Swaran Ghar 13 March 2024, Wednesday Pt1: E13

The episode begins with Swaran explaining that she has dressed up as Kanwal wanted. Nimmo expresses confusion, questioning why Swaran, as a widow, is wearing red. Neelu suggests that Swaran’s appearance might make Nakul and the others even more upset when they arrive. Nimmo engages in a dispute with neighbors, urging them to move their vehicles aside.

Meanwhile, a man arrives to inspect the property, Swaran Ghar. He reveals that Swaran had contacted him about selling the house. Nimmo intervenes, asserting her authority as a family member, stating that Swaran’s sons will make the final decision on the deal and inquiring about the potential price, which she estimates to be at least 15-20 crores.

As the man receives a call, Nimmo asserts her intention to secure the majority share for Kiran. Meanwhile, Nakul and the others return home. Swaran sings a song for Kanwal with tears streaming down her face. When her sons enter, they are overcome with emotion at the sight of her. Nakul calls out to her, but she remains unresponsive. They all embrace her, sharing in her grief. Swaran continues, explaining that Kanwal sang the last line of the song before falling silent.

Kiran reassures Swaran that they have arrived and will take care of everything, urging Nakul to arrange for Kanwal’s body to be brought home from the hospital.

Pandit suggests performing post-final rites rituals, but Kiran questions this since they haven’t completed the final rites yet. Nimmo shocks them by revealing that the final rites took place yesterday. Confused and alarmed, they demand to know who performed the final rites and how it could have happened without them, as they had just arrived today.

Shorvori explains that Swaran conducted the final rites. Vikram and Nakul are incredulous, asking Swaran why she proceeded without waiting for them, especially when Nakul had tried calling her multiple times. Vikram points out that Swaran was busy doing the final rites alone. Yug demands an explanation, while Nakul expresses their frustration at feeling robbed of their right to perform the final rites.

Ajit and Khushbeer observe the tense situation. Swaran, trying to calm them down, urges them not to shout, reminding them that Kanwal wouldn’t have liked it.

Swaran instructs the pandit to begin the paath, and everyone prays for Kanwal’s soul to rest in peace. Ajit invites the pandit to have food before leaving, prompting Balwinder to question his identity. Nimmo and Kiran also seem puzzled by his presence. Vikram queries Nimmo about how their mother could have conducted the final rites without them. Nimmo explains that it was Swaran’s decision, and she couldn’t do anything to change it. Vikram turns to Shorvori, wondering why she didn’t intervene. Yug suggests that Swaran might be in shock, while Vikram asserts that Swaran had no right to perform the final rites instead of them, questioning who gave her the authority to do so. He suspects that Swaran couldn’t have taken this step alone.

Meanwhile, Nakul approaches Swaran to talk, and she remembers his previous words, leading her to cry.

Nakul expresses his hurt, questioning why he, as her favorite son, didn’t have the right to see his father one last time. Vikram wonders why their mother sought revenge on them in such a manner. Nimmo takes responsibility, admitting that she should have intervened, especially since she was alone without Kiran’s father present, but nobody spoke up yesterday. Vikram presses, asking who supported Swaran, insisting that she couldn’t have done it alone.

Ajit’s son intervenes, urging him to drop the matter as it’s a family issue. Nimmo then urges Kiran to go to Swaran, presumably to offer support or clarification.

Swaran reflects on the possibility that if Kanwal had received the injection on time… Vikram interrupts, accusing her of deliberately causing them guilt by not sending the injection, as a form of revenge. Swaran begins to feel unwell as Vikram continues to argue. She questions whether they truly believe she would do such a thing. Nakul demands to know why she didn’t wait for them, but Swaran, feeling overwhelmed, refuses to engage further. Vikram persists, insisting that she can’t defend herself.

Kiran watches the tense exchange unfold. Vikram blames Swaran for their father’s death, stating that if she had agreed to sell the house as he suggested, Kanwal would still be alive.

In the preview: Ajit expresses concern that Swaran might not have eaten anything. He approaches her with her favorite food, urging her to eat as she tears up. Meanwhile, everyone is searching for Swaran…Read more

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