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Will Anshuman return to Tumhari Pakhi? Did Anshuman die in tumhari pakhi? How did(could) Anshuman die in Tumhari Pakhi? This and many other questions related to the death of Anshuman are asked by our cherished fans and it will be in our best interest to bring to you the answers to these questions. 

Many people think Anshuman is truly dead while others think he will come back to life or possibly his death was just a drama.

Anshuman’s return in Tumhari. A lie or a truth? We decided to answer this question by looking at updates from the last episode of Tumhari Pakhi. Let’s get right into it.

Heartbroken and shattered, Paakhi looks after Ayaan and Anshuman’s business. 

The Last Episode Of Tumhari Pakhi & Did Anshuman Return Back To Life?

Enters Veer Pratap Singh, Anshuman’s fraternal cousin who helps Paakhi. She later marries him under pressure from her family and adopts Riya, a troubled teenage girl.

 Veer and Paakhi realize that she will never be able to move on from Anshuman. They file for a divorce.

Pakhi takes Pen from Veer, she sits to sign, she looks at Veer and points him to sit beside her, he sits and points her to sign, Pakhi finally signs the divorce papers, Veer says one request from you.

 I am leaving Riya here, Pakhi is happy, Veer says I don’t think that anybody can raise her better than you and also Ayan will have a sister, plus I will have a reason to come back here, I hope you don’t mind, Pakhi just smiles and looks at Veer, Veer leaves from there.

Its the morning, Veer is packing his stuff, Pakhi comes with his shirts and is sad, Veer looks at her and says if we put cactus in the room then we get attached to it, I think you are attached to me, Pakhi laughs, she says I laughed on your example.

Veer says people tend to get attached to good things, Pakhi says you always maintained that you are the best, Veer says no you are the best undoubtedly, Veer says I will press my shirt, Pakhi says I will press it, Veer says you won’t be able to do.

Pakhi says you called me best, Veer says ok do it, Pakhi says to Veer that he can make her learn ironing and making sandwiches, Veer says I don’t have much time, I have to leave, Pakhi says all will miss you, and me too, Veer gets emotional.

Veer opens his arms, Pakhi hugs him.,. Pakhi says you are my best friend, Veer says you too, Pakhi says there are many fewer people like, Veer says and there are is no one like you, Ayan comes with bag and says we have packed biscuits for you, Both Ayan and Riya hugs Veer, they say we will miss you.

Jiji is leaving, she gives gifts to servants, Pakhi asks her to stay for some days, Jiji says it will be difficult for us to leave if we stay now, I pray that you remain same like you are.

Pakhi hugs her and touches her feet, Pakhi meets Nandini, Charu, Kumu. Jiji comes to Lavanya and ask her to take care of Pakhi, Riya and Ayan, Lavanya hugs her. 

Veer comes to Pakhi but doesn’t say anything, they sit in the car and leaves. Lavanya says to Pakhi that I was saying yesterday that the house is looking like before, all happy but now the house is looking what it used to look like after Anshuman’s death.

It’s weird we want people to go away but when they leave, we want them to stop them, Pakhi says this is called human-like, time changes and it’s the same way people changes, Lavanya says aren’t you afraid of loneliness? Pakhi says my heart is filled so I am not alone.

Lavanya says that people like you make love above everything, I am happy that I was part of all this, Lavanya and Girish leaves, Pakhi comes into the house and recalls how she first entered this house as a bride, Bairi Jiya plays, she looks at Anshuman’s picture, she recalls how Anshuman filled her maang.

how they held hands many times. she recalls Anshuman and she was under the bed, she recalls how Anshuman said that God must be like you, how they had little moments of togetherness.

how they hugged every time, how they fell in the washroom, how they danced in rain, how anshuman filled her maang with sindoor again.

Pakhi, Ayan and Riya are together, they look at stars, Pakhi says the brightest star in Rohini.

Mooon has many wives but he loves Rohini the most and travels all the way to meet Rohini, Pakhi recalls how Anshuman came to her.

Pakhi hugs Riya and Ayan and thinks that Anshuman you said you came to take mother for Ayan and now see I am mother only, earlier I was waiting for you and now you must be waiting for me.

 I know when I will come to you, there will be a glow everywhere, I know you must be smiling seeing us.

Ayan comes to Pakhi in her and says now you are my responsibility and I will love you a lot, he goes.

Pakhi thinks that I was your Anshuman and will always be yours, she sleeps peacefully with Anshuman’s picture, bairi piya plays.

The last Episode ends with Anshuman and Pakhi showed in Mandir praying and Anshuman glancing a Pakhi.

The story concludes as Paakhi begins living with Anshuman’s memories and Ayaan in the Rathore Mansion, declaring that she will always love Anshuman, and fulfill all his duties and wishes.

Anshuman never came back to life, but his memories lived on forever in Pakhi’s heart. 


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