The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 2

The episode began with Mil-sil reading the last injunction of the late King which named Prince Baekjeong as the sole heir to the throne, a council of Noble members went to pull him from behind the platform, pronounced him king and every one hailed him, leaving him in total shock.

Sohwa and Baekjeong were having a conversation about whether Mil-sil will allow Baekjeong marry someone younger and is even capable of harming Lady Maya,the conversation continued for a while and they went away, escaping from the palace.

Lady Maya was seen being taken somewhere in the cabin with a knife still to her throat and she looked afraid.

Mil-sil was with her husband Sejong and was telling him that she was going to be Baekjeong’s queen and asked if that was going to make him disheartened. Sejong shook his head and replied that King Jinheung told him that no man could ever have someone like her all for himself, the conversation was going on when Sealwong came there and told Mil-sil that Baekjeong had disappeared and is no one to be found, Sejong was shocked but Mil-sil didn’t look alarmed. She then asked about Maya and Sealwong told her that they already took care of her. She then asked Sealwong to look for Baekjeong at once as they won’t be supported by the Council of Nobles if Baekjeong is present, Sealwong said yes and he left.

Baekjeong was seen riding on horseback at a top speed and praying, asking Maya to survive.

Maya was seen being carried through a forest and the soldiers were ambushed by Munno, they began fighting and he managed to tie all of them up with a rope,he was scolding them for attacking him, knowing perfectly well that he was their Marahal when the soldier inside the cabin with Maya brought Maya out with a knife to the throat and asking Munno to drop his weapon, Maya looked scared and was crying. The soldier ordered Munno to drop his weapon else he would slit Maya’s throat and Munno struck his sword into the ground.

Baekjeong was met by Sealwong who asked him where he was heading to. Baekjeong replied that he was heading to Maya’s house and Sealwong offered to go instead, Baekjeong said he would go himself, it wouldn’t take long. The back and forth was going on when a group of soldiers on horses came to surround them and Baekjeong looked shocked.

Munno and Maya were tied up and a heavy stone to their legs and were taken to the end of a clif, the soldiers threw the stone into the sea which drew Maya and Munno with it and they fell into the sea, struggling to free themselves, Munno stroke his head to a stone at the bed of the sea and fell unconscious, with Maya still struggling to free herself.

Baekjeong was escorted back to the palace by the soldiers, Sealwong slayed the soldiers he sent to kill Maya so as to not leave any witness, Mil-sil came there and they smiled at each other.

At Seorabeol, the capital of Shilla, a council meeting was going on between the Council of Nobles, Baekjeong didn’t object to anything that was being said, he asked them to do as they please and he walked away angrily.

In the compound, Baekjeong came to stand on the terrace and was recalling the moments he had with Maya when Eulje came there and he rushed to him telling him that his humble servant had returned to the palace. They were having a conversation when Mil-sil came there and hid his face.

A Council of Noble member was having a meeting with Sealwong and Mil-sil, telling them that 9 out of 10 have agreed to Mil-sil to be queen and that the problem they have is Eulje, the meeting was going on and Misaeng, Mil-sil’s brother came there to tell them that Eulje wouldn’t be a problem to them at all as he accorded Eulje the chance to return to Seorabel and closely serve His Majesty and the conversation continued with Mil-sil concluding that she will allow the council be opened to the public.

Baekjeong was standing on top of a cliff looking at the valley when Misaeng came to him and began telling him somethings about his sister and tried to convince Baekjeong to accept her.

The Council of Nobles were in a meeting waiting for Baekjeong and they complained of him being late, they were having a conversation as to whether he will participate in the meeting or not. Baekjeong’s arrival was then announced and he came there looking unhappy. The meeting began and the debate about Mil-sil wanting to be crowned queen began, the deliberation went one and one and finally a vote was to be casted. It was agreed upon that even if one member of the council disagrees, the proceedings can’t continue until everyone agrees. Those who disagree with the motion of Mili-sil were asked to show themselves, three of the council members were about to show themselves when they retracted back again upon the chairman of the council looking at them.

The final judgment was about to be passed when they heard a loud voice asking them to stop, everyone turned and they saw the person running towards them, the person got there and it was Munno,he was alive. The Council of Bones chairman scolded him for interrupting their proceedings. Munno turned around, asking everyone to rise and welcome Her Majesty the Queen and they were all shocked. Maya was then brought in and Baekjeong was extremely shocked to see her.

Maya came out and walked towards Baekjeong with the Council of Nobles standing up from their seats and going to meet her. She came to Baekjeong and told him all that had happened and how the dagger he gave her saved her and the unborn child, while then Mil-sil was fuming inside as all her plans were crushed. Baekjeong hugged her and everyone hailed her.

They were heading back to the palace and Mil-sil still couldn’t believe the turn of events. In the other cabin were Munno,Eulje,Maya and Baekjeong.
Baekjeong was running praises on Munno but then Munno told him he didn’t do anything to deserve such praises as all the praises should rather go to Maya, Maya also said that she only had the dagger at her disposal yet all the work was done by him Munno and their conversation continued. Baekjeong said some few heartfelt words and asked Munno and Eulje to support him and they agreed.

Back at the palace, Eulje was thanking Munno when Mil-sil came to meet them. They had a conversation about the revelation Munno had on the mountain during his meditation, Munno told her what he saw and he left with Eulje. After Munno and Eulje came out, Eulje asked Munno if it was because of the revelation that was why he looked disturbed, they were having the conversation about that and Munno told Eulje about a dream he had.

It was morning at the Shilla shrine and Mil-sil was praying when her mother came to her and asked why she is so obsessed with the crown when there is already a revelation that she will rule over all creation and Mil-sil said that even if all creation kneels to her, she can’t accept the fact that the crown is not on her head, the conversation was going on and a servant came to call the mother that she is being called by Baekjeong.

At the king’s chambers, Maya was examined, all didn’t seem well looking at her servants’s facial expression but she was signaled by Her Eminence the sorceress and she lied to Baekjeong that Maya and her was fine and that they have to start with preparations as soon as possible as they baby could come anytime soon and Baekjeong asked her to hurry up with the preparation and inform the shrine chambers about the delivery as well. Her Eminence the sorceress said they will do as he says and they left.

On their way out, the servant was about to whisper something to Her Eminence the sorceress when Munno came there, she stopped and they left. Munno came to see Maya and Baekjeong in their chamber and told them that the Hwarang have heard of the news and have prepared a celebration to celebrate the child birth and Baekjeong expressed his happiness.

Outside the chamber, the servant took Her Eminence the sorceress aside, she asked the servant if everything was alright and the servant whispered something into her ears which left her shocked.
Mil-sil was having a meeting with Sealwong, a Council of Noble member and her brother who was ranting about what was happening. A conversation was going on between them with Mil-sil quiet all along.

Her Eminence the sorceress’s presence was announced and Mil-sil asked the servant to tell her to go and come back later as they are having a meeting but Mil-sil cut in and asked the servant to let her come in. Her Eminence the sorceress came in, greeted them and moved to Mil-sil, asking her to dismiss everyone present there. Mil-sil’s brother fumed as to why Her Eminence the sorceress was asking Mil-sil to let them leave.

Maya was being carried to the shrine for delivery and upon entering the yard, Baekjeong was asked to return as he is not allowed to follow them to the shrine during delivery, Baekjeong was hesitant but Maya asked him not to worry as everything was going to be fine. Sohwa asked Baekjeong not to follow as she will follow them and make sure everything is fine but Baekjeong was in support of the idea and asked her not to but Sohwa managed to convince him and she followed them in.

Her Eminence the sorceress told Mil-sil that Maya was going to give birth to twins and Mil-sil couldn’t believe her ear and their conversation about the prophecy continued. Maya was taken into the shrine to deliver, Sohwa came in and tried to comfort her.
While then, Mil-sil was performing a ritual and recalling some things and her brother rushed there.

He starting ranting about Mil-sil not doing anything as Maya was going to give birth and spoil all their plans, he was going on and on when Mil-sil cuts in and told him to gather everyone as they need to devise a plan immediately and should discreetly summon the troops as well, he had a evil look on her face and his brother happily hurried away and she continued with her ritual.

He went out gathering the troops, Maya struggling at labor and Baekjeong also restless. Finally Maya gave birth and the baby was handed to Baekjeong with Her Eminence the sorceress looking on. Maya was not happy as she was sure her baby was supposed to be a boy and apologized to Baekjeong but Baekjeong asked her not to say such things, asking her if the child didn’t bring them together, she tried to talk but Baekjeong cut her short and asked everyone to leave the shrine and they all left.

Baekjeong congratulated Maya and Sohwa came there, they were having a conversation when Maya began screaming, Sohwa went to check and told Baekjeong that she could see a head and that another child was coming and they were surprised, while then the servant who aided with the first birth was listening to them and couldn’t believe her ear, upon hearing that, she run away to went to inform Her Eminence the sorceress.
But in the chamber, Maya was in labor and Sohwa was rushing to go call the physician but Baekjeong stopped her and asked her to close the door instead.

Mil-sil and her team were having a conversation about Maya giving birth to twins and Eminence the sorceress said she is certain that, it will definitely be two girls, they were all happy was the prophecy was indeed coming through, Mil-sil chipped in and told them that, from that day onwards, they must carefully carry out their plans and Sealwong told her they awaits her command.

Back at the shrine, Baekjeong asked Sohwa to deliver the child and she didn’t believe her ear. Baekjeong turned to Maya and asked her if she knows why he is doing so, she asked her if she realizes what would happen if a royalty gives birth to twins? Maya was in pain and Baekjeong asked Sohwa to attend to her at once, Sohwa tried to object and a back and forth ensued between them with Baekjeong ordering her to help Maya immediately.

Mil-sil and her team were still at their meeting and she asked them to alert everyone that Maya had given birth to twins, she also asked them to gather all the Hwarang in front of the chamber and added that Baekjeong might conceal one of the twins to escape from the prophecy, asking them to deploy troops to surround the premises so as to not allow him to succeed with it and added some few instructions to what they are to do.

Back at the shrine, Maya was giving birth, Munno was outside and looked up to the skies and saw a brighting star and there he recalled the prophecy, he couldn’t believe it, with much difficulty, Maya finally gave birth and everyone was relieved. Munno was outside looking at the shining stars when he saw the soldiers come into the shrine and he noticed something was wrong.
The soldiers entered the palace and sealwong said he was take the troops and look for Munno and the council of state member also said he will take some of the troops and head to the exhibition hall, Sealwong asked him not to let the Hwarang know of the twins as they will rise in uproar and they parted.

Mil-sil was seen heading to the shrine with her brother and some troops. In the chamber, Sohwa brought the baby which was also a girl and handed it to Baekjeong who also handed it to Maya. Baekjeong brought out the dagger his grandfather gave to him and placed it on the child saying it was going to protect her and apologized to the baby as they have no option but to abandon her, Maya wanted to stop Baekjeong but he said he will not allow Mil-sil to separate them. He turned to Sohwa and told her that she is the only one he trusts to take the child and escape far away from the palace.

On the compound, sealwong ordered the troops to find Munno and they hurried away to search for him. Someone came to sealwong to give him information of where Munno might be.
In the chamber, Sohwa was giving Baekjeong reasons why she can’t take the child but Baekjeong stopped her and told her that there’s nobody else to take the child except her, saying it isn’t his wish to send her away as she has spent more time by his side than even his own mother and asked her to protect the child for him.

Munno was seen being chased by Sealwong and his soldiers and he headed into the palace and to the shrine. Mil-sil and her brother saw him and they wondered what he was up to. Sealwong and the troops got there and they showed them where Munno went with Sealwong promising that he will make sure the twins are seen and they left. Mil-sil told her brother that she knew it would be Munno helping Baekjeong to escape with the twins and asked her brother to gather all the troops and make sure no one leaves the palace.

Back at the chamber, someone was knocking on the door, asking Baekjeong to open the door and they became tense. Baekjeong then tore a piece of cloth and asked Maya to give him the child but Maya was hesitant and Baekjeong forcefully took the child from her, asking her to forgive him.

Some soldiers were seen heading to the shrine being led Mil-sil’s brother and the council of Noble, Mil-sil was also seen with another set of troops heaving there, inside the chamber Baekjeong was trying to help Sohwah to escape when they head the door shaking which indicated that someone was trying to enter and they became tensed…Read more

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