Anupama 26 May 2023 Update On Friday

Anupama on starlife Friday 26th May 2023 update, Savi shows Pakhi’s skilled birthday reserve to Sai. Sai says it looks nice. Savi claims that Pakhi has placed an order for a substantial birthday cake, toys, and chocolates, all of which she will thoroughly enjoy. Sai expresses gratitude toward Pakhi for accomplishing such a great deal for her little girl.

Virat asserts that it was obvious because Pakhhi is aware that celebrations should be shared with everyone, not just in silence. The instructor inquires as to why they are all silent, suggesting that they perform some masti and begin with antakshari. Savi says her aayi sings well.

Vinu urges Virat to sing because he claims that even his baba can sing well. Sai and Virat pause. The song Hamae Tumse Pyar Kitna Ye Hum Nahi Jaante is performed by Pakhi. Virat sings Na Tum Hume Jaano… melody. Sai sings the song Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh after Vinu and Savi insist that he sing from A. Next, Vinu sings the song Bam Bam Bole.

They get to the picnic area. Virat lifts Savi and Vinu and causes them to sit in a toy train and appreciates with them. Though he is unperturbed by Savi’s behavior, he is saddened by the thought that they would have had a double celebration and Vinu would have been present if Virat had supported her instead of Pakhi.

Instructor lets Pakhi know that they ought to leave for another touring spot. Pakhi says let us cut Savi’s birthday cake and afterward leave from here. Cake shows up. The cake is unveiled as the teacher gathers everyone. When they instead saw Virat and Sai’s happy anniversary cake, they were all stunned. Kids inquire as to why cheerful birthday Savi isn’t composed on cake. Virat is aware that the birth of their daughter occurred on their wedding anniversary.

Savi’s picture is fixed by Ashwini and Ninad using family photos. Sonali reminds Ashwini that when Vinu fixed Savi’s picture on a family photo wall, she caused trouble. Ashwini says she doesn’t need to respond to her.

Sonali advises her to respond to Bhavani then. Bhavani strolls in and shouts at Ashwini and Ninad for fixing Savi’s photograph with family photographs without her consent and insults that they ought to fix entire Nagpur’s photographs. Savi, according to Ashwini, is their granddaughter.

Bhavani breaks Savi’s photo and declares that she will not believe without evidence. Ashwini blows up and questions for what reason did she break her granddaughter’s photograph on her birthday, says she isn’t anxious about Bhavani however regards her, she shouldn’t stoop so low in her presumption that loses her regard, and so on.

Sai stands up to Pakhi for getting a commemoration cake rather than birthday cake. Virat also asks Pakhi questions. Other childrens’ folks talk about that Virat’s theatrics with his the two spouses began once more.

Pakhi says she had requested birthday cake itself and calls cake retailer who illuminates that she probably requested commemoration cake before as its in their past records and it happened due to a mix-up. Vinayak inquires as to for what reason is commemoration composed on cake.

Savi makes sense of its resembles his folks’ commemoration they celebrated at some point back. Kids ask how might Savi cut the csake now. Pakhi spits out names and promises to fix it. Savi inquires about its location. Savi claims that she overdid it on her daughter’s birthday. The guests will continue to discuss the drama between their former and current wives from this point forward.

Sai makes the cake right and writes Savi’s name in chocolate with gems. Savi feels blissful and demands Sai and Virat to cut cake with her. They concur and share cake.

Savi feedsd cake to them and afterward Pakhi and demands Pakhhi to click their pics. Pakhi, who is sad, concurs. Savi insists on posing with them, and Sai tries to leave. For the sake of Savi, Virat also insists. Sai concurs. Pakhi snaps a picture in great sadness.

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