The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 4

The episode began with Deokman going to the market square and admiring the display from the circus. Chilsuk came there and pulled her away angrily. He took her aside and asked her, did you not promise to make some introduction? They were having a conversation and Deokman asked him to follow her. She took her to go meet Cartan Ajeosshi who was a Roman merchant and introduced him to Ajeosshi,they were having a conversation and Deokman’s friends came to call her and she went with them,Cartan and Chilsuk followed them.

Right after they left, some troops entered the market and were searching everywhere. Deokman brought the men to a back and was teaching them how they can disguise something without being seen and they were all impressed. While admiring the thing Deokman showed them, the troops came there and their commander asked them to arrest Deokman and her friends saying they received information that they were trying to smuggle tea. Carton moved forward and said it was impossible for them to do such a thing. The troops were asked to search everywhere and they batched into the house. The soldiers came out and told their commander that they found nothing. Deokman was trying to set the concealed tea on fire using a magnifying glass when the troop’s commander saw her, he went closer to her and the whole tea caught fire and they were arrested.

They were captured and placed in a cage at a palace, with Sohwa looking really sick. Deokman called a guard to help call a physician but the guard refused and left telling her that they will be prosecuted anyway so what will be the use of a physician. Cartan asked Deokman what was the cause of Sohwah’s condition, she told them all what had happened in her childhood which has caused her mother to be in that state anytime she sees fire and Chilsuk looked on. The king was informed about Deokman burning all evidence and she vowed to punish them.

The king came to sit and pass judgment, ordering his guards to behead them. Cartan and one other criminal were about to be beheaded when Deokman asked them to stop, she ran to the king and asked him to spare them, taking the blame all to herself. She told the King the reason why his ban on trading doesn’t make sense and gave her reasons with Carton interpreting all that she was saying to the king. It was back and forth between Deokman and the king who stood up from his seat and walked to Deokman who was on her knees. The king presented her with two Mable’s and told her to choose. If she chooses life everyone of them will live but if she chooses death,then they all will be killed. She asked the King to let her see the Mable’s first, as they may both be the same but the king refused and ordered her to choose. Sohwa was pleading with the King in her weak state while Deokman hesitantly reached to the king’s hand to pick a mable. She picked a mable and the King asked her to show it to him, she placed the mable in her mouth and before they could stop her, she swallowed it.

She then asked the King to show her the one he had in his hand, the king opened his hand it was death, meaning Deokman selected life and they were all happy. Deokman then went on her knees and pleaded with the King to spare them and the King asked why she swallowed the mable, she replied that she did not know and that she suddenly felt it could save her that’s why she swallowed it. The king said some few words about how lucky she was and asked for everyone to be released, they were released and everyone was happy. Deokman rushed to her mom asking her if she was fine and Chilsuk stood, looking at them.

Back at Shilla, a council meeting was going on and a back and forth ensued between them. Mil-sil walked in, greeted the King and told him that the Hwarang would like to display their skills in the upcoming festival, her brother tried to interrupt but she stopped him, she invited the King to the ceremony and he agreed to go.

On her way out, her brother was ranting about some things going on with Mil-sil quiet all along. She turned to him and told him that they are having a ceremony and that she shouldn’t have any evil thoughts.

The Hwarang were displaying some skills and Mil-sil came there. They all went on their knees to greet her but she asked them not to be concerned with her presence and continue with what they were doing. Mil-sil climbed the platform and was greeted by the princess and they began having a conversation filled with tension in the princess.

Deokman was having a conversation with Cartan about the reason why she did what she did at the palace earlier. Two of the merchants who were arrested with them came there and they began conversing. While then Chilsuk was watching them from upstairs. He then proceeded to Sohwah’s room and began searching. Deokman and her friends were still having a conversation outside and her mother was watching her from a distance and smiling. Deokman was telling them about the quest Chilsuk was on and his mother became alarmed upon hearing that.

Chilsuk was also seen searching the room. Sohwah became more alarmed as Deokman talked further and pulled her away while Chilsuk also found the piece of cloth Deokman was wrapped in when she was being chased and a letter from Munno as well and became very furious. Then he heard Sohwah and Deokman coming. Sohwah was telling Deokman that they had to leave and Deokman kept asking questions as to why they needed to leave.

Before entering their room, they were met at the door by Chilsuk who called Sohwah by her name and Deokman asked him what the matter was. A confrontation began and Chilsuk held Sohwah which made Deokman bite his hand. Chilsuk followed them into a room, drew out his knife and wanted to kill them and began telling them how long he had been looking for her and the child. While talking, Deokman spotted a kerosene, took it and splashed it over a candle Chilsuk was holding which made the fire blaze and they managed to escape from the room, Chilsuk who was on fire also managed to turn it off and followed them. The

kerosene which Deokman had used was left on the floor, which sparked another huge fire. They were still being chased by Chilsuk, due the huge fire, Sohwah was fit to run and she asked Deokman to escape yet she was also not ready to leave her mother alone. She asked her mother to wait for her while she went off to distract Chilsuk. Sohwah recalled the King’s last words to her and became strong.

Chilsuk followed Deokman to a room and was holding his knife to her throat telling her he was going to return her to Shilla, Sohwah came there and stabbed Chilsuk with a point metal and he fell down to his death.

The people in the community came to gather around the burning house, Deokman and Sohwah managed to escape and they left. Chilsuk didn’t die, he managed to get up and began following them once again. Sohwah was going for a Camel but Deokman told her they can’t head for the desert in the state Sohwah was in, yet Sohwah insisted and they left on the Camel. The fire back at the house was being put off, Chilsuk came falling from upstairs and they went to help him out.

Deokman and Sohwah were seen riding through the desert in an attempt to escape, the Camel was exhausted which caused it to make Sohwah fall to the ground and Deokman rushed to help her. She went back to try and get the Camel up but it wouldn’t move and she became very frustrated, trying to help her mother. They left the camel behind and were going by foot, Deokman asked Sohwah to get on her back which Sohwah refused but eventually Deokman convinced her, she carried Sohwah on her back and they continued with their journey.

Back at the house, Chilsuk was being attended to by the merchant who asked how he was doing. Chilsuk wanted to continue following them but Cartan told him he couldn’t go as there was a desert storm on the way.

Chilsuk asked which way they were headed and she went after them on a horse.

Deokman and Sohwah took refuge in a cave and were resting, Sohwah asked Deokman to go to Roma but Deokman asked her to rest and that before the sun sets, she will go to the Oasis and fetch some water. Sohwah told her that she doesn’t have much time to live therefore Deokman should go to Roma.

A back and and forth ensued between them when Deokman asked Sohwah if Munno was her father and Sohwah asked her how she found out about Munno, Deokman replied that she found out from the letter she always carried around but Sohwah told her Munno wasn’t his dad.

Deokman then reached into their bag and brought out the dagger Sohwah if it was her father who gave it to her and began blaming his father for abandoning them, becoming emotional.
Sohwah explained that her father didn’t abandon them, Deokman said some emotional words and they had hugged other.

Chilsuk came upon the Camel abandoned by Sohwah and Deokman, he knelt closer to it and saw their footprint heading in a direction and he followed it, searching for them all over and came to the came where they were resting but didn’t find them inside, he saw someone run by the cave and he followed them. Sohwah was being chased by Chilsuk. In the chase, Chilsuk slipped and injured himself which gave Sohwah the advantage to escape.

Chilsuk was still onto Sohwah but couldn’t go any more as he was badly hurt and Sohwah managed to get away. Deokman seen about to fetch water when Sohwah came there and asked her to run. Sohwah was descending down to Deokman when she was trapped in a draining sand, Deokman did everything she could to get Sohwah out but to no avail and there, Sohwah was about to cut the rope which Deokman was going to use to save her and they saw Chilsuk coming.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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