Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt 2: 12th May, 2021 – Full Episode 129


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Beginning of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt 2 – Episode 129

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday starts with Atharv saying I got this girl with me. It was revealed when Atharv was telling the girl that it’s his birthday and asked her to become his friend. He took her in box. He told them that he met the girl at the market, she was hungry, so he placed her in the box and got her here. Sujata recalled Atharv talking to the box.

Sujata said, I did not know Atharv got the box into the house. Atharv said, I am very smart. Sujata said, you can’t get anyone’s girl like this. Vividha said yes, her parents will be worried. Atharv said, I didn’t think of that. Ravish asked the girl, what’s your name? Vividha asked, where are your parents? The girl said, I am Chutki, I don’t know my house and my parents and they all became shocked.

Atharv said, we will cut the birthday cake. He gave the cake to Vividha. She signed him to feed Sujata. He fed the cake to Sujata and Chutki. Chutki liked the cake. Atharv said, she is my friend. Ravish called the inspector and said, we got a girl near the temple, locate her family, thanks. Sujata and Daddy ji refused to have the cake. Sujata asked Atharv, how did he get the girl. Daddy ji taunted that Atharv is mentally ill. Ravish got a call and said, the police has started checking missing reports.

Still On Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt 2 – Episode 129

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday continues where a lady came there and called out Chutki. She hugged Chutki and said, she is my daughter. She said she lost Chutki, then she got to know Chutki is there, so she had to come there. Ravish said, it’s good you found your daughter. The lady told them about her poverty. Vividha said, Chutki is safe here, don’t worry.

Atharv asked, who is she? He stopped the lady and gave snacks to Chutki. Vividha asked the lady to take it, it’s Atharv’s birthday today. The lady blessed and wished him. She thanked them and she fainted which got them all shocked.

The Doctor came to check the lady. The Doctor concluded that it was a starvation case, she needed rest and good food, such state ruins mind and body. I have written vitamins. The lady said, my name is Aruna. Vividha said, I got food packed for you, Ravish will drop you. Aruna said, no need for that.

Ravish said, I will drop you. Aruna asked him to drop them at till door, as she stays on a footpath, I was looking for work to do. Ravish said, I will try and get you some work. She thanked him. She said, I will leave now. Atharv asked, where will you go, there will be cold on the road. Chutki went to the washroom.

Vividha asked, where will they stay? Atharv said here, with me. Daddy ji said, she will not stay here, this is not an orphanage. Vividha tried to convince him. Daddy ji said, seeing the situation, I can’t keep strangers at my home, Suman is going through problems, I can’t invite more trouble.

Aruna heard them and said, don’t worry, poverty is my fate, I will manage. Vividha said, don’t say this. Aruna said, we are habitual to stay on a footpath. Ravish said, till I arrange the work for you, stay here. Atharv thanker Ravish. Aruna said no need, you did a lot for us, I don’t want us beecome the reason for your family tension.

End of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt 2 – Episode 129

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday ends where Ravish said, it’s Atharv’s birthday today, their coming can’t be without reason, don’t worry, no work can be wrong if done by good intention. Daddy ji said fine, as you all decides. Atharv said, thanks. Come Chutki, we will play. Vividha asked Ravish, what is he thinking. Ravish said, I feel some problem, but not able to see it, I don’t know if we should allow Aruna and Chutki to stay here or not.

She said, but you said they can stay here. He said yes, because you wanted it, even Atharv wanted this, but I don’t want to take a chance, they are strangers. She said, what can they harm us with, we will do wrong with them if we make them leave. He said, I just want to say, we should be careful. Ravish met his colleagues and discussed about security measures.

The man said, our neighbor country is planning an attack with secrets, there are no specific details till now. Ravish said, but Avinash, why did he target my family. The man said, you were trying to expose his friend, maybe that’s why.

Vividha complimented Aruna and Chutki. Suman came home. Aruna offered help. Suman asked her to pass some book.

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