presence was announced and King Jin-heung asked to allow him in at once. Sealwong came in and greeted King Jin-heung, went on his knees and said, Hwarang Sealwong answers your summoning and dares to delibrate in your presence sire. King Jin-heung said, i have left my final injunctuins to Mil-sil. Sealwong asked, Sire, what is that supposed to mean, final injunctuins? It is absurd. King Jin-heung said, as my royal patrol Hwarang, didn’t you and Munno always remain by my side all this years?

You must also be aware of the reason why i left the ceremony and returned to the palace, i must leave my final injunctuins to you, come closer. Sealwong moved closer to him and he said, Sealwong accept this royal edict, Sealwong collected it and said, Sealwong accepts Your Majesty’s edict. Sealwong opened it and in it was written “Slay Mil-sil” Sealwong heavy heartedly asked King Jin-heung what type of order is that? King Jin-heung replied, Mil-sil shall never folloe my injunctions, as long as i am alive, Mil-sil shall remain a treasure to Shilla but once i die, Mil-sil shall become a trecherous poison afflicting this country. You must slay Mil-sil, will you do it?

Sealwong replied, your humble servant will stake his life to fulfill your wishes sire and he left. The servent he sent came back with a physician and King Jin-heung, there is no need, asking where Royal Successor, Baekjeong was and the servent relied that he will be there soon. They tried to convince him to accept treatment but he sent them away asking them to summom the Royal Successor, Baekjeong at once and they hurriedly left. Sealwong brought the edict that was given to him by King Jin-heung to Mil-sil and told her that, it seems King Jin-heung has seen all their movements and Mil-sil said yes, it was expected and their conversation continued.

King Jin-heung told the Royal Successor, Baekjeong that he was going to become the new ruler of their country, will he answer his calling? Baekjeong asked how will he and King Jin-heung said, he will and he must. Baekjeong said, how could he ever without him by his side. King Jin-heung asked him to come closer which he did. King Jin-heung handed him the dagger and asked him to keep and cherish it as it once saved him. Baekjeong asked why he was giving that to him and King Jin-heung replied that, now it himself and the country he must protect.

Baekjeong said no, he cannot do it but King Jin-heung said he must rescue Shilla and he began coughing again with Baekjeong asking if he was alright.
Sealwong with his army came to the palace and was blocked at the gate but an insider came and asked to let them in as they were being expected and they went in. They entered the balace and they began slaying the guards. King Jin-heung was vormitting blood and Baekjeong run out to go get help. King Jin-heung said some fews words and passed away.

Outside the guards were being slayed and Mil-sil came in and Sealwong said, we rid the council hall of everyone present and he left with his soldiers. While then Baekjeong was hiding and looking at all what was going on. He run into the chamber where King Jin-heung and Mil-sil also headed there, holding something. Mil-sil came to the chamber and found out that the King had passed away.

She said some few words of appreciation with Baekjeong hiding behind the bed and watching all what was going on, some soldiers rushed in and Mil-sil said some few things about her being the new ruler. On the mountain, Munno head a voice which was asking him to release the seven stars. Back to Mil-sil, she was bragging about how no man under the heavens can match her might and she moved through the soldiers smiling.

Mil-sil came to Kim Yu-Sin who was surprised and she told him that, King Jin-heung has passed away and no one is aware yet and Kim Yu-Sin said, if that is the case, then they must summon the council of elders but Mil-sil cuts in and said, per King Jin-heung final in injunction, he did not proclaim him and Prince Geumnyun but the son of the deceased Prince Dongnyun Baekjeong, as his heir.

Kim Yu-Sin couldn’t believe his ear and Mil-sil said, but the final injunctions can also be altered if only he will proclaim her as Queen, he was surprised. Mil-sil moved closer to him, seduced him and they made love, while making love Mil-sil’s brother came to pass and he smiled.

Munno was seen riding a horse, a while was being carried out at the palace with the soldiers having a display, Baekjeong was sitting next to Mil-sil and was afraid. Kim Yu-Sin was made king and everyone hailed him, Eulje got there but it was too late. Baekjeong was trying to follow someone as he is afraid is Mil-sil and doesn’t like his uncle, comvincing him to take him along but the soldier said he can’t take him along and promised that he will surely come back for him and he left leaving Baekjeong crying. Euljie was standing and watching Baekjeong, he then saw a shooting star and suddenly went into a different dimension, he woke up in the middle of the palace with a voice speaking to him.

He drew out his sword and was practicing when he pointed it at Sealwong and placed it down. Sealwong moved to him and asked how it went, if he got his answer? Euljie replied that he shall not interfere and that Mil-sil should be allowed to do as she pleases and Sealwong asked him to join thier cause but Euljie said that he shall not do a single thing and Sealwong turned to leave.

Inside the palace, Mil-sil was standing infront of King Jinji asking him if he was going to abanden her, if he will condemn the son born of their union? To spend life as a mere royal servant’s offspring. King Jinji replied, that why does she keep insisting on that matter as the Hwarang ceremony was going to take place that day, they were having a back and forth whena servant run in and told King Jinji that preparations for the ceremony has been completed and asked him to move to the exhibiion hall, King Jinji stood up, said alright and he left, leaving Mil-sil standing there and asking Mil-sil not to make them delibrate on the injunctions again.

Mil-sil placed the child she was holding down saying, forgive me my child, you are of no use to me and she left, leaving the child crying. Prince Baekjeong was with lady maya and were having a conversation when he handed the dagger his grandfather gave him to her, asking her to keep it. Lady Maya asked if that was the dagger the late King Jin-heung gave to him? Baekjeong replied that, it was the dagger that protected King Jin-heung and he placed it around her neck saying he wish for it to protect her and her child and Lady Maya said she is sure it will.

Sohwa, Baekjeong’s servant came there and she fell and lady Maya asked her to be careful. Sohwa asked Baekjeong why he wasn’t going for the ceremony and Maya replied that she forgot about it. Sohwa asked them to hurry up then and they conversation continued and Sohwa left dissappointed. Maya asked Baekjeong to go for the ceremony but Baekjeong he wants to stay with her today.

Baekjeong went to the ceremony and Eulje was looking at him from a distance. Maya got the shrine and it was closed. She was about to leave and Sohwa rused to her and they began having a conversation and Maya looked tensed in the end because Sohwa told her that Hwarang were painting their faces in the shrine. Inside the shrine, the Hwarang were painting their faces with Sealwong moving through them, Maya and Sohwa came and peeping through the open gate. Sealwong noticed some shadow at the door and he became furious. Maya was shocked at what she saw, they came out and Sohwa happy as the Hwarang looked funny but Maya asked if she doesn’t know what that means?

She explained to Sohwa that, the Hwarang paint thier faces when there is a aggressive task and she went on to explain all what was invloved to Sohwa looking very worried. Immediately they left, sealwong and Queen Seondeok came there and she asked Sealwong how he was going to deal with them, Sealwong replied that, they will silently be taken out of the palace and dealt with and not even their bodies will be discovered.
The ceremony was going on in the palace with Mil-sil not there, Euljie was also watching from a distance and a voice began speaking to him.

He then saw a soldier coming to meet Maya and Sohwa, who told them that he mother was seriously ill, she took the letter from the soldier panicking and asked him who brought the letter, the soldier replied that, it was someone from her parents house and she asked where the person was.

The person was at the northen gate, she asked Sohwa to go tell Baekjeong all what she heard and Sohwa left and she also left with the soldier. While then Eulje was watching and sense something fishy, she saw Sealwong come right after and he became suspicious. Maya was being escorted by the soldier to the gate and Eulje was following them. The ceremony was still going on with the soldiers show casing some skills. Baekjeong saw Sohwa running towards them and he became alerted, she came closer to the platform and Baekjeong went to meet her, helping her climb it.

The egg of the founder Hyeokgeose was brought to King Jinji but the a soldier announced that it was not going to be given to him, the main door was opened and Mil-sil was seen with the Hwarang with the painted faces and King Jinji became surprised. She came in with the army and walked towards King Jinji who said that the ceremony was a sacred one, what what does she think she is doing? A back and forth began and Mil-sil asked King Jinji to step down with Baekjeong and Sohwa looking on surprised.

Maya was seen been kidnapped by some soldiers in the market, she was placed in a carbin, her mouth covered and a knive to her throat, Euljie who was following, saw her being carried away and she remembered what he saw in his visions and run after them.
Back at the palace, the back and forth was still going on between King Jinji and Mil-sil who was asking him to step down.

King Jinji asked his guards to get her out and they all went to stand in front of her and there the Hwarang pulled out daggers and stabbed themselves to death. Mil-sil asked King Jinji to step down, else the Hwarang will continue to kill themselves. King Jinji called on the council of Nobles but they also refused to support him. Mil-sil brought out the injunction of the late King and read it which left Baekjeong suprised. A council of noble menber then went and pulled Baekjeong from behind the platform, anounced him king and everyone began bowing down with Baekjeong still in disbelieve…Read more

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