Anupama 28 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Anupama on starlife Sunday 28th may 2023 update, Anuj sees Anupama cutting loads of vegetables than and asks reason. She tells him that it will be tomorrow and gives him a schedule for the next two to three days. He hugs her after asking her how she manages everything on her own. She says she wants his help in her central goal. They actually work well together. His cheek is kissed by Anupama.

Anuj guarantees him that police is supporting them, she ought to face her conflict boldly. Anupama instructs her team that it is their responsibility to fight when one woman is the victim of a crime. Together with the inspector, her team plans a heist. Vanraj tells Leela that Kavya, Samar, and Kinjal are not at home. Leela claims that they are absolutely planning something. They upload their selfie. Anuj claims that his tiger will not spare the culprits because they provoked him.

Kavya, Kinjal, and Samar get back. Vanraj and Leela question them where were they and what were they arranging. Samar says with anxiety that they were sitting in a park. Vanraj inquires about their whereabouts. Yes, according to Kavya, they had gone to assist Anupama. Leela and Vanraj caution them to quit supporting Anuapam and cause problems. They each of the 3 deny and leave saying they can’t ease off. Leela says Anupama probably conditioned them without a doubt and ultimately depends on somethiung. Hasmukh says Anupama is doing what she ought to. Vanraj considers what it ought to be.

With music playing in the background, Anupama approaches the primary perpetrator’s residence, Mehta’s, thinking, “If the goon can reach her house, why can’t she reach his house?” A woman opens the door and looks tense. Anupama welcomes her and says she really wants to meet Vijayendra Mehta. Woman says he is performing pooja and doesn’t meet anybody without his own desire.

He promises to today and asks her to let her know that Anupama Kapadia has arrived. Ankush hears from Anuj at home that Anupama is a tiger who will not spare the criminals. When Goon sees Anupama, he is shocked and asks her insolently, “What is she doing here?” He is warned by Anupama to respect elders and slapped. She tells the lady that she must have been his mother and tried to give him a good upbringing. It is not her fault that her son didn’t learn sanskar, but it was her mistake not to kick her out of the house for her son’s sins.

Neighbors talk about whoever the lady is doing a good job for showing Mehta’s pompous child. Thug shoves his mom to the side and attempts to go after Anupama. Goon falls to the ground. Anupama raises her leg towards him in a Devimaa’s style sanctioning her with a foundation blessed music. She says she wanted to meet his parents, but his arrogance needs to be taught well; there would be legend’s entrance in each lowlife’s life who annihilates reprobate, and so on.

The lady asks Anupama to leave there before Mehta arrives. Mehta leaves and inquires about the situation. Mehta’s fear prompts neighbors to flee. Dimple asks Anuj if he is concerned about Anupama visiting the goon’s residence. Anuj expresses his confidence in Anupama and his desire for her independence rather than stifling her progress. He tells her not to worry because Anupama should scare the gangsters.

Leela sees Samar, Kinjal, and Kavya examining something truly and requests that Vanraj stop them. Vanraj expresses out loud whatever might he at any point do when Anupama has conditioned them; thinks he will never see Anupama’s face if something happens to his family because of him.

Mehta goes to Anupama by foot. Anupama inquires as to whether he was doing pooja to save his child. Mehta affirms. Anupama says regardless of whether he performs sacred journeys, he can’t save his child or clean his transgressions; He should smack his son, drag him to the police station with his hair pulled back, lock him up, and ask the inspector to break his bones. Mehta says she can leave because he will do whatever he wants.

Anupama warns him that he has only one day to think and should send his son to the police station by morning or else she will ensure that his son will plead with the police to come and assist him and that Mehta will repent. She says that she hasn’t finished her words yet. Mehta requests that she go at this point. Anupama cautions him once more and leaves, raising Mehta smoldering.

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